Rakoth - Planeshift

Artist: Rakoth
Release: Planeshift

1. Planeshift (Introduction)


2. Fear Wasn't In The Design

Dancing, dancing round the fires
Scales of brass and blackened gold
Wings of flame, obsidian eyes
Miracle you behold
Sparkling bliss you see in her motion
Joy of living and dancing in flame
Gave the birth with all your devotion

Time to give her a name
Charming dance draws the rune of Earth
Mesmerising, enchanting, feminine and proud
See – her life and the fire are the same

I shall name you Llah
You speak her name aloud
Smile freezing on your face, turning into the painful grin
Invisible crown compressing your head
Scarlet and black rings dancing before your eyes

With a groan, you’re falling to the ground
Whispering ‘why? It wasn’t in the design!…
‘Pain… So this is pain…
Now I know how it feels…
My creation…
It wasn’t in the design…
So it must not be…’

Charming dance drew the rune of Earth
Mesmerising, enchanting, feminine, divine
You saw – her life and the fire were the same

So you named her Llah forever to shine
New feeling, like the wave of black flame
Wrath Melkor rises with his fists clenched and shouts to the sky
‘You, the One! Leave him be!
It’s easy to control the weaker… Try me!
Your words!’

3. Noldor Exodus


4. The Dark Heart Of Uukrul

I’m one of the darkness, once of the light
I’m holding the beacon, holding the night
And if one of the darkness has won over light
The pure shall be slaughtered in eternal night

Ruled by the ancient kings
The city under the mountain
Eriosthe laid in peace
The beacon gave the light
The beacon of powers so great

Released at once they would destroy everything
These powers could not be possessed by the kings
Too weak to exploit the whole might
So I who have all the Arcana rings
Emerge to claim my right

I hide my heart within ornate urn
At the place of no return
Eight beacons’ guardians’ hearts petrified
To lock my death inside

The first behind gases and poisonous air
The second with the dead behind twist and stair
The third with the dragon, the fourth in a cell
The fifth in the depth warped by evil spell
The sixth with wis hordes, the seventh in a pit
And the last in the stronghold where the Dark One sits

Eight frozen keys for six bloodied locks
And the darkest heart from the coldest rock
One shattered heart shall the dark one stop
The fools tried before
Too feeble were their efforts
So worthless fate is deserved by fool

With the ancient lore, dark prophecy summoned by servant In vain
Areth, thou wilt never rule!
If one had force to find all hearts
To hold me within this plane
And with hammer of black glass split my soul apart
It would not stop my sinister reign

The only way to end this all
And to make my citadel fall Is to fire the beacon inside my lair
If the gods wish to heed your prayer
Umhir Deln Fshofth
Du saq mishallfen Ersan su
Stramanlisa du saq verhallfen Itor ka skirian
Thror qastura taras
Wur qanar wur stilor wur Kas

5. Og'Elend

Dwelling in the depths, lurking as unnoticed
As the shadow can’t lurk in the gloom of the underdark’s night
Ilythiiri, as we drow call ourselves
Rejoice life and deeds in the name of Queen Lloth

Whether skinning the human on the sacrificial altar
Or fighting another house to obtain the bounty of Spider Queen
Drow remembers the wisdom of millennia carved in blood of ancestors
Who survives is who wins

City is shrouded with invisible aura
Atmosphere of black vanity consumes the unsound
And the male drow is nothing but a servant
So dares not to think – ‘matrons know best’

Darkness is the way of the drow
Hate and scorn to all who does not belong to us
So death to the elves, pain to the humans
Disgrace to the dwarves…

Drow supreme!
‘Jal khaless zhah waela…’
‘Ilharessen zhaunil alurl…’
‘Vel’uss zhaun alur taga lil Quarval-sharess?’
‘L’elend zhah alurl…’
‘Lloth tlu malla!’
‘Ssussun pholor dos!’

Hearken, ye Loethe!
Do not hide thyself behind the backs of the priestess ready to die
By thy word I, Azamath Tormtor, shall not follow thy path
I am free – I own my way
Realise – I am different, I am not thine
And thy rules do not affect me, thy orders are in vain
Be aware of me and thou wilt not be amazed
When thy temples are desecrated and burnt

Invisible I sneak the caves, to Arach-Tinilith
I’m gradually getting closer and closer
And finally I’m here standing by the walls, unseen
Vel’Xundussa failed once again, the spies are perfect
But I am led by scorn and rage
The spirit of rebellion lives inside of me

‘Lil waela lueth waela ragar brorna lueth wund nind, kyorlin elghinn…’
‘Oloth zhah tuth abbil lueth ogglin…’
Good old sayings serve me now and turn against you

Hearken, ye Loethe!
I know I shall perish In battle against thy web that binds the minds of the drow
‘To walk apart from the House and Queen Is to walk into the grave’
My grave is the flame

Nothing can possess me
And no one I obey, I am heretic, Og’elend
And I am proud of my fate
So let it all be as it is
We shall see what will follow…
If something will…

6. Planeshift

Pale gray landscapes, the universe of ignorance
Light and dark attributes of blind duality
Choking here, searching for escape
From the poisonous vapour of all consuming dementia

