Ephel Duath - Pain Necessary To Know

Artist: Ephel Duath
Release: Pain Necessary To Know

1. New Disorder

Disharmony has a brilliant face
A sinuous gait of unhappiness raises
Like this oblivion
It’s so sweet to come across my holes again

Let it be removed to become your dress
Disdain will be your new order

The final turning seems to corrupt my thoughts
I have to leave this safety
To admire all the blooming details

Could it be possible to endure this degrading siege?
Easy to realise when the poetry is in order to end
But towards which decay will lower my eyes now?

2. Vector Third Movement

Follies wedged deep
Twisting brush against the warp
This waltz agrees to armorial bearings stuck on my route

To glide from the light blue of desire’s room
Seems to be my favourite sing-song
Shall we talk about intermittent blindness
Can we roam without miss darkness?

I’ve turned back to worm out a secret
But useless bounds are the presents
Useless bounds are the presents
I’ve turned back to worm out a secret

3. Pleonasm

I’ve been swallowed by the plaything
Born through my brainful ashtray
It stinks, pure on this laughable side

The will to skin
This gaping flourish encumbers
Last, poor unforeseeable shape

Now it’s hard to end this incoherent, twisted dialogue
A conspirator

I can’t image another mask to surround this pigsty
Are there ways to limit my disappearing?

Tomorrow’s decline will necessarily fit together
Completeness through isolation
My plans were different
This is the answer to implore a patient essence

4. Few Stars No Refrain And A Cigarette


5. Crystalline Whirl

Impossible to save the balance with this bigot
Still profiles bond with seaweed rope to the wreck that will be

My dive will end this circus parade

The sweet proceeds through undistinguishable lanes
Caresses with a poisoned claw

Warlike drowsiness is the enemy
I was fighting it with my rusty blade
Now I’m defended only by a crystalline armor
There are a lot of blinding reflections around my body
Do you think it will be enough?
Do you think it will be enough?

6. I Killed Rebecca

Two hands remain
Two eyes I’ve embraced

When confusion seems to have your face
It could be more simple to disfigure
And I’m sure
I’m sure that it will be the greatest pleasure

This wall has no longer the same traits
Images take a shape when you turn them over

Our refused smiles levitate in the air
Like this chair with no legs
Acid clouds become our secret prompters

We’ll enter this room
Where noise walks solemnly
Words have precious trailings
And glances are a blinding tune

Two hands remain
Two eyes I’ve embraced

7. Vector

Analysis seems to be the better answer
But how can I control this incestuous, grey forest?
Thousands of wooden guardians protect transmissions

My frantic excavation is not the key to wake up
Now it’s time for another mask
A face, my furrowed stare

I’ll try to see only the surface of the water but
The jokes continue and the purple hate gives a clear signal

Vector rises
And it brings lucid reasons to follow a balanced trail
The return journey doesn’t frighten me
It doesn’t frighten anymore

The serpent will not eat its tail again

Goodbye my forest
Now I’ve found my hatchet

8. Vector Second Movement


9. Imploding

It’s not time to arrange
‘Cause I want to taste this infection again

Wish of tranquillity stinks like an absurd lie
I long to enumerate
How many ariose conclusions I will dodge

My beating nerves are devouring entrails and this poor will to repress

I can’t perceive my dismal singing
And I admit
It’s not simple to renounce to this deafening torture

Mr. Annoyance is caressing an implosion
And I’m searching for the right communion to rid this purple light

Resume to see

Close the book