Neuraxis - Truth | Imagery | Passage

Artist: Neuraxis
Release: Truth | Imagery | Passage

1. ...Of Divinity

Scheme of existence is spirit
Progressive experience
Conscience of divinity
Shadow of the immaterial

Create new planes for answering the cosmic attraction
Emerging from oppression

Higher and higher
Sensibility to reality is a barrier against human prophecies

Create new planes for answering the cosmic attraction
Dogmatic oppression

Logical uniformity
Psychic morality
Worshipping the experiences
Cosmic sequences

Arithmetic form
The judicial form
Reverential form of divinity

Education to develop
Civilisation to express
Life to realise it
God to elevate
Personality to unite them
Acceptance of veracity

Developing to educate
Expression of the civilised
Realise your life
Elevated to god

Spiritual experience
Matter is the shadow of the immaterial

Education to develop
Expression of the civilised
Life to realise it
Elevated to god
Truth accepted

United by personalities
Spirit is the scheme of existence
Take conscience of divinity

2. Impulse

Submission to the second reality
The extinction of personality
Dominated by the initial
Ultimate unity for the survival
Existence of a guidance

Superior conceptions for revelations
Willingness in attitude…
Partial wisdom and relative truth in communications
Limited certitudes

Science: the first casualty
Universal loyalty
Unique in philosophy

Ordinate creation
Controlled procession

Progressive evolution
Invasive demolition

Sentimental ignorance conserves the impure state
Severe misanthropy against the degenerate
Defectuous adaptation in hate

Hostility: natural state and legacy
Social measure in extension
Violence: automatic reaction
Civilised solution

Ingeniosity is not a substitute for character
Feebles complain for resolutions, actions of the strongers
Greater affliction is to be never afflicted
The acts form the facts of the destiny
Progress request the development of personality

3. Fractionized

Intrepid forces of character fights hard
Reacts to disapointment
Altruism brings disparity in each level

Hope, nobility of trust
Confront the incertitude reborn
Supreme assertion of thoughts

Who knows less that he can believe
Rising in a world of falseness always possible
Idealism of relative benevolence stimulate the irrepressible tendencies of goodness

The value of devotion involves the danger of failure
Impartial, the forgotten
Outcries egos
Pleasure in a land of pain and suffering for satisfaction

There’s no freedom for intelligence
Fallible to be free

Delusioned decisions are sin
Willness adopts conscious immoral intentions
Gains status to ascension by faith and hope

Suffering influences of primal conceptions of god

Intellectual limits, restricted teaching of divinity
Definitions of theology


Cosmic security amorced by isolated calamity

Submitted to rebellion on the sphere
Volitive creatures who can believe without seeing
Persevere in exile and then triumph

4. Xenobiotic

Crush the animal
Allergen to this consistence
Psychedelic sensations
A utopic elevation

Divided thoughts

Ultimate power of dependence
Irrational affliction sprinkled of hindrance
Impious advancement to obtain reality
Deviated destiny
Annihilation of sensibility
Inner-mind is so smothered

Intra-cellular infiltration, intense illusive ecstasy
Beauties of promises to come: exhibition

Isolated and confused: intolerance
A blind follower with only instincts to poison himself
Impulsive impunity of the amputated body


Allergen consistence
Substancial existence
The nutriments of a utopic elevation

5. Reflections

The science had consisted to destroy the elementary illusions from life
Doing materially for men what faith can do for Him
Prosaicness reduces humans to automatons without souls
Symbol placed without power in arithmetic formula
Candid efforts of humanity for materialism
Represents the tragedy of a futile attempt to His own
Moral and intellectual suicide

Vanity overruns the mind

The fatalist agility of a secularised
Denied his sweeping statements that the universe…
The erudite, only thinking about physical approach is afflicted
By mathematical arrogance and statistic selfishness
Soul is the part of survival from the human experience

Wisdom is the principal thing
So obtain comprehension
Exalt your mind, it will guide you to honours
Not a machine
A stagnant soul is a dying soul
Music expresses the cadence of emotions

Temporary dimension interposed

Realities and values of progress are not psychological projections
The mistake of immaturity, influence of ignorance

6. Imagery


Aplasia’s sensory neurons
Alter response level to a given stimulus based on action transpired
Protein synthesis, involved in learning
The strengthening, weakening of synaptic connection
The cellular basic of memory

All thoughts and feeling, euphoric or bizarre
Results of endless interactions of neurochemicals
Altered perception, re-altered beliefs
Affects the mind, the thought process
Endless emotions, infinite dreams

Endless emotions, infinite dreams
Affects the mind, the thoughts patterns

This machinery called imagination
Weaves an intricate web of imagery…

This machinery called imagination
Weaves an intricate
Web of imagery…

7. Memento


8. Structures

Numerous exits in my self-dimension
The true ones stay with a print in my aura

Control the flesh instinct, support with your soul
The first betrayer, his own regret


Great spirit
The others

Lost in materiality, losing everything
Losing the circle of knowledge, losing more
Losing faith, a lost destiny

Beauty in youth: ill natured?
Elder in beauty: forever elite?
Magnificence of our ancestors: is their art greater?

