Callisto - True Nature Unfolds

Artist: Callisto
Release: True Nature Unfolds

1. 31 46°N, 35 14°E


2. Blackhole

Travelling at the speed of light into the void
Destination unknown
Lost in orbit in the midst of heathendom
Watched the sun darken, the stars fall from heaven
Picking up signals
Signals of the last coming

3. Limb: Diasporas

Separation from the body of Christ
Town divided in numerous districts

The globe all covered be wanderers
They roam with no direction
The holy land, the promised land
Your time will come and they will be returned

Attach us to your graceful limbs, the pierced palms
Should our ways diverge, we will be doomed to our deadly fate

4. Cold Stare

Connection after a long period of silence
Your cold eyes spoke to me without words
Agony was present, I understood it all along

I heard a silent whisper from the past
Eight years of isolation
In silence the demons besieged you
Darkened eyes of retribution

Stormriding through the bleakest on a black horse
Zest for life has died in me

My life, the monolith of loneliness
Fallen am I, Lord
Make me complete again

5. Storm

The roaring floods shall come
Before the neverending sea

6. Caverns Of Khafka


7. Like Abel's Blood Cried Revenge

Realm of chaos maintaining itself
Until the spirit of forgiveness prevails

Through the way behind the scenes
Absolution reclaiming
Its rightful place

8. Worlds Collide

Mankind fears what eyes fail to conceive
Unseen presence within these walls

The cynic will not acquire but the obedient marches on
Knowing resistance has begun
The inevitable is at hand
Worlds collide

Embrace the aftermath whatever is may bring

9. Masonic

Secrets revealed in the Masonic legacy
Brainchild chosen to be veiled all in white
Revelation lucifugous in the light

No knowledge, no proof
Swimming so deep
Who let you down
Try breathing under water
The mortal man that you are

10. The Great Divorce

Prepare the way for contemporary darkness
Someone dared to add and erase

Philistines of their time have had their say
Philistines of our time will have their say

The mainstream drags us in
Accompanied by a voice of deceit advocating our divinity

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear, please act accordingly
True nature unfolds