Napalm Death - Utopia Banished

Artist: Napalm Death
Release: Utopia Banished

1. Discordance

”The poor and the underclass are growing.
Racial justice and human rights are non-existent.
They have created a repressive society and we are their willing accomplices.
Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness.
We have been lulled into a trance.
They have made us indifferent to ourselves, and to others.
We are focused only on our own gain.”

[Quote from the film ”They Live”, 1988]

”The stronger must dominate and not blend with the weaker, thus sacrificing his own greatness.
Only the born weakling can think of this as cruel.”

[Excerpt from ”Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hilter]

2. I Abstain

I abstain!

Summon my pride?
What? Pride behind your blinkered eyes?
Your vigilance is shit
The lads together – you fall!

Smug complacency
Notions of reserving the right to think with your fists
I abstain from this mundane apathy

Committed to all for red, white and blue
In effect you’re fighting for what’s really fighting you

Grit those teeth, push out those chests
Tears only for the flag
Always the brave patriot as you slip to second class

But you stand stead fast?

People are not subjects
Why should the few get more respect?
Open your eyes!

Imperialism feeds off you
Not patrons but patronised
Open your eyes!

They’re shaping you
You’re trapped with pomp and circumstance
Lose your discretion
Sodom, you’ll not fall from grace
Endorse their rhetoric
You fade, they prosper

I abstain!
Don’t be a colonial slave
Don’t substantiate the act

3. Dementia Access

Prolonged exposure
In a world where I try to belong

I try to belong

Character cessation
On a major scale of depression

Declining sense of fear
A fear that is growing
That some divine treason is making me feel like nothing

Dementia access, dementia access

Wide awake as I await sentence
Resisting to be forced access

Dementia access, dementia access

My immunity lessens every day
I hope salvation relieves my disdain

4. Christening Of The Blind

Inbred expectations in a belt of social security
Free thought demolished
Generations, of stereotypes clash
Traditional values abolished

Outcries from the blind converted
Mentally shocked

Their forcified vision shies away from reality
Finally blocked

Majority overweigh the scales of balance
Secrets hidden
Sin after sin in their eyes

Understanding is now too late
Utopia is banished
The very morals trusted in have brought demise

Religion, love, compassion
Confuse the truth with lies

Traditions to be changed?
Accept the inevitable?

Forge the narrow-mindedness to create a new paradise

5. The World Keeps Turning

No way forward or back
In stalemate, we stagnate
Life cycle is an automation
Instinctively, we race to get ahead?

And now our virgin minds are raped
Another insignificance to join the rat race

Self-indulgence with our grasp
We’re taught but torn from the sanctity of life
So vulnerable
The world keeps turning
We spin out of control

Guided, or could this mean misguided?
No time for questions
Preoccupied with pressing on
The world keeps turning
We overdose on overdrive

Superior species with inferior ideas
We overload our bodies and minds
Respect this earth while commiting suicide

Poison trait
We’re the cause not the cure
Our methods of fulfilment will surely drag us down

Guided, or could this mean misguided?
Our virgin minds are raped
The world keeps turning
We overdose on overdrive, we spin out of control
In stalemate, we stagnate

6. Idiosyncratic

Not lacking insight or impetus
To shout behind ideas that reforms in us will bring about.

As parallels, we run so close
Yet as I try to draw to you
Incoherence rears its ugly head
Of integration?
You do your utmost to discourage it

Envy, resentment, jealousy
Taken emotions – there is no need

I try so hard to state my case yet as I try to draw to you
Incoherence rears it ugly head
Resort to slander – you drive me further away

Breakdown of minuscule faith – my wasted efforts!

It’s your indifference, not mine, that puts me on a pedestal
Then after the fact, you oppose me for a lack of support
If your aims are to attract us condemnation
The bitter taste I had now strengthens my resolve to rise above

7. Aryanisms

Put it on yourself to be a role model
An image that you feel should guide the habits
To form a movement of self-infatuated fools

Keeping each to their own, where social bonding is taboo

Is it nice to be a clone in your interpretation of a perfect world
Where all desire to consort is perceived as contagious disease

Keeping each to their own, where social bonding is taboo

Challenge the sordid claims to purify!

Your distinction threatened?

You wage crusades of loathing to prove a point
The need for divide
How can the thought of unbounded relations kindle so much hate?

