Carcass - Tools Of The Trade EP

Artist: Carcass
Release: Tools Of The Trade EP

1. Incarnated Solvent Abuse

”If visible identification is not possible, the pathologist may be able to take fingerprints from the body until decay sets in… Things become more complicated.”

Intenacious, intersecting
Reaving fats from corporal griskin
Culled…for sodden gelatine brayed
Skeletal groats triturated, desinently
Exsiccated, sere glutenate brewed
For frivolous solvent abuse

Derogate coarse remains
For glue to dry
Despoiled marrow razed

A truculent shambles so severe

Extravated bone as adhesive incarnate
A pellucid quietus nocuosly I create

Corporal glue, breathe in the fumes
Mucilage vapours, toxic fumes to savour

Comminuted remains
As gum to dry
A lissom gel so glazed

A truculent shambolic affair

The exsanguine esprit shorted as snuff
Rheumic oils forever bonded together as gum

Human glue, choke on the fumes
Noxious vapours, slaughterous labour

2. Tools Of The Trade

Steel skin clips
Forceps, grooved awl, retractors, needles
Gouges and saws
Intestinal clamps, blunt dissectors
Scalpels, pins, toothed directors

Tools of the trade, forceps and blades
Skillfully lathed, for us to maim

Bone levers, spikes, malleable scoops
Plates and chisels, screws and spoons
Drills, respatories, files and durettes
Guillotines, gags and compression forceps

Tools of the trade, ripping the ribcage
To remissly lustrate, so pleased to maim

Retractors, mallets, rugines and benders
Chisels, rods, sharps and catheters
Trephines, undines, irons and stirrups
Depressors, tongues, sterile catgut

Tools of the trade, stainless steel blades
Painstakingly lathed, we’re so pleased to maim

3. Pyosisified (Still Rotten To The Gore)

The lingering scirrhus begins to harden
As the insides fall prey to putrefaction
Rotting tissue turns to mush and pulp
As your mind is torn by encephalitis

Your cavities rot with ulcers
Your infected inflammations torn
Your gizzards eaten by incursive decay
You’re infernally rotten to the gore

Juices digested from each pus-swollen pore
Insatiable hunger as I feast on the gore
Nothing gives me greater pleasure
Than a bowl full of chyme
Maggot infested kidneys
Are what I choose every time

The smell of plaguing infection
Is nauseatingly emetic
Prolonged spumescence of stale pus
Stinks like hot, putrid vomit

Your body is indurate
The insides are black as tar
Your innards gnawed by septic hate
Now a mass of empyaema

Your blood is caked, dried and inconsistent
Your bloody rotten gore is now vitrescent

4. Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II

Orally force fed, until cirmosis is induced
Fatal renal failure, bleeds like a sluice
Spewing blood as the gallbladder extrudes
Alcoholic poisoning, bloated lobules burst
Toxins flood the stomach, in diffluence submerged
Coughting waste as the wrecked colon tears

The blood now critically proof, neural cells fatally quenched
Drowning in spilt retention, hepatic tissue ferments

Poisoned retention, with intoxication
Inflamed nephrons burst, your condition’s getting worse
Chronically diffused, your liver you will lose

Bodily distillation, as emerged flesh reacts
With alcoholic contents, in your urinally tract
Dripping fluid as the decrepit appendix weeps
Matter turns to fluid, intoxicating ablution
Bilary dehydration, innards to solution
Bleeding urine as the inflamed bladder rips

The blood now critically proof, neural cells fatally quenched
Drowning in spilt retention, hepatic tissue ferments

Contamination, foul circulation
Alcohol force fed, goes straight to your head
Brain tissue damaged, fused with alcohol sewage
In a stupor you die, your brain lobes you fry