Nocturnus - Thresholds

Artist: Nocturnus
Release: Thresholds

1. Climate Controller

Lord Addu, master of the earth and sky
I call to thee, hearken and remember
Bring forth the mighty storm that this world shall taste your fury

Lord Gibil, keeper of the fire and forge
I call to thee, hearken and remember
Make the swords appear in the sky that all shall feel your might

Commander Luggaldimmerankia, master of order
I call to thee, hearken and remember
Deliver the legions of wind demons unto this world that they may seek revenge

Zi dinger anna kanpai
Zi dinger kia kanpai

I summon thee, creatures of darkness
By the works of darkness

Climate controller!
The weather dominator

Storms – manufactured to destroy
Fire – striking down from the sky
Wind – sweeping all rocks and trees aside
Lava – emerging out of volcanoes
Quakes – shake the earth to split
Death – from the clouds

Armies – marching into their doom
Spirits – plundering their very souls
Ions – displaced from deep inside
Weapons – of the Gods

Fusion of the ancient ways
With modern tech support
Bringing atmospheric change
Master of climate control

Chanting to the angry gods
Seeding clouds with ice
Causing shifts in ether planes
Master of climate control

Chanting to the angry gods
Seeding clouds with ice
Causing shifts in ether planes
Master of climate control

Incantation finished as the armies start to charge
Suddenly the air begins to take on many shapes
Demons of the legion swarm to take revenge
Sheets of blindness tossing every human fool aside

Nothing left to count, no bodies
Blood-stained earth and stone lie scattered

Aftermath of horror sends a message to the globe
Danger to the empire will result in hells untold
Ripping both the flesh and soul of anyone who tries
To take with force the realm of the one who rules the skies

Nothing left to count, no bodies
Blood-stained earth and stone lie scattered

Keeping enemy troops in sight high above the fight
Armies destroyed, watching with delight
Waiting patiently for an eye to subdue the sky
Counting the dead as they lie in waste

2. Tribal Vodoun

From deep inside the islands
Comes a religious belief of magical fate
Necronomic tribes of the secret societies

Conducting ceremonies of the Vodoun faith
Revenge in store for enemies they hate
Soon to die, awaiting to arise

Doomed to die by a malevolent curse
Carnival of chaos
Symbolic designs
Carved in the earth to beckon Legba

Rites of the Petro

Reflections of rage and violence
Thundering drums echo unforgiving

Tribal chants grow louder
Dancers travel throughout the fire

Deity of fire Ogu
Protects skin from the flames

Divine horsemen arrive
Mounting the initiation of possession

Tearing glass, utter pandemonium
Spirits indulge in burning torches

Spinning dancers wake to reality

Vodoun cannot be abstracted from the day to day life of the Believer
All is whole, no separation between material and spiritual

The Bokor concocts the powder with the poisonous Datura
Sprinkled upon the way of his victim
Body racked with terrible convulsions
Mucus flowered from the nose and mouth shaking horrible

The edge of consciousness
Criteria of poison
Lethargic coma
Indistinguishable from death

Mentally alive, pronounced physically dead
Nails driven into the coffin buried prematurely
Mind slips, disoriented, complete amnesia
Three days, fermented incarnation of evil

Baron Samedi
Guardian of the cemetery
Preparing the victim’s soul
For zombification

The fear initiates the victim
Psychologically vulnerable
Powder does not secure fate
It’s the mind
Baron unleashes cadaver
A soul trapped in a vessel
Blood spilt offering
Resurrection of zombie
Body without character
Aimlessly wandering through time
Servant to the Bokor
Le culte des morts

3. Nocturne In Bm


4. Arctic Crypt

Locked inside the ice below
Forgotten long ago
An alien object lies in wait
Lost beneath the snow

Seismic readings from the north
Lights above the poles
Curious humans drawn to the sight
Staking camp in the frozen night

Legends told of the evil within
Still, forewarned, the man came in
Seeking knowledge forbidden to man
Bringing death unto their land

Nocuous emissions alert the team
The source is soon revealed
A strange capsule scarred by time
Covered with a foreign script
Anxious to unlock its secrets
They crack open the seal
Unleashing the beast contained inside
The frozen arctic crypt

Legends told of the horror within
An ancient traveller of the stars
Left entombed until disturbed by man
Bringing death unto their land

5. Aquatica

Modern warfare of today
Brings forth a new technology
Killing through scientific means
Destroy the world with technology
Now we’ll see what is to be

Cloud masses concentrate
Osmosis fills the sky

Scattered remains, bodies left to decay
On this disease stricken earth, plague of andromeda strain

Affected by the gas
Reduce them to subhuman form

As I glimpse at swelled up corpses
Infested with radiated insects

Global chaos, mass confusion
The conclusion of a dying world

Mankind death is close at hand
The world is hanging by a strand
The key to an oblitered land
No one seems to understand

Whosoever masters the seas
The last remaining frontier
Gains the wealth locked in the brine

Precious minerals sought by the surface
Hostile takeover of the mining communities
Stormtroopers of technology
Careful to maintain nitrogen balance
Surgically removing the enemy within

