Decapitated - The Negation

Artist: Decapitated
Release: The Negation

1. The Fury

Forward on!
Just go on!
Directionless rush for close by before
Species specific-motion
No change for equilibrium, stop!

Fetid, persistent stench of the race
Rushes in every slot
Sticking all together into a mass
I hate you!
I hate us!
You know what I mean? Fuck off!

This world stigma cries out on your forehead
Anti-god prepares your own personal void
The only way to equilibrium
Kill yourself!

2. Three-Dimensional Defect

Blinding void veils colours
All features melt into one vision
All-absorbing and all-swallowing time
The singing of the black hole is calling
The shrill silence of universe
Blows up all minds from inside

Desire of your own death makes flesh burst into flame
Another moment of senseless reasoning
Opens the gate to the real existence
That is not for the eyes

Inexpressible pain of the ripped flesh
Releases so far unknown senses
No chance for losing consciousness
Suffering in the thickening void

Stop! Human defect is triumphing
The passage into fourth dimension
Is passing out of sight

3. Lying And Weak

Pathetic is the species being its own negation
Big words locked in the holy books
Flame in the eyes fixed on heaven
And the stench of decaying bodies
That have lived to see the answer

Another word spat out from under the mask
No meaning, no goal
Doomed to cling to each other
They laugh crying and lie sensing their weakness

Clotted human mass struggles
Trying to rise and run away from themselves
It’s time this jest reached its end
The church of the black hole will fulfil the sacrifice

4. Sensual Sickness

Blind is the euphoria of the crowd
Staring at themselves from inside
And observing the succeeding patterns
Of the world that spirals downwards

I sense tangible phantasm
It causes human pride to swell anew
Come on!
To touch, maybe catch
Fever of senses stimulates animal brain

And to those of you who scream that they know
Keep roaming in your dance
Singing of truth and happiness
Quelling the misty vision of end

5. The Calling


6. The Negation

Catharsis through scream
Too many ways, too many truths
The myth of the reward
And the punishment still feeds our fear
No to all of the masks of this world!
No to the empty words!

Open eyes look, yet closed can truly see
Creeping vermin still cross their traces
Seeming movement of the elements
Does not chance the vision the throbbing whole

No to those that have seen
And thus have believed!
No to those that have not seen
And yet have believed!

Global negation of the visible existence
Is the delusion in itself
Yet the truth the animal eyes look to
Dies at the closed eyelid glance of spirit

7. Long-Desired Dementia

Absorbing, feeling and desiring
You fade away spewing their words up
Rise to fall, lie to last
Look! Nothing is opening its arms
Tangle of urges overflows
Staining every gesture and moment

Raise your head and grasp that jest
Anti-god lurks in non-existence
Mute words of those who know
Distort the mouths of deranged fools into a sneer

No war will be! No revolution!
The punishment is equal
Perfectly cold, no bond with this comedy
Another urges from outside change nothing
Hideous, complete in itself tangle of desires
And millions of hands stretched out
Towards the swallowing void
No cry, long desired dementia

8. The Empty Throne

Expansion of the ever increasing universe
Thins down imperfect pictures
And certainty of the tangible existence
Trickles between fingers
Entering the centre of the point

Physical reality dies
Giving birth to the new order
Negating all that has ever been said for good
So what are we?
Attracted by the gravity of the black hole

Veiled by the faith in words
Proud of the promised immortality
Hysteria at the moment of sudden illumination
Will ring with countless screams
Uniting in a sneer
Coming from the empty throne

9. Lunatic Of God's Creation

Servants of death, enchanter of pain
From the land of no return, you’ll kill again
Smear the blood on naked corpse

Lunatic of God’s creation
No resist
Hear the voices of devastation

There is darkness in his eyes
And you won’t see it, before you die
Feel the knife of the Lord Divine’s creation

Lunatic of God’s creation
No resist
Hear the voices of devastation