Garden Of Shadows - Oracle Moon

Artist: Garden Of Shadows
Release: Oracle Moon

1. Oracle Moon

An eye glances skyward
The gaze one with the heavens
Entrapped by the cold celestial eye
And their distance is transcended
What events have you witnessed?
What epic movements have been conducted before your unyielding stare?
Gaia has eternally enchanted me
With her vibrant enigmas
I tug at her liquid heart
But resolutely mute she remains

Oracle Moon
Allow me to bathe in your porous honesty
And absorb millennia
The barren power
Humoured by the supplication
Grants the wish
The enthrallment for the communion granted
The idle satellite takes the stage
And commences its vesperian soliloquy
As it enraptures its prey

I have been witness
The sole audience for the round theater
Wrapped in white gauze and bathed in blue
Within each rock on this tired body
Is embedded a concept
In each pebble, a thought
The ages of wisdom have poured into each crevice
As the language of the cosmos expresses itself through me
Gaia has eternally enchanted me
With her vibrant enigmas, I tug at her liquid heart
But resolutely mute she remains

Oracle Moon,
Allow me to dive within your worn divisions
And gather sempiternity
Deny yourself the temptation
To decipher the common tongue
My invitation would only baffle
For my coarse veracity lies beyond your grasp

2. Citadel Of Dreams

When the cerulean sky
Is painted over with crimson
And the sun descends into the horizon
When the moon sings oneiric serenades
And we are coaxed into lethargy
Its seductive power enchants us
And opens the gates
To the Citadel of Dreams

The bastion of illusion
Engraved with the elaborate
Archetypes of wisdom
Primordial designs embedded within
That inspire mythos
Bathed amongst pillars of light
Its ivory towers shine like bright stars

Submerged in subconscious
Within sapphire halls of deep blue
We drift and float as we slumber
Carried by the tides of languor
One by one we extend our minds
To receive precious fantasies
Infused by the lyre of the muse
With the enchantment of obscurity

Like delicate snowflakes
Melting upon flesh
These fragile memories
Are dissolved by consciousness
And yet traces remain
The imprints of another world
Reached only through the psyche
The Citadel of Dreams

3. Into Infinity


4. Dissolution Of The Forms

The venerable one’s doctrine was crowned upon us
Humanity’s noontide gain
But the king was a phantasm
The crown, but a porous withered wreath
Upon a tattered grimace
Our myopic gaze of a diaphanous tenet
Occluded all thought of solidity

Encircled by the frail cannon
Beset by the strength of support
The confines of validity
Are entrenched in rough soil
Traces of the forms dance on the wall
Unrelenting iron, sleek cold steel
Clings to our wrists
As a vulnerable child to the stoic guardian

The dead weight of this permeable helmet
Anchors us to the motionless rocks of chaos
Reflections of fidelity, distillations of veracity
Spectres of substantiality cavort upon the wall
Must this burden be bourne unto our backs
As the world on Atlas’ shoulders?

If we were to lose our grip on the globe
Could we laugh
As we witnessed it crash into the stars?
The explosion will shower us
In the elements of experience
Encumber us with the weight of reality
Yet free us by serving as the lustrous key
To our rusted manacles
Traces of the forms dance on the wall
In time with flames that provide false warmth

5. Continuum

The astral bodies
Assembled as one
At the call of irrevocable fate
The celestial gathering
Once more sent forth
In a brilliant volley of flame
Forging new paths
Along the worn landscape of eternity
Millions of years are but seconds
In the continuum of forever
Fallen leaves crumble into dust
Fade into the mausoleum
Of memories forgotten

We have grasped at the cosmic puzzle laid before us
Impatient newborns surrounded by dignified giants
The scope of our tears would transform valleys into oceans
A feeble attempt to clutch the fragment
That lies forever beyond
Each event shares with its sisters
As all seasons overlap
Spatial boundaries superimposed in the unfathomable and infinite
Expanse of time

Eons of stone dissolve as we wither
Leaving no trace of existence
Cracks on the faded canvas of history
That languishes alone
A divine ceremony commencing all
Walks upon the frayed path of destruction
And the annihilation watches enviously
Awaiting its turn once more
The weight of centuries
Impedes our steps

Towards the precipice of eternity
As we succumb to unchanging forces of attraction
Our attempts to manipulate the tempest prove unsound
Yet we trudge onward
Rolling our ponderous cargo before us
Until time and space caress each other once more
A new chapter forever unfolds
Before the vacant theater of the stars
Luminous vapour, shining haze
Invisible yet ever-present
Slowly slips into the past
Along the continuum of forever

6. Desert Shadows

Within two worlds
Wind carries the sand
Of a desert of emotions
Unto tear stained cheeks
Skin seared by the power
Of oblivious stars
He cries shedding tears though none are left
They cry golden tears diamonds glistening

Solace found underneath a palm
Brushing the burning void away
The jewels of their emotions
Are left abandoned in the sand
As they face one another
In a dimensional confrontation
Twin images etched in glass
And the backdrop of the cosmos
The stars disregard his pain laid flat
Against the pane
He cries shedding tears though none are left
They cry golden tears vagabonds in the sand

The scream echoes silent
Within a world forever deaf
He sees within the other
Reality’s reflection surreal
And as the bright stars arch
The power of the palm grows
Extinguishing his silent partner
And his phantom world
In contrary motion
He raises his frame
As the other falls

Shattering upon the barren earth’s kiss
Like a thousand sapphires
Reflecting the light of the stars
Flung against the night’s canopy
And his end becomes clear
In rippling pools of a desert oasis
Transcend the line drawn in the sand
By the remnants of his twin
Orphan the sanctity of the palm
And eschew the safety of its shadow

7. Twilight Odyssey

We travelled towards land unknown
Upon the winding path of fate
Uncertainty, our companion
Understanding, our destination
We looked above to the heavens
While fire blazed across the sky
And seared it a brilliant crimson
That quickly faded to grey
Enchanted mist rained down upon us
Clouding the path with haze

Vertigo sensation rising within
As we hopelessly cling to vespers
And begin to slip away
Into a vortex of undefined shapes
Trying to grasp
Some shred of reality
A futile endeavor
In this dreamlike world
Infinity’s child surrounds
Where the golden chimeras fly

As a phantasmagoria unfolds before our eyes
As we yield to our invigorated senses
The existence we once knew falls away
And we spread our wings for the first time
With unparalleled abandon
We drink in the rich beauty
That lies in the forgotten wisdom
Of this unearthly realm
It flows into us
As we bathe in the twilight glow
And the secrets of the universe
Are bestowed upon us
In a celestial coronation
As we rotate as one
In harmony with the spheres