Insision - Revealed And Worshipped

Artist: Insision
Release: Revealed And Worshipped

1. No Belief

There is no end to this spiral of pain
Walls get thinner and lines get erased
Mortal thoughts are mixed with him
Infixed and refined

I see more clearly what it all means
Tragic race, I’m part of this disease
Divine suffocation
Bring this world to an end

Raving masses, a frenetic breed
Passes through life unseen
Humans dying and ask for bliss
To enter the heavenly scene

Over populated – heaven!
Garden of lust – turned into hell!
Your god is not awake
Broken dogma
Your god has failed

No belief…
God never was
No belief…
Your creation crumbles and dies away

I am no longer chained, master
I am unleashed from these mortal thoughts
Satan is the name I see the future evolve with it!

I am the shield, Impamiiz
I am the knife inside their dreams
I speak no human tongue
I travel paths obscene

Over populated – heaven!
Garden of lust turned into hell
There is no god
Your dogma is no longer

Speech is no longer an option
And action has had its course
No dreams, just broken hope
The charades all end here

2. The Imminent Vision

Splendour, from darkness thick as blood
Tentacles unfold, and I endure the pain
Is this real?!
Tries to grasp the sight by hand
In a pending state of consciousness

I am splendour
I am the highest form
The spear of flesh, penetrating, consuming this world

I am the conqueror, I am all
Sublime though
Darkness in a different colour

I am the creator
I built this world
I am your saviour
I plan the path of which to walk

In this world of Satan, the god with a thousand names
In the opposite of our world, I transcend in to the mud
I wear the mask of death, oblivious to life itself
In this world of power, direct and undisputed dominance

Imminent vision!

I hear… I see…
And therefore unfold!

As I plunge into the depths, all life ends
A catatonic state of mind, as the host of my body descends
There is nothing
There is everything
There is splendour
There is…

3. We Did Not Come To Heal

Bound by the flesh
Restricted by the mortals
Merged in my heart
This fate is sealed

We did not come to heal
Your endless self deceit
Misery and your companion
Misguided, emotional distress
I am not reflecting in the mirror

I’m not the answer to your lie
I am, but me
My belief is who I am

My eyes do not move
My breath do not breathe
My words do not reach
I did not come to heal
In evil rewind
Received through the sign
When rejected on earth as in heaven
The outcasts exile

We do not come to heal
The scar made by god
Open soul dissection
Last incision, it’s all your own blood

We did not come to heal
Your nail-driven soul
Your self pity, embodied
When incised, it’s all rotten

I breathe on
This is unavoidable
I breathe on
We’ll go on
It is perpetual
This won’t stop

4. Revealed And Worshipped

We apologise that the lyrics for this track are currently unavailable…

5. The Unrest

Its gaping graves
Endless death
The war has come
Hold the flanks
Its gaping graves
Endless death

The harvest reaped, and nothing’s left
Exalted one, now revealed
Uplifted one, non-concealed
Exalted one, endless death
We are the gods complete on the earth

Embodied in the flesh
It’s the unrest
We thrive upon your vision
We endure the faults of men

I am you in law of obedience!
Its time has come, war be won
The angels fall, burnt to the ground
Erected high upon the stakes
I am free for the law is me!
The dawn of them, who see again
Those up high, all cast down
Overrun by the unrest
Where man can be god over god!

Upon the mountains of dread you’ve appeared
In its twilight and its daze
Entwined in thoughts, rewind
Come here from your death
Dimensions parallel
Open the way to the second world

Enchant, focus, control
Reawaken to achieve the goal
And through chaos reborn
It’s the coming of our lord

Enchant, focus, control
Reawaken to achieve the goal
And through chaos reborn
Through chaos reborn
Receive us Satan!

6. Grotesque Plague Mass

Plague mass!

Over the horizon it spreads
From the threshold of darkness
A mass of crawling chaos
Awaiting to engulf this realm
Cosmic tentacles of pure hate
Reducing population to zero
To begin a new reign
From the black abyss

Malicious plague mass
Spoken of in tales of horror
Feared by the oppressing mass
Called by thousand names

The saga becomes reality
In dreams of lost worlds
A gateway has been evoked

Life in twisted dreams
Inside the burning mass
Forms of unreality
Transformed into solid structures

A face of entrails
A sea of blood
Heaven is taken
God’s demise

It calls its name to the masses!
In front of the one and only plague
Grotesque plague mass
It calls its name unto the world

It calls its name to the masses!
In front of the one and only plague
Grotesque and feeble
The sheep are gathered

Plague mass!