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
The present is a gift

Support your soul instinct, controlled by your flesh

9. Mutiny

Brighten one falls unto ego temptations
Then it corrupts his wisdom and splendor
Opposition against the will of the greats

Premium treachery manifesto
The Declaration Of Liberty
Existence of the father denied

Energic immensity is inherent to the universe
A myth, a make-believed by the greats to allow the power in the name of…

Greeting the respect of ignorance
Self governing systems
The worshipping plan: stratagem to honour sons’ purposes
Stigmatised as tyrants

Ascending mortal in the universal Educational planes
Supreme self-control
From the thoughts of the God of Liberty

Banners unfold
The supreme conflict
Fallacious orations in the planetary reading room

A confused and indecisive spiritual attraction
Standing forever in loyalty, the Seraphic continuity

10. Essence

Called for a spiritual mandatory
Transcendent privilege to show this revelation

Accusation of the scornful scientists
Condemned as enemies of the preached
Blessed by thousands of ravenous souls
Rejected by theologic complaisance

Spiritual pride and dogmatic loyalty stops the recognition of progressive movement
Bring down to slander the name of the desired

Inspired by artistic mandatory
By illusions, show a foretaste of elevated realities
Art is issued from the temptation of man to escape the lack of beauty

Crystallised emotions in time in a conception of eternity
Give wings to your thoughts and light your soul

Essence of harmonies
Invisible form, passionate and eternal

Mistaken judgement becomes a sin
If the will of men endorse consciously immoral intentions
Powerful domination in every realm
Reflected resistance to divine reality
Disintegration of personality close to cosmic insanity

11. Neurasthenic

Did you ever know why I hate you?
And this since forever
Quite expected that you’d not know why
Since you are such an ignorant

You’re like all the others
The smarter you become, the sillier you sink
Like animals react

So saddening to watch you go
Devoid of culture

Get outta here!

Prideless you live
Believing yourself an accomplished being

Frustration and sorrow
Your deeds beckon
I have become a towering inferno
That’s why I feel so neurasthenic

12. Truth Beyond Recognition

The power that gives a meaning to life
So strong that you can’t deny
Blind all the facts and treasures into the immense void of confusion
Creating a vast panel of emotions

Unlock the subconscious memories, but we’re not yet there…
As we travel through mystery, there’s a reason

Enhance the vision full of nostalgia with fierce and raw sentiments
Showing the true meaning of devotion

Can you hear?
Can you smell?
Can you see?

Can you cry?
Can you laugh?
Can you feel?

Knowing misery as a common ally where true pleasures have
No place
No place
No place

Surprised when the phenomenon surfaces
Physical reactions touched
A tear is extracted
Close your eyes, let your mind flow through the stream of life

13. Intro


14. A Temporal Calamity

Quantum physicists
Works on theories
Time translocation
Destroying eons
Past, present, future
Eras coincide
Technological advances
Now our demise

The unbridled rage of inhuman nature
Will ring out for all eternity
The sheer audacity of this crime
Will ring out for all eternity

A quest that plunges us deeper
The unquenched thirst that’s never satisfied
Absurdity, a two-headed scape goat
Annihilation of which no one shall know the out come

A silent whisper tells the story
A desolate landscape stands remorseless
Take a step forward, then take two back
Another brilliant victory in the name of technology

Pandora’s box has been unleashed
The spilt second decline of man unkind
Mass genocide of the time-space continuum
Extreme consequences of our paradise lost

15. Oscillated To Intelligence

Victimised in silence on wavy spells
Affects and vibrates all brains cells
Optimising the mind to new thrills
Shivering frequencies gives the skill

Exposed to this unpredictable force
Imposed stress on the cell’s course
Vulnerable adenomas processes, activated
Strange results from vitals detected

Magnetism is a form of frequency that oppresses
Every life form in trade of degeneration
Upgrade the stimulation in a positive manner

To oscilliate the mind into progression
Calibrate ideas and thoughts
With fully operational controls
Complete the sarcastic evolution of the puzzled brains tools