New leaders create order out of chaos
A civilisation beneath the depths
Arson of power
Conquering the oceans forming imbalance
Particles react
Expire life from the precious seas
Thresholds mend
Sludge chain reaction melts them down again
Depth charge
Destabilising crust and floor
Instructed probes
Sear the water from the toxic veil
Weapons system
Tear the living from their glory
Vandal masters
Carving up the biosystem
Submerged deep
Fatal dictatorship of the seas

Surface dwellers tremble
From a new superpower
Superior intellect choosing
Base in the seas
Systematically eliminating
All who do not take heed
Stench of the aftermath
Confirms Aquatica’s victory

No longer shall there be any separations between cultures
Remaining survivors cast into a melting pot of conglomerate slavery
Absolute extinction of the once praised heroic patriot
Lands of solid ground turned into a biodegradable human wasteland
Pay homage to the ocean where the kingdom now dwells
Aquatica, the submerged city

6. Subterranean Infiltrator

Release me from the sky onto marsh domains
Expose the parachute to ease the vicious fall

Unseen by those below preying on their blindsights
Shadows dance about the jungle bog

Agent of espionage
Bearing north of the peninsula
Invitation to lay clear
Think over the strategy

Advance into forbidden marsh
Scope all in the infrared
Create offensive resistance from the river banks

Searching, stalking
Mustard gas released
Enter smokescreen

Dodging lasers
Sailing through the smoke and debris

Tracking hidden
Fortress sighted
Underground entrance


Begin clearing operations
Thermal scan revealing activity

Entering the concealed passage
Corridors extend beneath the surface
Manoeuvring through the radar beams
Alarm reaction

Progression is slow under canister discharge
Targets locked at the ends of the turns
Awaiting any enemy to approach
Infrared identification

Once inside the target’s range
Seize the moment by squeezing the trigger
Single lead injection
Intentions to wound, not to kill yet

Movement gives away strategic position
A regiment responds to the action
Trip wire set, suckered into the trap
They lay decapitated

Explosions underground
Send shrapnel throughout the air

Metal fragments
Lodge beneath
Heavy military uniform

Excruciating pain dealt with
Bandage cuts circulation

Limping severely
Mission must be accomplished

Moving quickly towards goal
Stealth the key
Clear path to achieve lethal detonation

Flares of weapons burst in synch
Give way
Delay charge
Chemical timers are now set

Once on the surface
Reconnaissance picks him up
On the scope
Subterranean specialist looks down below
As the mountain lies in rubble

7. Alter Reality

Your universe is only a product of your mind

No escape once the threshold is crossed
Life and death hold no meaning
Hidden doors interdimensional shifts
A dreamy state of paralysis
Bands of mass convert into energy
Forms of light where no light exists
Time dilation ad infinitum
Linear chaos, internal distortion
Once inside a dual state of being exists
Non sequitur
Traveller of the continuum

Alter time
Altered space
Waves of gravity
Alter reality

Entropy nonexistent in this place
Macrocosm situated in parallel space
Constant flux warping all that spins throughout
Sharing outer valence shells
Blends into waves of shock
Haxe of reason
Shades of deformity
Correlation on an atomic level
Portar ajar
He stumbles into unknown
Over by free association
Twisted region shown to joumeyman
All is dissipated
Violently unto the senses

Altered time
Altered space
Relative deformity
Alter reality

Part of it, one with it
Lost inside
Memory override
Part of it, one with it
Lost inside
Memory override

Lost in the mix
Non sequitur
Movement is dimensional
No escape
Part of it, one with it
Ad infinitum
Part of the whole
Reduced to nothing
Ad infinitum

Lost in the mix
Non sequitur
Ad infinitum
Part of the whole
Time and space
Memory override
Part of it, one with it

Non sequitur
Ad infinitum
Part of the whole
Reduced to nothing

8. Gridzone

From the edge of outer regions
Far beyond our solar zone
Exists an altered sphere of power
Earth and metal machine of war

Planet’s crust pierced by cables
Linking networks beneath the surface
Titanium plates shield the globe
Cohesion of the infrastructure

Friction of electromagnets
Simulates centrifugal force
Massive gyros beginning to turn
Enforcing acceleration

Thrusters fire across the region
Spewing forth nucleic plasma
Worlds consumed, astral threat
Perpetual horror, termination


Brutally constructed designed warfare
Perpetuating evil awaits no more
Intruding on peaceful isolation
Conformity crushed, death is near

Neutralise – chosen targets
Essential – suffering terrorised


Deceptive diversion, blinded satellites cannot trace
Mechanical malfunction
Deteriorating systems by the interface
Initial confrontation sieged by catastrophic annihilation
Inferior worlds destruction
Laser gouging, penetration

From the edge of outer regions
Far beyond our solar zone
Exists an altered sphere of power
Earth and metal machine of war

Light years travelled forming an elliptical path
Eons of galactic destruction
Creating a vacuum crushing the globe
Devouring the energy dispersed
Seeker of impending doom
Completing an eternal cycle

Worlds consumed, astral threat
Perpetual horror, termination