Cathedral - Supernatural Birth Machine

Artist: Cathedral
Release: Supernatural Birth Machine

1. Cybertron 71 - Eternal Countdown (Intro)

We walk through the sands of time
Nothing is silent except the dream of man

Through walls of air we hear the call
Shadows of promise
The spectres’ final sound

2. Urko's Conquest

Urko rides his troops into the flames
Sirens of doom, the earth it shakes
Wars and plagues have fuelled beasts of rage
Mutated humans pay the price

Spaceship year warped
Crash lands ahead of time
Apes and gorillas
Now rule your earth that died

Sacrifice – the astronauts must die
Gorilla guns aim at your face
Surgical apes have taken out your voice
Witness your kingdom witness hell

Spaceship year warped
Crash lands ahead of time
Apes and gorillas
Now rule your earth that died

Ape shall not kill ape
Slay the wrath of man
Rape human minds
They shall become our slaves

Dr Zaius is praying
Human knowledge can never be found
Scientific destruction
History buried underground

Ape shall not kill ape
Mans twisted plan
Space, the universe
Has crumbled in his hands

Taylor escapes this hell to meet his fate
Upon the shapes
On your knees before the rotted face
Of liberty dead in the sand

Spaceship year warped
Crash lands ahead of time
Your world, your nightmare
Doors slam on mankind

3. Stained Glass Horizon

Stained glass horizon
Trapped in tombs of day
No energy to run, nowhere to escape
Fortune left behind you
Blank dice is your gain
Opium moon is rising
The summer it never came

Your spirit reigns
In the church of hell’s domain
Love’s stained glass world
You can’t see through

Black dove is a-flying
From the reaper’s hand
You’d chase the white if you weren’t blind
A banquet for the living
Skeleton at their feast
Sin’s a bad man’s lover
Whose soul’s lost in a pentagram

Your heart’s in chains
Vulture of your own remains
Love’s stained glass world
You can’t see through

If Jesus walked beside you
You’d take Lucifer’s hand
Evil feels good when it’s never found
Hiding from the sunshine
Lost man in the shade
Fight for the force that guides you
Pull yourself from Netherland

Your heart’s in chains
Vulture of your own remains
Love’s stained glass world
You can’t see through

4. Cyclops Revolution

Stars born from stars
Matter in no finite form
No definition fits as all is one

The lines are drawn as it cannot falter
Matter dispersed and again collected
In cyclic swirls of improbability
Not guided yet with function and purpose

Destruction gaining knowledge of creation
But knowing beginning and end
Physical laws bent but never broken
Ravished by chaos but calmed by its consistency

On my knees at the alter of the universe
Surging with it’s power as it is I
My subjective unimportance
Dwarfed by the totality that I am a part of

Not eluded by pietistic conception
But utterly devoted to the physics of provenance
Finite matter in ageless fluidity
The creation of matter and man

Ashes to ashes
A cyclic manifestation
Ashes to ashes
How right they are

As form withers matter transforms
The continuity of material rebirth
The visible ageless dance of cosmic renewal

In the darkness, I pray not for my soul
I revel in the brotherhood of matter

It holds the endless possibilities within the ultimate simplicity

5. Birth Machine 2000

Evolution, minds on the production line
Imagination drenched within conformist slime
Plastic education, microwavable brains
Cooking on the stage of heaven’s pantomime

Warmongers getting high
On genocide cocaine
Grossmetic beauty
Silicone truth can’t hide
Radioactive ocean
Celluloid map of skies
The universal cyclist no longer rides

It’s a rat race, machine breeding
No hesitation in joining

Dance into the circle
Conveyer belt of the world
Birth machine 2000
Mechanics fix you today

The rats are hungry
Eating at the sands of time
Hourglass explodes
In front of marble eyes
Eternal countdown
Circular in sound returnity has died
Infinity arrives
Birth machine 2000

As centuries pass, back into the circular void
Regeneration masked, behind a dying question

Grim reaper of life, save me from their machine
Celebrating strife
Programmed nation R.I.P