The key to boost intelligence is the way
To conquer the unknown intercellular sectors
Demystified territories based on sensorial telekinesis views and virtual mind warp

Hack the brain, a scientist’s dream
Manipulate the memory density capacity
Rating upper levels, makes the game extreme
A joy of madness chanting insanity

Consider that we’re not yet there
But our imagination is…
Remembrance of a logical explanation
To questioning our existence

16. Cyberwar

Animated, sequantisised and computerized
Through a blinding wind of avidity
Synthetised, robotised and dehumanised
Hybridising flesh with technology

Relapse of a lecherous humanity
Contemptuous cupidity
Rigour sustains charity
Mass degradation almost completed

Eulogised, neurologised, ascetisised
A world emaciated by malevolence
Materialised, idealised, monopolised
Violate greed and senses

Unto the surviving humanity
The final epitaph
Caustic depression of avidity
The cyberwar is coming
Countdown to imminent annihilation
Effluvium of cupidity
Dreary hopes of emptiness
Cyberwar is the answer

17. Inquisition On Mortality

Sadness fills this empty void
Feeling bitter for this loss
Depression fills the vacant slot
I know that you are gone

Could this have been averted?
Death – intricate beyond compare
Why is it so hard to accept?
I can’t believe you’re gone

Ascended into heaven?
Where are you know?
Your soul will remain immortal
In our hearts you’ll never die!

I ponder daily
Why did you have to die?
So much shit walks the earth
Why did you have to die?

Do you look over us from time to time?

What was the justification?
Your mortal body was massacred
Your celestrial body will reign
Was death your purpose in life?

18. Lid To Your Soul

Malevolent creature of hatred
One that feeds on emotions
Psychologically unsound and very unstable
Bent on destruction of integrity
Tell him what he wants to hear
He’ll twist it to his advantage
Victims are left susceptible to further remorseless attacks
From these vulgar preying parasites
Delirium caused paranoia
Scars never healing

Malignant moral cancer
Society’s standards

Hopes and dreams
Smashed and destroyed
Fault and fears
Used as weapons

Malignant moral cancer
Society’s standards

Hopes and dreams
Burnt and charred
Fault and fears
Withering self-esteem

Fade – now a shell of your former self
Derogatory comments leave you empty

Self-conscious of appearance
Attacking insecurities
Forever in denial
All faith and hope

19. Reasons Of Being

Fucked for life
Consequential events
Father just abused me
Mother you never loved me!

I abhor the very thoughts of my parents
I’ve often questioned the reasons of my being
Why was I brought into existence?
Shackled down, never to be

I abhor the very thought of my parents
I’ve often questioned the reason of my being
Shackled down, never to be
Maybe then I’ll set myself free

20. Atmospheric Holocaust


21. Psycho-Waves

Realm of mental connections
Psychics sense open horizons
Psychological emanation

Soul travelling
Mind warping
Thought releasing

Pondering my dementia

Talking about criticism and technical perfection
Nothing compares to neurotic activities
Sensorial compilation and thought interactions
Bring me virtual emotional perturbances

Things seem to change, but turn out to be the same
Like an enigmatic stone, drawing circles in a pond

Eternal? Immortal?

Atmospheric holocaust
Denigrating paradox
Dimension of self-entity
Welcome paranoia in deity

Realm of mental connections
Psychic senses open horizons
Psychological emanation

22. A Drift...


23. Driftwood

Welcome to my oxymoronic world of pain
A world where truth and lies are for the insane
Like driftwood on the shores of my foggy life
I’ve drifted not knowing truly who or what I am

I find refuge in things of other irrelevance
For in the darkest depth of my volatile mind
Everything is clearer and more beautiful than a sunny day

Ponder and ponder, dabble in my dementia
Equate and balance theories that never were

And I ponder and ponder my eloquent animosity
The two halves now become one, everything makes sense
But I am sill confined, I must accomplish my task
My companions aid me and tell me what to do

I now know what I must do, I do too
I lash out declaring war and vengeance
The driftwood is now engulfed by a raging sea

Everything now swallowed by black
Serenity calms my rage
My head filled with inexplicable knowledge

A fragrance of mountain air now pollinates my vibrant senses
I ponder and ponder my perhaps next subjugating attack
For in the realm of madness everything is relative
In solitude I will remain forever more

24. The Drop

Medieval torture
Psychological trauma
Strapped down
Drill through my head
Kill me softly
While I agonisingly die
Ironically dying
By the very substance
That keeps me alive
Slowly dying
Drop by drop