Get your kicks through persecution
Used as scapegoats for your exterior doubts
Exposing weakness – retarded, unworthy

I cannot begin to comprehend how you wear such shame with vigour
Homophobic race antagonist

Harmony can only flourish with mutual regard

8. Cause And Effect (Part 2)

Reproach envelopes me
A hierarchy through violence-street society
I voice my contempt

Convinced of my immunity

Yet on a smaller scale
In my conflicted world
My resistance is stretched

You sense and provoke

You mock and degrade my friends and aims
Tempting drastic actions, baiting me

My shame turning, turning to rage

Twisting the knot inside
The final strains of restraint discharged

Acceleration of loathing, driving my physical force

The shameful act, the feeling of angst
I considered myself incapable

Lay blame with me for the bastard that I am
You’re too stupid to understand the scars your cruel words inflict

9. Judicial Slime

Taste me
You made me what I am
Mind polluting worthless fuck

Am I the mental feast
Bruised and scarred
The underdog

A pawn within a loser’s game
My strength will grow upon your fear

In time you’ll face your end line
Judge me not before yourself
Take my pride, that’s all you can
Hatred surges burning me

For what atonement do you seek
Your dying grasp of loyalty breaks like brittle bones

Forgotten past
I stand condemned
For I am more powerful than you’d imagine

10. Distorting The Medium

Saturating, pre-assuming icon of the youth
Ways and means to call the shots
Fingers in the pies which resign us from vacant urges
Facing the bombardment – no escape!

Stick your intentions!
Parade of puppets
Sickly sweet – you stink of vulgarity!

Sacrifice the faculties
All you’ve achieved is synthetic scenes

Next step is to gain approval from those who ignore
Those who recognise the charade
To fabricate alternatives designed to be expensive
In hand with the regular facade

Acquire acclaim with plastic actions
Sickly sweet – you stink of vulgarity!

Sacrifice the faculties
All you’ve achieved is synthetic scenes

Fit into the cliche
A legend in your own brain
Bigoted, motivated only for prestige

A mask for your inadequacy

Preshaping to what’s required for slick commerciality
Censored for subversion
Redundant machine

Don’t let them mould your identity

11. Got Time To Kill

Sometimes I wallow in air
Somewhere between a state of good intention and pathos
No worries!

I’ve got time to kill!

Wear my bleeding heart on a discerning sleeve
The mind is there but the spirit’s weak
Time to worry!

When the time is killing concern
Presumption, an assumption
Redemption, unsolved

Riding on the perseverance of others with armchair ideology

I’m a link in a chain of strength
Destructive inner fatigue corroding our effectiveness

Got to kick myself into gear
Instead of shrinking from activity

I’ve got time to kill my concern!

12. Upward And Uninterested

Got to grab all while you can – a perversion!

Once you had the gall to even up the score
Moving in common circles
Where the circles stood for human bonds

The tide has turned, allegiance tested
Upward and uninterested

Beforehand, adamant and strong
Prosperity could not transform
Snort the drug, gather the assets
Step on the head of the drowning man

The tide has turned, allegiance tested
Upward and uninterested

Hailed a saviour as enterprise succeeds
Your obsession overrides
Where once you fought to stop the trap enclosing
Now you lay the bait

Speculate, capitalise
Words that distort to promote financial genocide
Ideals for trade, respect invested
Upward and uninterested

Got to grab all while you can – a perversion!

13. Exile

Pushed, promoted, justified?
Perhaps not guaranteed
Reassuring cash transfer providing leads
Media profile – fallacies we need?

I think not!
Labels breed the money making rock machines
Broadening mind, eyes blind

Criticism for the masses – or for themselves?

Progression of procession?
Do opinions count or do they mount?

The piles of shit
That the alternative press delights us with
Critique elite, ill-informed

No wrong can be done
Depending on the trend at times to be untrendy

Unexpired exile
Reluctantly we all indulge their tasteful hype

14. Awake (To A Life Of Misery)

Thought trained to succeed
From here on the pain begins
We’re maggots, cast in the sea of struggle
Bait for the big fish

Crawl, forever crawling
Faith holds no answers
Ravenous, they greedily suck away your will to even argue

A belief in something better
Downtrodden hopes still linger
Faces bear the same shallow fear of forgotten prosperity

Powers change
The promise of reward
Declarations false and injust
Tame insecurity
A dreamlike notion that life eases by
Cushioning the blow of impending reality
Aimlessness is flogging us awake!

15. Contemptuous

The things I cherish
That’s all I’ve got
And that’s enough

Man made torture
Not to be shared