Cult Of Luna - Somewhere Along The Highway

Artist: Cult Of Luna
Release: Somewhere Along The Highway

1. Marching To The Heartbeats

The sun, the light in your eyes, trapped me in a cage
When you saw me you saw yourself
We were the ones that marched and fell

2. Finland

These things moved me when I turned my back
Now I return with open hands
I found light that lead me to the shrine
Where children sang and pilgrims mourned
I was lost but not alone
From a distance they come alive

Sleepwalking across the plains
No answers were found here
Seeking shelter in her embrace
Down on sore knees
Erase and begin
Under my eyelids, come forth light

3. Back To Chapel Town

Floating over empty streets
Away from pain, away from everything
Pray that we will survive the night
Buildings falling, the soul vapourised
Watching you sleep, but I know that your heart has grown cold
Let me dream if only for tonight, that we leave together in the first morning light

Alone and forgotten
I bow my head in shame
Before you all answers reveal
So I sink my sorrows in the sea

4. And With Her Came The Birds

Night falls, silence takes a grip
Guilt I retrieved, a burning will to die
I need this to be over before I am bleeding dry
Somewhere along the highway these tracks must end

I pass a crowd on my way to the house on the hill
Dead man with pitchfork arms tells me all that he knows
Leave me here for the crows
In the Fall she came back, and with her the birds

5. Thirtyfour

In her eyes he stares at his reflection
A faint dream, that disappeared at dawn
Standing at the shore patiently waiting
But the waves do not return when she is gone

So he followed her footsteps, to the highway that sealed his fate
The wind blew all sand away
Faceless people that walked astray
Behind the dunes false hope awaits the ones that lost what was loved

6. Dim

From the skyline dark clouds move in
They shroud me with her cold cover
Eyes like daggers puncture the skin
Isolated in a room with no others

Where do I turn when all hope is lost?
Where do I find forgiveness?
My search for salvation has begun
To find a place where our hearts beat as one

7. Dark City Dead Man

When the street lights fade
Warm rain like judgement descends
Their voice numbs me
Speaking words in a dead tongue
I have walked a road that led me back to you

From a window our glances met
My true colours I cannot hide
The landscape has changed
You don’t recognise me
These pictures slowly fade
Memories wither, they are all gone

Further down the steps get steeper
You haunt me in my dreams
I let go and fall deeper
This will be the end of me