Deathwitch - Violence Blasphemy Sodomy

Artist: Deathwitch
Release: Violence Blasphemy Sodomy

1. Introt

”Maybe I should have killed a 400 or 500 people, then I would have felt better.
Then I would have felt like I really offered society something.”

(Charles Manson quote)

2. Flamethrower Carnival

Sick fuck
So tired of this world
Now it’s time for action
You fuck

Flamethrower carnival
Flamethrower cannibal

Human flesh will burn and be eaten

Flamethrower carnival
Flamethrower cannibal

3. Total Morbid

I don’t give a fuck
Fuck you
You fucking retard
I hate you
I hate everything
Call me total morbid!
I don’t give a fuck

I hope you will die
Your world sucks
Fuck you again
Die fucker, die
Call me total morbid
I don’t give a fuck

4. Blood Sucking Fuck

You say you are a vampire
I think you are a pile of shit
So you are evil with your teeth
I think you are a pussy filled with shit
Blood sucking fuck

Fuck sucking blood
Full moon mongo
Sucking your mom’s breast
If you really want to taste blood
Then taste my fist
Blood sucking fuck
Fuck sucking blood

5. Abhorrent Sadistic Tormentor

You cannot sleep
So afraid of the dark
Will he strike tonight?
Will he be your death?
He is the bringer of pain
You will never be safe
He will make you insane
You can’t escape

6. Lord Of Ymodos


7. Witch Of Death

When she have you in her claws
You can’t escape from her law
You must satisfy her needs
As a slave in perversion

Witch of death

You must do everything she command
Crawl around on the floor
You are not allowed to make a sound
Your tears make her come

Witch of death

8. Necrosodomizer

Darkness falls over the graveyard
Time to harvest the newcomers
Several funerals during the day
This will be a long night of necrosodomy
I am the necrosodomizer

Throw away all flowers and other shit
Digging in the fresh soil
I hope this will be a nice one to cover
With seed of the necro one
I am the necrosodomizer

9. Bitchfinder

When the night comes he lurks in the dark
To find a woman that needs a master bitchfinder
General von Sado-violence

They call him bitch finder
If you don’t obey
Then with pain you pay
And you like it don’t you
General von Sado-violence

10. Violence Blasphemy

Crush the tombstones
Shit on the altar
Burn the book of lies
Vomit on the priest

Violence blasphemy

Fucking the nuns
There’s no place to run
Eat the cum
Swallow Satan himself

And blasphemy

11. Coffin Fornicator

Horny as fuck
Me no man
Fuck the cunt
Six feet under
Coffin fornicator
Horny as fuck
Me no fuck
Dig dig dig
Fuck fuck fuck
Coffin fornicator

12. Worthless Scum

Fuck yourself
Kill yourself
You are nothing
Worthless scum

13. Fuck Off And Die

Burn the forest
Melting the frost
Slay the trolls
And fuck you all
Yeah fuck off and die

14. Death Maniac

Come to me
I make you bleed
Evil you will feed
Death is my need
The death maniac

Death is my game
I will make you fame
I’m not lame
Just fucking insane
The death maniac