25. Unite

Thought with memory
A lost wisdom, an endless chapter
Condemned to a long awaiting
Recalled through electric dementia
Upon the calling, to confront…
A dead circuit, static laughter is waiting
Created through to process
Upon the waiting, to confront…

Torn within my heart and my soul from disgrace
Schizophrenia is terrifying me

An exit to my soul

My fabulous holiness, upon the waiting
Sudden and waiting, blind

Reawaken then, a fabulous holiness
Sustains and calling the misery, God

Psychological intensity, condemned
To a long awaiting
Severed by blades of cold dormancy

To front the waiting, come on…

Wisdom pure
Condemned to a long awaiting
Into a nightmare, trancends time
Upon a calling, confront

A war within my cries, thy cyborg marionettes
My favourite holiness, slaves are waiting
Modulation to the grind

A war within my cries, thy cyborg marionettes
Upon this fighting
Evolution to the grind

26. Virtuosity

Virtual enslavement, futuristic addiction
Technological dependance, limitation of our freedom

Elimination of our natural habits
Persecution of our natural habits
Takes control of our social values
Monopolising the human race

Starting with a simple intrusion
A chaotic ending in complexity

All this inquires to understand
We won’t have any control of what we used to do

Non-pulsed, perplexed, outcast, expelled…
Non-pulsed, perplexed, outcast, expelled…

Elimination of our natural habits
Persecution of our natural habits
Takes control of our social values
Monopolising the human race

Technological dependance
Limitation of our freedom
Destroys our primal instincts
Ordain to guide us, us into obliteration
Destroys our primal instincts
Ordain to guide us, us into obliteration
From restriction to slavery…
And simplify our responsibilities
It’ll take over us

27. The Art Of Sadness

Torn into isolation
Sorrow carves its art
Deep, deep into my flesh
Never healing scars

Solitude arises
Casts a wicked grin
Like a serpent it coils
It coils me from within

Stare into nothingness
My soul come undone

The art of sadness…

Stare into the eyes of sadness
A thousand dying suns
By a sculpture of demise
Envisioned in sorrow’s dreams
By a sculpture of demise
Envisioned in sorrow’s dreams
Re-shaped again through his eyes
Re-shaped again through his eyes

The art of sadness, etched into my soul
The art of sadness, etched into my soul
The art of sadness, etched into my soul

28. Link

Link of innocence…
Imagine a link to all humans
The one who’s bounded to our life…

See the chains
A fragment is deteriorating

Time, the hint is unsealed, noxious mind
Eminent forlorn trade between his guiltless force
The new born child at the height of innocence
Time, the hint is unsealed, noxious mind

Private mistrust, arrogance
Power, hatred for an entire lie
Time, the hint is unsealed, noxious mind

Link of innocence, of innocence
Link of innocence
Grab the heart of a shadow’s light and see deep in this sight
Link of innocence, of innocence
Link of innocence
Vacant soul reflecting the evil plan is confused

Decreased as the age increased
The offspring’s power is gone
And the parts of a child dies
What will they say?
The offspring’s power gone

To disappear if it’s seen
Missive informer watching the exit of lies
A fragment is deteriorating, see the chain
This psychopath

The one who’s bounded to our life
Imagine a link to all humans

29. Blind The Vision That Shatters

Desultory fuels the weak
The crutch for the deadening emotionless stare
Grind, grind
Defy, strive to attain

Silence the myth, persevere to gain

Blind the vision that shatters dreams
Invert dead faith into victory
Blind the vision that shatters dreams
Invert dead faith into victory

Fear guides the weakened mind
Blind slaughter the blind
Fear guides the weakened mind
Blind slaughter the blind
Fear guides the weakened mind
Fear guides the weakened mind

Scarred spirit, faded dream, reflections of the past
Scarred spirit, faded dream, reflections of the past

30. To Pacify

It seems you didn’t get enough of my generosity
Refuse to admit the moment of abuse you took upon me
The facts about your actions that
The limit of diplomacy

Gain the attention to derive everything from the truth, to advantage

Hypocrite method of delusion
Mediocre diversion
Seek to appropriate, whatever advantage needed

Twisted way of accusing the other
To avoid being suspected and judged
By accusing the other with twisted ways
You avoid being suspected and judged

Gain the attention to pacify those you mislead and manipulated

31. The Drop

Medieval torture
Psychological trauma
Strapped down
Drill through my head
Kill me softly
While I agonisingly die
Ironically dying
By the very substance
That keeps me alive
Slowly dying
Drop by drop

32. Forlorn...


33. In Silence

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