Carcass - Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious

Artist: Carcass
Release: Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious

1. Inpropagation

”A body is committed to a public mortuary. Any victim of sudden or
unexpected death will be brought here for a post-mortem by a pathologist;
their job is to establish the cause of death. But sometimes a body is
unrecognisable. Then it is vital, especially if murder is suspected, to
establish identity…”

Insipid fumes bellow from the atrabilious chimney
Whilst in the sanctified crevet I calmly pillage and rake
For hot dry powdered human slag
Still steaming in the crematorium’s grate

Bio-organic ebullition, bones tar, tallow dehydrates
For my deleterious horticulture so that I may cultivate

Your mortal mechanism dies in nutrients rich
In the hallowed turf you lie just for the taking

Charred sinew’s as good as lime, no phosphates do I need
Deteriorated flesh used as top-soil, to replenish and nourish seed
Spreading this human potash, as ash matured
Recycling my rich harvest, bring out your dead for use as manure

Irrigating tears are shed, but the ground still must be fed

Tipping and dusting up the spilt contents of urns
Every morsel that glows like ember on the fire
Extinguishing all hope of beatrific dispatch
These charred chassis desired

Exequiet rites now performed, a coronach sooting up the flu
Enter my execrable inferno, even in the after-life there’s work to do

The nitrogen content’s high but the flesh is weak
At the graveside mourners cry you’re never to wake again

Burnt brisket renews the ground, to germinate my seed
Cremated bodies are my spoil, to use them as plant-feed
Ploughing this abhorrent human manure
Seeding my rich harvest, bring out your dead for the soils to devour

Dry the dead are bled, because the ground must be fed
And there’s still no rest for the dead

I propagate, dust in the grate
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Diluted in water and sprayed on crops
Charcoal, fats, flesh and soot fertilising pasture with active fertile rot

Incumbent, latent calories are spent

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust renewing the land with corpses corrupt
Mortuary scrapings, hearses a must
To the hot hearth the deceased are trussed

Harvesting the defouled, to fertilize my soil
Rejuvenating the spent with my fecundate spoils

Reaping the gone, to nourish the land
Replenishing exhausted pasture with my uncanny sleight of hand
Restoring the unnatural balance, sowing my seed
Defalcating the departed, I rapt and glean

So I recite my contrite lament, lacrimation for the dead
Their rest which I disturb
Where should stand row upon row of cold grey remembrance stones
My cash crops now grow

2. Corporal Jigsore Quandary

”Identifying the bodies which are decomposed, dismembered, skeletonised pose very serious problems. We’ve had many cases in this department where a body has been found in pieces, or decomposed, and we’ve been able to put things together. Yes, the head, the upper part of the body, in a very badly decomposed state…”

Excised and anatomised, deviscerated disarray
The torso diverged with pride
Deftly amputated, evulsed limbs now defunct
The trunk imbrued, tatty stumps used as lugs
For a chondrin puzzle so quaint
Head and body decollate
A heaving mass so quiescent

Scattered and scrambled, your teasement grows
A bloody caricature to make whole
A squirming grisly jigsaw, detrital fragments fit so snug
That missing piece will leave you stumped
Totally desassembled, nicely sliced and diced
A cold mannequin once resembled
Real cranium teaser, carved from flesh and bone
So mystifying

Battered and diffused, with placating blows
A human jigsaw to make whole
A sequacious pattern which once fitted so snug
Joining together each dubious lump
Ravaged disassembly, neatly cubed and diced
A cold mannequin reassembled
Astute brain teaser, incorporate flesh and bone
So mortifying

An incessant game methodically made
With each cumulative piecing of commensated meat

Bi-manual reconstruction, eldritch problem complete
A convented effigy
A pathological toy, each chunk rigorously
Inter mortis locking, as you pathogenically rot
Such a perplexing task
To fit the remains in the casket
Uliginous mess so quiescent

An incessant game methodically made
With each cumulative piece of commensated meat

3. Symposium Of Sickness

”That’s why I find it so amusing that the latter-day saints of our business… one, attribute to me motives that just weren’t there, and two, accuse me of corrupting morality, which I wish I had the power to do. Prepare to die.”

An encloaking, dark epoch
In which all life is now appraised
Another valueless commodity
On which the paracious may feebly graze
Indebted homage to their mammon
Whilst the mort is the music of the meek
Transcendence from a beatifully brutal reality
Is what I seek

Noxious, sully dolour
Is not the sentiment upon which we feed
But precocious consciousness
Draws out a morbid nous to bleed
Chiselling out seething words
Which cut deep down to the bone
Always legible
So be it on our own headstone

Rising to out own nadir
Reality we try to extirpate
Trying to raise a twisted smile
Similar to that silver plate
On a coffin which is joined
Hammering in each final nail
Last kill and testament
Left now intestate

Noxious, sully dolour
Is not the thesis which is bled
A precarious train of thought
In which mental cattle-trucks are led
Carving out skilful words
Which shear brittle bones
Always spelt out well
We just can’t leave the dead alone

Monographic text
A terminal doctrine of diseased minds perplexed
Enunciated epigrams
Eschatological, rotten requiems

