Cathedral - Statik Majik

Artist: Cathedral
Release: Statik Majik

1. Midnight Mountain

Sliding down the mountain, as dusk passes to day
The antidote of elation, now lifeless masses wake
Jaws of suxiety open, the luring vampire of agility
A fatal invitation, sight hazing from me

Oh midnight mountain, I require, inner relocation
Back to pinnacles high

Drowning in empty faces, sinking in banal
I crave the isolation of eventide when perception climbs
I just need the injection, a dose to boost my flight
A sonic blast of moonlight, nucleus ignites

Oh midnight mountain, now I’m revived
Stimulus transcending, back to pinnacles high

Screaming at doleful skies, absorbing all my sighs
Responding to my cries
Downcast a thunder of reprise
Won’t let the next sunrise, signal my landslide
From ecstatic highs, I’m on top of their demise

2. Hypnos 164

Paralysed sunset, blind eyes to the dawn
Form magic wings, drift through black skies
Crystal voyager eternal in place
Sends dreams to humans laid to rest in weary sleep

Superior lifeform with velvet textured tongue licks my conscience
Feel the anger and pain
Pleasure drips forth from lovely blue eyes
Rides upon lakes of external animal love

Sleeping wisdom, eternal night
Hypnos kingdom, darkness shining bright
Beautiful dreamer, beast of daylight
twilight magician gave you astral sight

Bright red carpet beyond the haunting eye
Open the third one, fly summer child
Templar cadaver, sons long after will
Roll a monster boulder up the eternal hill

Transformation, perplexed delight
Thee man becomes a lion with seething might
Cleansing dream god had put wrong to right
Elegant creature eats the human race

Tortured spirits of the animal kingdom
Haunt evil man in premonition
Gracious children of earthly devotion
Hibernate in hypnos salvation

Caverns of your mind explode
The marble staircase now unfolds
Come inside a better life
Where animals

3. Cosmic Funeral

Winged disciples of the nocturn dream
Descend upon the fortress of the tyrant’s creed
In their search for Midas, how many more must bleed?
Father Supernature – grant the final deed, please, yeah

Children screaming velvet sorrow
In tombstone rulers burning land
Love shall send them to the gallows
Retribution is at hand

Immortal rotation in a wordless hearse
Cosmic funeral of mother’s afterbirth
Lord release the dragons from the pall-bearing sky
Our sorrow is navigation to breathe their hate goodbye, yeah!

Through a screen of crimson shadows
Weeping angel flaps his wings
Void of sin engulfs and swallows tragic dust of futile man

Karma has brought you our way
And now we’re tolling your bell
Purple unicorns will guide me to fleets of lost angels

Disco supernova do the martian
Bossa nova, can ya dig it?
Let’s groove, sonic motherfucker!

Demons inside we have burned you
Now we’ve expelled
They chased you down Satan’s highway
We bid you fond farewell

4. The Voyage Of The Homeless Sapien

Violet dawn, misty morn
Black tree upon velvet lawn
Sumemr faces
Poisoned flowers, thorns
Blackbird sings a jaded requiem

Engine storm, earth reborn
Caterpillar never settling down
Concrete cancer in your empty town
Ticket brought me to hallow ground

I am society, the ghoul of all mankind
I’ll crawl all over you and numb you deep inside
I’ll eat your silver cross, behind it you can’t hide
Stone will become of you
Withered shall be your pride
Angels I’ve chased away, no demons pull your mind

Closer towards your prize of the hell in which I entice
In my infernal world all wealth you’ve sacrificed
The clay has formed
It’s too late to meditate and exorcise

Blind reality I’ve seen and cast away
I am a child from the forest of dismay
Ancient deities are screaming out my name
From the splendour of the inland waterways

Golden horses pull my chariot
Black angels on the viaduct

On the hill the dark horse stands, softly calling you
Underneath the blood red moon, frost and fire gloom
Usurper of lost innocence, magic, iron and stone
I’m the king of the dead, with one foot in hell
Awaiting to greet the red turd upon the horse shouting ”tally ho!”

Here we come entranced by the mellow
Hey! Ho! It’s the man with the silver pipe

Headblaster of reality, evil priest from hell
Unveils endless solitude with pink misery snow
After and forever in eternal Loch Ness
Clouds of dirty FX sex drive cemetery

We are not the living, we are the dead
We offer what you’ve given
Not the majestic elegance of the gracious swan

Interrupted by a needy stop at the purple ale house
The wizard returns

Drift away, forget the chores of the day
And why not forget yourself
Why not forget your name
The law of the land is great
Numb and blind men, they dictate hate


Under the sun, the children of the moon
For the masses they pray, beside the crystal lake
The squawk of the gull awake’s us to man’s fate
Nature and smoking be our mate

Watching me as I glare out at seas
Creator of all deceit
The sand demon offers me a garish sweet