With Passion - What We See When We Shut Our Eyes

Artist: With Passion
Release: What We See When We Shut Our Eyes

1. Pale Horses Ride

Lie down and stay still
An old voice whispered close enough to be one’s own
Remembering why one was only here
Only then did the pain set in

Torn away from life
A curse all in itself
A vision resurfaced, a struggle outlawed by the odds
When awakening from slumber all sorts of tragedy unfold
Not even barricades can hold back the suffering when one’s old voice revisits

Embedded deep within
A fire-like curse holds five wretched shades
Back where this once was
Sound of the hooves
They meet again and again

2. Through The Smoke Lies A Path

We set out to capture the night
Upon horseback we will ride
Foretold in the second coming of tomorrow
Six chants in the dead of night
Unwritten fate against the shadows of four
Last sunset unmasked

Fear thee not for a path
Five dead behind the hills, offerings on our behalves
When gathered to regain
Fear thee not for a path, gather amongst the light

Behold, last sunset with no horses to remain
A saddle left behind
In the company of the sands
Embark alone into the night
A lone horseback, one will ride
Entombed to eternity against the winds and the sands

3. What We See When We Shut Our Eyes

It is a beast that he chases, that chases him
Motion to a moment of stillness
Silence, the flakes kiss his lips, and graze the lashes
Wind shears west to east
White blankets, a breath is taken
Trees are lines between these lines

Limbs have been broken
They still dangle limply in the wind
Shadows play with what they have
The branches give under the weight of it all
He looks again, and there’s another set of prints

It’s gaining speed and so shall he
He never turns back once
He knows if he does he will be caught
For this, he has never seen it
And pray he never will

He never sees it coming
Yet this scene repeats itself
In a sequence of that existence

4. Triumph Over Tragedy


5. Tales Of Sirens

Most are told to stay awake
In slumber, will you depart
Some men will sail out to sea to feed the endless hunger
A maiden’s voice will carry on reminding him of a past

Shores surround
The black night’s water silences the mightiest of screams
Torn to shreds by her song, leaving only one left
Luring men to vessels, set out to embrace enchanted seas

When asked of happenings, their hands would tremble
It is not for the blade to protect
It is the name engraved on the handle
A chest holds the names in no particular order
Ask why they were taken
One was left to send the rest out to sea

6. Encryption

Above me
Above us all
What remains of the word us
Still not that much at all

The surface in which we once stood has been captured
By the very creation which at one point struck fear into others
Now we pay for our forefather’s ideas

Turn clocks back, forwards
It matters no more
The rise and the fall of our blessed sun

Savouring no more
Frantic in defeat
We turn to survive underground
For a place where we called home is abandoned
And unworthy of nurturing any living organism

When all is lost deep below
We begin to overshadow a once human way of thinking
Become the ones we only have read about

7. R.J. MacReady

Designed in fractions and accusations
From afar comes infectious imitation
Disregarded through Norwegian origins
A panicked misfire leads to winds unworthy to us all
Take hold of those you hold so dear

Steer this divine future
Rest your eyes tonight you shall not
Divide truth from treacherous matter
Dismantle and puncture
In shapes of data circles they mould and mend
Not even one shape can be stable
A fire feeds against a once enchanting match
A strike left with only suffocation
Send for us all

8. Forgotten Amongst Screams

Forsaken by his creator
Left to rot forgotten amongst the screams of the insane
Of sound mind and body he awaits
Lightning to the brain

You cannot cure what is already well
He must escape this fortress of lunacy
Up the voltage
Scramble the mind

Memories once clear now adrift
There is another confined within these walls
His mind is truly sick
He too thinks of freedom

These men devise a plan
At night they flee together
On the rise of morning they parted ways

One man is free to live
One man is free to kill
Up the voltage, hit the switch

9. Vengeance In Departure

Let my words ring out in a period of unholy worship
I am the voice of millions
Confined in solitude
Cast me down, down you shall
For I will not sow away
No matter the cost

Offerings of silence
Burn my books in the town square
Washed over these children’s minds
Within lies force-fed since birth
Will their dying days harness the truth about me?

I seep through cracks and pores regardless of limitation
Once embedded I shall never depart nor will I step down
To this mercy of the darkened church you now burn me
In the same spot in which one point my books lay smouldering

Rise the smoke of my torture
In my death do I bestow my return
Opening these eyes
I see not the world as I once knew it

I am granted a second coming through an innocent frame
I shall burn the homes of those who have abandoned me because of my beliefs
Now their families shall suffer as I have
Men, women and children for those who have betrayed me
They will feel only as I will never forget

10. A Road For The Worthy

Five set out to ride again
When asked where our home lies, we answer nowhere
We answer everywhere
Others have journeyed by our side yet they ride no longer
These poor souls lie in unmarked graves leaving no legacy
But it is the fate that they choose
Cold bodies have nothing left to lose
Those who remain stand to lose much more

Continued onward to foreign lands
Sometimes we go hungry
Sometimes we become stranded
Forever we remain filthy and poor
Who would want this?
We need this
How shall we be remembered?
If remembered at all
I’d rather die with my axe in my hand
Than go to my grave as less of a man