Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade

Artist: Bolt Thrower
Release: The IVth Crusade

1. The IVth Crusade

Mortified by the lack of conscience
Our sanctity bears no relevance
Insignificance is our existence
Hear the litany of life’s persistence

Our pleas for mercy fall upon unhearing ears
Take my life, my soul, wipe away these bitter tears
Vanquished in the name of your god
One of the same to whom we all pray
Vanquished in the name of your god

One of the same to whom we once prayed
Try to close my mind
From the screams I hear
Repentance is denied
The conformation of my fear

2. Icon

No escape, there is no way out of this constructed existence
A created image of untrue conception
You cannot find the real you
Manipulated a hyped invention

Who is this false identity?
The ideal person, perfect role model
Beneath, you can feel the cracks
Now your nerves begin to break
Losing grip, now it’s too late

Perceive this as no fallacy
This icon faces insanity
On the verge of mental breakdown
Forgotten realms of madness are found
Now you face the final curtain
You future life is now uncertain

3. Embers

From the glowing fragments of what remains
The soul shall rise from amongst the flames
From smouldering ruins the power grows
Feel the pulse of fear as we regain control

From the ashes of a million dead
The children of tomorrow now are led
Into the darkness as emotions slowly
Memories of the past cannot be saved

Blowing down to face your new found life
There is no escape, you must comply
This resurrected hate can’t be denied
Asking for redemption, we laugh and look away
There shall be no exception
Revenge on man begins today

You thought that it was all over
But it’s only just begun
For your life is mortal
Look to what fate will become
Learn to live afraid of what may be
For we possess this world
All that you see
Your life is no more than a game to me

Visions of the future reflected in the past
Existing in the present which surely cannot last
From the void, terror takes its hold
Face the wrath as history unfolds

4. Where Next To Conquer

Lost on a voyage with no destiny
Forgotten original ideology
Generations born and died
Their intentions misplaced through time

Another world falls to its knees
With vast contempt your hatred breads
Nothing left for us to slaughter
Annihilation achieved
Where next to conquer?

Civilisations of the past
Faced attrition now ripped apart
Moving onwards to another war
Into battle to die once more

An endless spiral of depravity
Mankind’s journey throughout infinity
Where next to conquer?

5. As The World Burns

Turn around and shield your eyes
Don’t look back as the earth dies
No tomorrow for eternity
The apocalyptic prophecy
Few shall survive the final war
Our futile lives shall be no more

Innocent victims of the nuclear glare
Are torn apart as they stand unaware
The whole world is radioactive
What’s left of men now unproductive
None shall escape the fallout rain
Our future life shall be steeped in pain

Feel the chill of the nuclear winds
Our planets downfall shall now begin
No excuse for the vast destruction
Caused by man with no comprehension

Life expectancy now decreases
As atomic warfare rapidly increases
Our foolish games, what have we learnt?
No time for sorrow as the world burns

6. This Time It's War

Intimidation, you can’t take much more
No compromise, this time it’s war
Take none alive, their battle cry roars
Nowhere to hide, this time it’s war

Face the fear that grips your mind
The final conflict, the end of mankind
Read the hatred deep within their eyes
It’s your time to die you now realise

What has occurred to man
Just isn’t how you planned
Enslaved by machinery
Submit to technology

Our future lives
Mankind’s entity lies in our hands
Together we must face reality
A ruined world of lost identity
Technological supremacy

7. Ritual

Remembering promises once made but now unspoken
Born of child-like minds
These shadows of the past are now forsaken

From the dawn of your first day
To this death bed on which you lay
To survive we must comply
With the ritual of your life

Can you remember things we said
The dreams, our expectations
Like ashes scattered in the wind
There is no recollection

Throughout the passing years
Faith will allay your years
Follow the holy rites
In the ritual of your life

Life an endless ritual
Continuation perpetual
Throughout the passing years
Faith will allay your years
Follow the holy rites
In the ritual of you life