Cosmic tentacles of pure hate
Reducing population to zero
To begin a new reign
From the black abyss

Malicious plague mass
Spoken of in tales of horror
Feared by the oppressing mass
Called by thousand names

7. The Foul Smell Of Humans

I choke on words
I can’t express this nothingness
The one from within
Carves my soul
Eaten from inside

My speech is numb
They seem to hear me
Still words are lost
Robber of thoughts
They all are deaf

I see through flesh
Every inch every fucking particle
Just empty shells
Human waste

Their meaningless exposed

There’s something wrong inside
Faces go pale and the feelings subside
I cannot see you here
The door’s wide open
But still I’m blind

Burnt up inside
Breathing through a hole in my prison cell
You smell so foul
Within your picture perfect world

You speak so loud
Still your meanings rot away
You are so weak
In your picture perfect world

Aggravated existence
Your life is meaningless
Just pick up that shotgun
Do what you know is best

You can see your reflection beyond the mirror wall
Through all your pain and anguish
You can hear it call you!

It’s still so foul…

The smell of humans
The foul smell of humans

8. In The Gallows

I want to be what their eyes can’t see
I sweep their minds just to recollect
Abandon souls in a rotten tree
In the gallows hangs their god

I am the demon made in flesh
Just as vulnerable as them
A thousand screams but just one soul
Assimilate us all

Enlighten us in our path
Show us your guidance
Bestow us in our exposure
Be here with us angels of the devil

Bastard saints, legion
Uncloaked, naked against your destiny
Cast your robe, I’ve lit the flame
The meaning of the words, I summon thee

Turn your back on Yahweh
Oppressing you, eternally
Free that thought, I’ve lit the flame
In the gallows hangs your god

I call you all to witness this
Upon this altar, fresh in mind
Abominate the human shape
Behold transformation

I have robbed you of your time
Infixed my words, sublime
I’m in control of your mind
In here, my world, right now!

9. The Cleansing

Walking through the shapes of dread
Bound to pledge this human shape
Once straight, now lay crooked and still
A hateful plan to end this pain
I find the strength in the darkest realms
Underneath the horns I seek
Where the path is always lit
Lit by the morning star himself

The way of my loathing
Is lined with your thorns of Christ
Never we’ll forgive
The veil of oppression will fall

My hatred, rage and fury
Underneath the wings of Satan we fly free
Bestial dominance the arrival of the legions

The cleansing has begun!

Monoliths have fallen
His throne has been overrun
Blessed are you to witness
When we wash them all away

Your adversary
Once fallen
Now alive to slay the dog
We’ll wait for your arrival
And we’ll cast them down

Mucus of earth suffocate us
We wash it all away!
The filth of Christ restrain us
We wash it all away!

Dog and the holy hoax
We wash it all away!
The blessed and trinity
We wash it all away!

The brooding has come to its end
Time has action in its hands
God’s chosen one has failed
All washed down the drain

10. Havoc

Thorns pierce your eyes
Clinging to the lie every second of your agony – he died for you?
Whores of the illusion
Forced on, built in, just fresh from the factory
Your guilt is none of ours, the cross is yours to bear
Your preachers preach with your kin on their knees
Close your eyes, shut your ears
His salvation is all that you hear
Your fathers preach throughout their screams
Still fail to see god’s ‘glory’ is out of your reach

Give your bread and so be blessed
Thorns pulled out, your guilt relieved
Confess your sins and wash your hands
Then all is well in the promised lands

It’s turmoil in the land of the ‘free’
Havoc – in the land of the righteous
The holy father inside your son
Close your eyes and let it be done
All in the name of salvation justify the holy penetration
Self-inflicted, swarm the land
Your fate is dying and so is your kind
We’d be killing you off at a raging speed
We’ll chew you up and spit you out

Fail to see the rot
The contradicting faith
Turn your cheek the other way
Say your prayers and hope for God?
Fail to see the rot
The unrelenting truth
Confess your sins and pray
Then all is well another day?

11. The Ideas Of Revolution

Engineering once fate
Caught up in a place between
In the swoon falling
Killing off the illusions

In that swoon I saw
That all is not as it seems
But merely dreams within a dream

Blurred and dazed and death swept away
Twisted flesh all disrupted, displaced
Hollow temples filled to the brim
Dead souls collector, ode to him

Incubated temples in a world up high
And midst the cold colours, there was I
To sleep in the deepest slumber
To stand on the shores of choice
To be held up high, there was I

I could feel that throbbing sound once more
That of the majestic crowned whore (life)
The sounds of rush in this veins
In the swoon I’m lost again

With their lakes undoubtedly outspread
To steer your soul to meet with the dead

Our horned god in the first entrance
In the swoon I’m lost forever
Departure of warmth I kept it away
Then the burst of light in my eyes – no!

Our horned god in the first entrance
In the swoon I’m lost forever
Departure of warmth I kept it away
Then the burst in my eyes – no!

There from the swoon
I found the key
The ideas of revolution
Mankind falls on its knees
Time to kill off the illusions
Revolt! Agitate!