Long to breathe, looking around, I see only hazy shades
Faint reflections of what could be a mind
Unable to realise all sarcasm of their pathetic futile existence
Feeble thoughts, feeble needs, non-existent will to learning
Only feeding and breeding and dying as their time comes
Just for it was destined

Lambs, colours dim, sun dying slowly
Daylight bidding last farewell
Taking a glance around
Just once I’m ready for the planeshift

Need no one, no priest, no opfer
The ritual’s only a genius play
All ceremony is a hermetic act
My consciousness unfolds leaving this world
Dimension so hollow
Leaving the realm of virtue and sin I deny
No chant, no prayer, I need

I search for the way inside myself
And memories rise before my eyes
What am I leaving behind?
What shall I pass by in my journey?

And observing the sombre past I find diamonds
How it is unbearable to leave but impossible to stay?
Doubts thrown away, thoughts clear, now nothing stops me
I banish last ghosts of past

Withered spirits of serenity and soon my rest shall be ruined
Veil of slumber shall fall apart
Aroused from my sleep I’ll rise and shall begin living
Flash of light, mental thunder strike

Mind shell cracks then shatters, turns reason unleashed
Dark unveils umbral, dismal depths shining stellar planes all mine
Now and forever more I’m unbound to wander free among the stars
To play with nebulas, to create worlds at my own will
To reign them or let them be and destroy them at my caprice
To roam through the crystal spheres of universal silent symphony

7. Gorthaur Aulendil

Aule the Forger has forged you in fire
That was the truth they created for you
Could you imagine Manve as liar?
But your true father you never knew

You achieved mastery in art of forgery
But your first creation was dagger of steel
Never made stillborn golden flowers like others did
You prefer iron – the metal that’s real

Feel yourself different, never felt home here
Always a stranger, you’re fire in snow
See – they’re afraid of you, you always scared them
Seeds of true vision in hearts and minds you will sow

You saw the stars as they saw only light of the trees
You dreamed as they only could pray
You can’t delight in their eternal serenity bliss
And they fear your fiery way

Feel yourself different, never felt home here
Always a stranger, you’re fire in snow
See – they’re afraid of you, you always scared them
And so they called you Sauron, the Morgoth’s spawn

‘Wise sad face I recall Melkor, your seed
I am Son of the one they don’t dare to name’

Live, burn in your flame and love
Love to the earth and the stars
But the first thing you’ve made was the dagger of steel…

8. Mountain God

Behold the vast dismal hall beneath the black mountain
And the great ebony throne in the middle of it
See the ancient god sitting upon this throne
And holding in his hand a golden chalice full of human suffering and fear
Once god of joy, he became god of pain by the will of young gods

The sword on the altar before the throne…
The sword of blue magical steel…
The great sword of power…
My disciple, it must be yours!

Tortured victims fill all the hall before the throne
Losing the rest of mind and soul with the parting groan
Eyes gushing blood, mouth torn with a scream
And no one hears

Before this face, blood-lustful and grim, life disappears
Winged creatures under the ceiling, down they stare
Harvest pain, fear and suffering bouncing there
Mixed with gore it makes the drink for the ancient god

Raising powers of Mountain King
Dreadful lord Hagen, disciple of darkness
Step forth and take what now is yours
The sword…

And I will help you with my force
I gather the power for flaming spell
Around myself turning the world
Gaining true fire from the heart of Muspell
Floods of the time I distort

Fire shines into their eyes, hear their cries
Dusk dies, uncovers disguise, see their demise
Trampling down mountain guards, you break to the throne
Crushing their swords, slashing apart with the strength grown

Fire shines, blind are their eyes, your powers rise
Dusk dies, uncovers disguise, now take your prize
Before the throne you grab the sword – finally yours
You pierce the chest of mountain, lord with no remorse

With their lord disincarnated, the servants of the mountain disappear
And the souls of the tortured finally obtain their long waited freedom
Rejoicing in their afterlife

Banished is the god – the body’s dead and spirit roams
But no return for blood that’s shed and for painful groans
Victims’ death turned into power that never dies
Now it’s waiting for its hour to arise

9. The Unquiet Grave

I am stretched on your grave, and you’ll find me there always
If I had bounty of your arms I should never leave you

Little apple, my beloved, it is time for me to lay with you
There Is the cold smell of clay on me, the tan of the Sun and the wind
There is a lock on my heart which is filled with love for you
And melancholy beneath it as black as the sloes

If anything happens to me, and death overthrows me
I shall become a fairy wind, gust down on the meadows before you

When my family thinks that I’m in my bed
It is on your grave I am stretched from night ’till morning
Telling my distress and lamenting bitterly
For my quiet lovely girl who was betrothed to me as a child

Do you remember the nights when you and I were under the blackthorn tree
And the night freezing?
A hundred praises to gods that we did nothing harmful
And your crown of maidenhood is a tree of light before you
The priests and the monks every day were angry with me
For being in love with you, young girl, when you are dead

I would be a shelter from the wind for you
And protection from the rain for you
And oh, keen sorrow to my heart that you are under the Earth!

10. Outro