Iron Monkey - Our Problem

Artist: Iron Monkey
Release: Our Problem

1. Bad Year

Murder fraud
Corpse’s gettin’ fuckin’ colder

Murder fraud
Legacy of stench
Freedom is against the law
Motherfuckin’ on my tongue
Scum fuck out pour of obscurity

Murder fraud
Flesh market our retch

Murder fraud
Death flow blood stain

Self mutilation through fire
Quiet traumas
Mass devotion
To highest symbol
Annulated at request of recluse
Alternation vile delusional
Burnt found in fuckin’ comatose position

2. Supagorgonizer

Enforcement fuckin’ agencies
As seen in the poll defections
Stared at by attempt seduction
Deep black scars
An overall plan of my disease
Strangled for a bit remark made

Every cunt has an attempt
To suck in everything they touch
Infinite degenerations
All of a sudden
Certain equals crime boss
Permissible to disconnect beast
Aware of law
Cunny lead by fear idiocies

3. Boss Keloid

Down on the fuckin’ nod
Sex tent of brute
Imagine of death fatalities
100 times bone refried hostilities
Spite of the back
Cremated and unstitched
Fuckin’ stash case
Sneak the drag from
The piss on a crow rope
Slayer of a burned man
Where the fools lay
Dead man rides a silver of life
Mockery of the anonymous
Caused a fuckin’ bleuh
A drunk applauds the ringside


It’s a fuckin’ idiot’s job
A little death
A defecated nose resonated over tonnes

Political starvation pent up
Grey 12 wards of evil

Murder all them fuckin’ craft
Removal of offensive eye
Hand commits self string mutilator
A pig told me sought

Conquer strange threats
Degrading loss of control
Tolerant and persistent
Dull pain, no remorse
For physical abuse
Element of discord
Born out of shit
Domain ant made
And all get fucked up

Lung scorched with rubbing alcohol
Paraphilia 20 odd expired test for fluid
Prove negative sex asphyxiation
Dangerous technique of fucking
Influx priest air destroy
And play a god cunt
Politic ash, individual rights
Fuckin’ all, I wrap chain round throat

5. House Anxiety

2 broke corpses kickin’ ass
Shit juice smokes through holes in the sky
Heads turned off permanently
‘Cause we know whats we gots to do

Mockery from a lifelong weakling
Grey 40 booze fuck face
Iron claw wound puncture
Degrees of severity

Fuck the fuckin’ piss from my mouth
It’s no secret that it’s me
In the vicinity of the atrocity
Break it on down

Silent minorities
Made worse by horrible fatalness
It’s only right
Purely subjective talk taken down by rich smokey crack

6. 2 Golden Rules

Thriving on a pitcher
Scores of episodic crime
Child head trauma pipe type
Substance abuse
Barbiturate bust hustle
504 or 9 shots behind

Smashed darkened lines
Burnt plastic flush
Chemical trophies down again
Erupt in disparity
Wooden box
2 box murk secret aura
Steam repelling thunder
Man brain fuel

Melancholia cold substitute
Hands form sordid lesions
Escape the fuckin’ drudge
Via nerve control abuse
Anti-reason pale dragon
Time derailed and hollow

Shock left on the end
Rot in the last space
Shit and fire builds
Citadel hospitalised
Nations conspire at gigantic drunk graves

7. 9 Joint Spiritual Whip

We apologise that the lyrics for this track are currently unavailable…

8. Omi Bozu (Wisdom Of Choking)

We apologise that the lyrics for this track are currently unavailable…