Crowpath - Son Of Sulphur

Artist: Crowpath
Release: Son Of Sulphur

1. Candles And Kerosene

With frantic attempts in cold sweat
He is striking the surface, waiting for that sweet relief
The urge turns into compulsion
Kerosene will ignite as soon as the candle is burnt down
The burning debris turns everything into bliss
Watching with pride his creation grows stronger

Show no mercy
Follow the plan
Kill the rival
Use the weak

Encouraged by alcohol, armed with hate to feed his greed
A distorted smile appears as the flames turns into wealth
For a short moment he is now complete

2. The Will To Burn

He is standing on the side watching
While they are trying to overcome his beast
But his work will as always prevail those brave men
A sick urge for fire, a sexual escape
His greatest fantasy is a burning landscape
In the ashes disgrace remain, only calmed by a new flame

His destructive thoughts become a burning engine
Demons tearing in his mind
He wants to burn this whole world down
His beast takes on an unforeseen turn into a brutal inferno
Which captures him and takes him home

3. Chased, Caught And Charged

Sirens and dogs barking fill the evening air
The neighbours are curious because the weapons are drawn
”I’ll never let them in, they will have to break the door in”
Chased, caught and charged
But he still lives in denial

Bloodstain on his favorite jacket
Bloodstained, claiming he had no choice

Now the wires are so tight cutting through his skin
But he is still not giving in
Flirted with glamour through the backdoor
Played his card wrong and got smashed to the floor

4. Pigeonsmasher

Woken by the swung hammer
Fool, do you really think we’ll meet again?
It appears so
There has been a new deal
And we’re finished being the cattle of this game
In the end you still claim you did us a favour
I will not let you have that pleasure

5. Children Of Boredom

So naive
They thrust their youth to serve as illumination when daylight dies
They challenge the devil like there is no next time
By midnight they toast to beaten horses

Bastards with leading parts in their stories
Drawing dead, well aware of their destined end
By dawn they find solace in knowing that no one can devour their memories

6. Self-Destructive Pessimist

The dissolving pattern nauseates him
Panic spreads within, forcing him to do sin
Trapped and suffocated within his skin

Instability appears and disturbs every thought
The manic behaviour keeps him taught
Can’t tell what’s real or illusion
Incapable to take action

Must check once more
Must check the door
Must check once more
Must check to be sure

”I didn’t sleep at all last night. I had no lunch.
I drank too much cofee today. My nerves are fucking killing me!”

7. Seed Of Arson

Want to sleep to stories from his stepfather
This lullaby of drunken laughter created the son of sulphur
One day he stole the lighter and made up his first fire
But unlike the stories, he got no publicity, no glory

His longing increased and he spent all money on gasoline and matches
Over the years we saw him transfer from small pyromaniac to one of the greatest in arson
He was the infected wound of this little town, the disease they resent
He wanted to be the master
He continued with the ambition to fulfill his mission

8. Picked Clean

Inch by inch, sandpapered to be soft like the sweetest skin
But never again will it be as beautiful as it used to
These walls won’t rescue from burden no more
I set fire to everything and let the anxiety be swallowed by the sound of the flames
Fell battered and broken winged
A carcass is what remains and soon it too will be picked clean

9. The Lycanthrope

The reflection from his eyes pierces through me
I recognise him but I don’t know from where
His toothless mouth forms words that eat through me like greedy worms
”I can hear you and I can see you as well” he spits at me

I try to hide but he knows I’m aware
His hyena-like laughter wakes me every night
But when I look at him he is mad
Is he man or wolf?

His voice thunders in the walls and erases everything along the street
Am I the only one awake?
Am I the only one that hears him?

His lungs release black fog that fades the city lights
I know the stories by now
I know that this constant monologue will never end

10. Scab Coated Attraction

They invited me to their home
The walls were coated with red velvet cloth
The floor had a pattern which I can’t describe
But it was such to get lost in
Every room looked the same but inside one there was this unique character

Jacky! Suddenly I saw everything clearly
The whole building was almost collapsing
In this grey, trivial town there wasn’t much to do
But I never went there again

Despite the boredom and the restless days
She was the scab-coated main attraction I never wanted to meet again

11. Lights Out Left For Dead

The curtain has dropped
There will be no next move
The engine stopped
This is the end but there is so much more to prove
Who fed the swine, they won’t have more

Lights out, run out

Thrown to vultures all accompanied by a booing gathering
No more lines, no more applause
The last page is revealing the loss
100 years later, will the achievement be appreciated?
Will those that are lynched by the enraged mob be remembered as heroes tomorrow?

12. End In Water

Another glass is emptied
The atmosphere is violent
Though there are only two men round the table
A sudden cut with the axe
One man dead

The whole place soaked in gasoline
A lit match and the whole house is on fire
Leaving, no look back

Why won’t you let me?
This is love
Why won’t you let me?
I will end you

Mistakes made, too late for forgiveness
I will erase your pain, save you from shame
I have walked this path my whole life
Now it’s like every foe I ever had has gathered to destroy me

This road has an end, which I can see clearly now
I feel the breeze coming
All my sins will drown with me
In this lake I will end it all