Crowpath - Red On Chrome

Artist: Crowpath
Release: Red On Chrome

1. Hellbound

This wearing embrace is like having needles buried deep in the soul
Disturbing every breath, every thought, every move
Calling in sick again
Finding peace in the bottle again

Day after day agony occupies the body
Suffocating every effort
Every spark of life

2. Like Flies To Flames

Excited, waiting
Soon their courage will be penetrated
By his inflected thoughts and his cold appearance

Now they are all waiting for him
He will say things so awful and totally unexpected
That they will never want their eyes his way again
With stolen talent he makes them his inferiors

Him, the sickness, the master of this circle of men
He watches while they leave with their pale faces towards the ground
But they will return again, like flies to flames

3. Protected By Judas

Liars and thieves
Dwellers ruined trust
I nailed myself to wings to escape these men
Wings so heavy I could not move

My filthy conscience caught up with me
And I felt sympathy
I’ll spend the rest of my days outside the walls
Accompanied by those who love the lie and those who are living it
Protected by Judas

4. The Suburban Plague

Welcome to our home, known for nothing
Our home, suitable neither for heaven nor hell
Enveloped in boredom
Restless kids lick filthy fingers clean
The bastards go berserk every night
Without sense, out of control, chaos

Over and over again
They stay here like ghosts
Loyal to shit
By dawn they will go home as heroes
With bloody knuckles and empty bottles


Crush your skull, scrape it clean
This time there will be no ticket home
That is the deal

Being the perfect prey
Mortal material, blood and flesh
They serve you the plate
You swallow the whole piece

Crush your skull, scrape it clean
Tonight they will be eating
You set the price and you sold yourself real cheap
The cards were dealt a second time
This time behind your back

6. Bastard City

You say that this city is what it always has been
But I can’t recall its smell or its cold comfort
I walk the streets facedown like everyone else

You told me that some things I would have to live for
I used to swallow every word
But now I need to rest and this city keeps me awake

I have waited, but no more
I need to get away

7. Red On Chrome

I read through the lines
Understood, but hardly agreed
My mind soaked in alcohol
My mouth dry from the same treatment the day before
Drinking through the night

Staring at the picture of what once was a great man
Now one great failure
My moral has damned me to shame
I see no other way out
Red on chrome

8. Kings Among Cockroaches

They gave you three hours
In these three short hours
You will experience the worst things life can drag you through
Now you’re running from the remaining fragments of your luxurious past
Was it worth it?
You played and you lost

They gave you three hours
In these three short hours
You will feel how your whole empire will fall apart
How your prospects will become wires you cannot escape
Keep on running and you will soon realise that the corridor will never end

9. Slipping

This hollow man slipped through your fingers
This life dissolved between jaws of dogs
Just like the cry for help in the thickest fog
Time hit concrete, time smashed
So fragile, it died

Dissolved between jaws of dogs
Time hit concrete, time smashed
So fragile it died

Hearts exposed, with the promise to see the sun
A glimpse offered and then it burnt them down

10. Where Jacky Jawless Lives

Queen Jacky is ready to take you for a ride through the extreme
Are you?
You’ll find her on the second floor, behind the door to the left
In the centre of the whole nest

11. The Precise Art Of Knives

I love how it all came through
It’s amazing how it aims on the target
A dream now in practice, so touching
Hail for the new

This bizarre, violent creation speaks volumes
It’s precise and dominating
It clears a path through the everyday madness
An example has been set, a map to follow
It’s infinite, hard and cold, absolutely brilliant
The new surgery

12. Phrases

Again, my tongue is wrapped around a vow I’ll never be able to keep
I wrote it, but never signed
I sealed it, but never signed
I sent it, but never signed

Now I’m screaming for privacy in this cult
I myself created another mile on this chaos ground
I’m aiming helpless towards the blank
I wrote it, but never signed
I sealed it, but never signed
I sent it, but I’ll never sign

13. Clean

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