Decapitated - Nihility

Artist: Decapitated
Release: Nihility

1. Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer)

And look at your face
Centre of existence leans toward the end
One visage of earth
Cold flame under the mask
Cracked face of dying spaces

Millions of lonely splinters disappear
Uniting flame start fading
Universe enters the new cycle
Outlines of uncountable entity growing grew
Morbidly dependent sons of error

Great dance comes to an end
Spheres of existence reaching the center
Forms of existence wash away
Resemblance becomes a curse
Ultimate justice in nothingness
Last error is no more

2. Eternity Too Short

World of shadows too blind to cry
Worms crowded together to weak and want
Running from reflection to reflection
We measure the world with measure of our blindness

Can you see while looking at the shadows?
Can you touch the shapeless illusion?
Can you hear the echo of words never told?
Can you taste your own transitory notions?

One color of earth shimmering with different shades
Shapeless shadows independent of the light
Kneeling in the ruins of sacred towns
Crying on ashes of refuted truth
We shall remain and dream again
And moment of awakening is too short to recognise

3. Mother War

Satisfaction is the seed of hunger
Beginning of the circle is its end
There’s no centre-emptiness in between
And perfection is not always in the midst

Living for a moment?
Being a spark
And there’s no light but flame
Middle state leading to boundlessness

War is the order of this world
Harmony of the earth is always and never
Everlasting order is illusion and deceit

War is mother, fight is harmony
We’re burned to burn
Word is nothing without silence
What is your god without infinity of zero

Father destroy to create
Father burn to be forever
Father fade to burn again
Father don’t be but change

4. Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)

You are the ones that will free us from colours
That will free us from words
Squeezed in the rock of existence
We never experienced anything else

Mind, moment, spark
There’s nothing
The weight of this world breaks my spine
So maybe emptiness completes existence?
Does something that never was exist?

Destroy, change
You are unable
Hatred, fear, frustration, laughter
Is it possible to be in the temple of nothingness?

World is you, you’re the eternal everything
Never, always, one, nothing
You think that destruction is the way
Let your own pain be the answer

For nothingness, for non-existence in emptiness
Being for not being, religion of black hole
Did we find already?
Can something that never was give us an answer?

What you truly hate is a part of you
World without move, we flow in substance
Devoured by perfect entirety
Homogenous millions of perfect shape

5. Names

To stars and suns we carry
To superhumans names in stone
Into the depths of seas of grand desires
To the thought pure, into nothingness
Limitless solitude without numbers and names
Where names a curse no longer are

The ideal one
The true number of man
The sick stench of crowded dogs
With their eyes closed
That are looking into others for gods

Rotting millions keeping guard
Of their own truths which you cannot see
A many-headed worm of names uncounted
Is eating its tail in wretched self-hatred

Blinded millions on the road to death
The hunger of self-destruction always defeats
Raise your gaze, you can’t
You won’t, it’s easier to follow the herd

You suck on an empty bag of words
You fulfill yourself in a cage
Of your own blindness
Carry me, my wings of hatred
Above the fear of knowing all other
I want to see my very own death

6. Spheres Of Madness

On bigger than everything
In the crown of your own self you preach darkness
Yet would you be able to obey the lack of light?
Darkness, light, word, existence
Could it be false?

Salvation is nothing
Nothing is salvation
The great fractal of existence sinks into itself
Nature calls for destroyer, desires
It’s the highest time for zero to come

Collapsing reality craves for the end
Everything rots in itself
Maybe it’s time to stop worshipping the own image
So non-existence is the only sense?

I rise in spheres of madness
In darkness of unknown I perish
To see, to remain in all time
Eternity in second, not!

7. Babylon's Pride

Senses, flower of existence
Bow to Babylon
Pain, father of creation
Bow to Babylon

Look, you’re the creator of your own creator
Your beginning overthrows your myth
Parody of perfection feeding on mere mortal
Perfect being can only exist in itself
Let him die at last

I will never worship reflection of imperfection
I carry my own cross to be
Flesh, blood, mind
See the flower of Babylon

Stigma of earth will never disappear
Aiming to zero is the testimony of existence
I’m here to be, to watch and to fade
All world focused on one single entity
I kiss my reflection in the universe
Alone in dying Babylon, proud

8. Symmetry Of Zero

Thickening mass of reality
Curve the existence, descends to zero
Crowd losing its colors
Tightening nature points at the middle

Weighing of central point
The other side of existence arrives
Reflection of what is known devours imperfection
Existence is defective by nature

Highest independence
Sacred zero
Final order
Sacred zero
Lack of imperfection
Sacred zero

9. Suffer The Children (Bonus Track)

[Napalm Death cover]

Your unflappable conceptions
Moralistic views
Never open to criticism
Your overpowering ruse

Promises of sanctuary
In eternal bliss
With starry eyes and cash in hand
Pledge all to the master plan

Just face the truth or fund the farce

At one with your god
Your sole intent
Your treasured place assured
For a substantial rent

Global lunacy
Death threats for supposed blasphemy
No room for free thought
All non-believers pushed to the floor

Aggressive tyrants
Supposed saints for the cause
Judgement through force
Faith a fuel for pointless wars

When all is done
Who shall benefit? Who is the one?
Not those who pass on
But those dictators divine waving their deceitful wands