Try to remember if you can
The pacts we made most solemn
Hands of time have brought decay
Those memories are forgotten

Now as you reach the end
All pain you must transcend
When you die you can’t deny
The ritual of your life

8. Spearhead

Spearhead marching onward
Take my soul sacrificial offering
Your initial strike taken by surprise
Now left alone, condemned by my pride

Drained of all emotion
Body now an empty shell
There’s nothing left
You’ve taken all away

Adrenaline flows
Now filled with anger
Just what will be the outcome
Mass confusion, tears my mind

Spearhead, no victory sublime
Another fallen victim
I will not beg to you
Spearhead to which I cannot hold
With clear perception my destiny unfolds

I look to the reflection
Fail to recognise what’s seen
A figure clothed in hatred
I pray that this cannot be

Faced by this total stranger
Aware of your creation
No vision of the former self
Controlled by your instruction
Onward you advance, left in a mindless trance

Hypnotised by your will
Desire is now instilled
Now staring face to face
Your eyes filled with hate
Held by your contempt
Both by weakness and by strength

Adrenaline flows
Now filled with anger
Just what will be the ourcome
Mass confusion, tears my mind

9. Celestial Sanctuary

As the sky turns black
And the earth sleeps in peace
Roaming the clouds
In search of a sacred place
Spirits soar higher to a land where they are king
Mortals’ shells left with you
Within shadows they dwell

Take me far away, deep within the dream
There I can be free from life’s misery

Blood rushes through my veins
I can feel exhilaration
The freedom of my mind can take me far beyond
Take me far away, deep within the dream
There, clearly seen, life’s unreality

Take me far away, deep within the dream
There I can be free from life’s misery

Each night I await the call of my silent quest
To run through the wind alive in the darkness

Take me far away, deep within the dream
There clearly seen life’s unreality

As the dawn gets closer, to my body I shall return
To live amongst you all
For nightfall I yearn

10. Dying Creed

Fallen are the people of a decaying race
Now proclaiming the legacy inherited too late, too late

Mankind, the dying creed
Reared on ignorance and greed
On suffering we feed
Devouring all beyond our needs

A path of self destruction they cannot see
Regarding their only interest in profitability
They cannot see
Open our mind before it is too late
Unlock the chains of confinement that we create

Grasping all that you can, overloaded capacity
Nothing can conceal instinctive rapacity
A movement to disaster could this be the final plan
Blinded by our avarice
The closing chapter, extinction of man

Mankind, the dying creed
Reared on ignorance and greed
On suffering we feed
Devouring all beyond our needs

11. Through The Ages (Outro)

From the Roman conquest of Britain in the year 43 AD to 61 AD
To the Saxon Raids include 205 to 577 AD
Followed by Viking Raids, 793 to around 1016

The Norman Conquest of 1066, including the Battle of Hastings
Leading to the Crusades, which persisted throughout the Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth centuries

The Anglo-French Wars of the Twelfth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth centuries
Culminating in the Massacre of Agincourt

The First English Civil War of 1215 to 1217, the first of many
The Hundred Years’ War from 1337 to 1437
And the War of the Roses of 1455 to 1485
War of the Holy League, 1510 to 1514
Another war created in the name of God
The Eighty Years’ War of 1568 to 1648
Followed by the great English Civil War of 1642 to 1651

The American Revolution of 1792 lasting through to 1802
Followed by Napoleonic Wars of 1803 to 1815
Ending with the Battle of Waterloo

The Wars on both the Zulus and the Boers through around 1879 till 1902

World War I – 1914 to 1918
The so-called ‘War of all Wars’, the Great War
Millions slaughtered in the mud of France

World War II, 1939 to 1945
The war that should never have happened
The prime example of man’s inhumanity
Concluding in the bombing of Japan

Vietnam through 1956 to 1975
The war that America will never forget

More recently the Falklands War in 1982 and the Gulf War of 1991
Mankind’s destructive nature throughout the ages