6. Nightmare Castle

The evil priest is calling me again
I stare into these walls and he comes through
Clergy of the damned
Surrounds me, pointing hands
On my knees, I fall to their command

You wanna burn in hell?
With us you’ll dwell
Didn’t see the signs that led you here

Green icy fingers
Sliding down your face
Cross of remembrance
Torn off by the dead

A crimson ghost is walking down the hall
Animating armour with his call
Steel knights with fangs
Awake with hungry plans
My empty corpse shall grace the castle lounge

You’re gonna burn in hell
With us you’ll dwell
Didn’t see the signs that led you here

Nightmare castle
Built within your mind
Psychotronic laughter echoes through the walls

Nightmare castle
Welcomes you inside
Phantasm paranoia
Your beliefs defiled

The cryptic nun appears and i am blessed
Her velvet eyes are blacker than my death
Skeletal majesty of decomposed beauty
An invitation too severe to refuse

7. Fireball Demon

Fireball demon
Burned my dreams right out of space
Flew after an angel
I arrived back here with you

Meteor assassin
Throws the moon onto my grave
I’d relive the nightmare a million times for you

Help me – get me loose
Fireball demon
Save me – untie the noose
Ooh, it’s a fireball demon

8. Phaser Quest

Starlight laser points at you
Sing to the ghost of summers blue
Lay back, transcend into the moon
Mother of wisdom’s holy tomb

Phase your sight, let it take you away
Into the ocean in your mind
Back in time take it
Phaser quest
Endless visions
Million miles high

Robot systems in control
Dissect your soul of golden rules
Nature groovin’ by your side
She gave you wings now learn to fly

Sun shines eternally in you
The darkest day is silver too
Straight line into the galaxy
Spirals and circles, harmony

9. Suicide Asteroid

Through nature’s eye, earth sinners fly
On a suicide asteroid
Transmutation, space rejection
The hellish fleet must die
Grim reflection in the sky
Dark mirror of manblind
Aliens walking amongst you
Twist directions knife, yeah!

Halfway to paradise
Black wizard pauses flight

Captain desolation, disaster in command
Fatal destination, astral suicide

Tornado nation ride inside
This tombstone galaxy
Unknown mission apparitions
Dictating your destiny
Architect of catastrophes
Non-physical reality
Through kaleidoscopes of burning tears
An eternal odyssey, oh yeah!

Full steam to paradise
Green wizard grants delight
Planet head exploding
Earth becomes your mind
Spectral domination, astral suicide

Suicide asteroid
Destiny null and void
Suicide asteroid
Satan’s realm overjoyed

10. Dragon Ryder 13

Flames are high, lightning fuelling my veins
Dragon appears, I saddle up again
Purple rain, anguished odyssey
Cosmic babylon, destiny, yeah

Hold my fire tonight, it’s killing me
Burn dragon ryder high into the next world
Thirteen hours with thirteen minds
Bells toll eternally in this prison

Spectral sky phantom galaxy
King of fire chasing after me
Liquid planets meet into my eyes
Vision is gone chaos ignites

Hold my fire tonight, it’s killing me
Burn dragon ryder high into the next world
Thirteen hours with thirteen minds
Bells toll eternally bleeding my vision

Radiation, nuclear heaven
The sun turns inside out
Warheads flying from the burning moon
Invisible in magnitude

Black corona supernova
Orion dwarfed from sight
Cosmic halo of the void ignites
We descent into a realm of ice

11. Magnetic Hole

In this magnetic hole, descension the only quest
Our lips are green within the burial of life itself
Oh glorious misery, caress this emptiness
Half truths as a whole in this vacuum a negative gift

Souls scattered in ecstasy
Isolation intrinsically
No medication or shrink can cure
This nothingness we adore

Skull of humanity within the charcoaled house of wealth
In divine emptiness we are the butchers of lost self
Hammer nails into my flesh for the punishment of luxury
Bleed me dry, oh lord, in return I’ll kiss your feet

Eyes hollow, I cannot see
Holy visions just heresy
No god or shrink can cure
This nothingness we adore

Into this hole we sink
Devoid of self esteem
Clawing at the purest darkness
Too awake to sleep