Always our own worst cynics
Exorcisers of scorching scorn
Digging our own graves
But never stand over and mourn
The roulade now pandemonium
Displaced in the muggy sods
Espoused with the macabre
The dead we filch and rob

Munificant bale
From the deviants staid

Taunting spiritual release
Upon the perishable we feast
Picking at the bones of convention
Foul verbal conflagration

Epigraphic text, a literary vex
The macabre perplexed, with corporeality meshed

Euthenic text
An unpleasant journey, to a world perplexed
Corporeal epigraphs
Eschatological unpleasantness

Always forever cryptic
Exercisers of twisted grief
Helping you to dig up the interred
Whilst fresh still are the wreaths
The harmony now pandemonium
Heard out in the muddy dirt
Espoused with the bizzare
We play on our own turf

Epithetic text
A macabre rality perplexed

Literary tales of atrocities fairy
Harsh, cold bloody marys
A narcissistic eutechnique
Perverse artworks, so unique

Monographic text, a literary vex
The macabre perplexed, with reality meshed

4. Pedigree Butchery

”Oh my God! What are these? You can hear people puking… They’re dog meat!”

In caustic butchery I parent my dominion
In the food chain I create the missing link
Cold temerity confects this splintered for age
Infantile corruption taken to the brink

Making hash of the spumous crubescent
All natural compassion removed
The newly fully developed boiled as sprouted fodder
Martilinear murder
Cordon bleu

As salubrious pet food
Human midden is consumed

Not one to mince my words
But now I love to see those siblings churned
In tins they are reared

Ghastly I slake
Bestial appetites to sate
As flesh and steel I mate
To fill the lower species’ plate

Desparental, primparal goods oozing
The bawling, squabbling denied the suckling teat
Sentient bloodletting sprains the sporulate
Makes a choice chimerical treat

Rheological, twisted nursery chymes
The fluxing of the defleshed
Paedophilosophical, carnage knowledge
As the illegitimeat to the domesticated is fed

So as you breed
They will bleed

Contumely calorie count
Ebullient death toll mounts
Higher and higher

Despumation the midden, the desipient I segment
Pertaining vitality, their dispatch I cement
Served out for minion in their feeding trough

5. Incarnated Solvent Abuse

”If visible identification is not possible, the pathologist may be able to take fingerprints from the body until decay sets in… Things become more complicated.”

Intenacious, intersecting
Reaving fats from corporal griskin
Culled…for sodden gelatine brayed
Skeletal groats triturated, desinently
Exsiccated, sere glutenate brewed
For frivolous solvent abuse

Derogate coarse remains
For glue to dry
Despoiled marrow razed

A truculent shambles so severe

Extravated bone as adhesive incarnate
A pellucid quietus nocuosly I create

Corporal glue, breathe in the fumes
Mucilage vapours, toxic fumes to savour

Comminuted remains
As gum to dry
A lissom gel so glazed

A truculent shambolic affair

The exsanguine esprit shorted as snuff
Rheumic oils forever bonded together as gum

Human glue, choke on the fumes
Noxious vapours, slaughterous labour

6. Carneous Cacoffiny

‘Human remains in a beaker and tray and coffee pot. Bones which were being partly macerated, dissolved, in a margarine container which had engine coolant in it. It smelled very awful.”

Striking up my discordant underture
A carnal cacophony perversely penned
Transposed and decomposed
On strings fashioned from human twine
Lovingly wound and fretted upon my bow
Garishly incarcerated, the dead resonate
In a final death-throe

Vibrant as I thresh
Movements scripted for the dead

Orchestral horrors I vehemently conduct
My corpus concertos cordial
Disinterred and detuned
With six feet below
In harmony with the deceased
My inspiration, your disintegration
For my latest masterpiece

My scope creeps your flesh
Notes seep from sinewy frets

But don’t hold your breath
As you wait for your god or the void
Or the abyss of nothingness
Your usefulness isn’t through
Your productivity I resume

My sorbid, soiled handicrafts
Will be your afterlife’s handicap

My corrupt crescendos
Will leave you out on a limbo
Your disposition I unleash
You will rest in my piece

With deadly dynamics
You’re dead, buried and barred
Your remains dampened and fingered
Your mortal coil is barbed
The death-bells are peeling
Ringing out as you flake
Shrieking out their recitals
A celebration of your wake

Enter my funereality
My world two metres under
A curious habitat
Your muddy trench I plunder
Pass on to ethereality
Churned out under the sextant’s blade
You live your life in wretchedness
And death is no escape

7. Lavaging Expectorate Of Lysergide Composition

Officinal, immiscible compounds are mixed
A gagging expectorate, of lysergic acids
Premensely emerced, consciousness slowly sips
Peculated, inebriating narcocis


Neurally numbed, a narcosis so translucid
So pernicious, halluciagenics
Procreating, ocular contorting
Your idiosyncrassy, is now expropriated


8. Forensic Clinicism - The Sanguine Article

Salutiferous exaltation, through fusty spatterings I sift
Cauterizing proud flesh, pyogenic cortex I just yearn to rip
With impalpable, cathartic tools, dilapidated lusts I gratify
Cold premediated surgery, in my calculated surgery I hold your fragile life


Artificially concussed, excavating to your gastric core
Patulous, deep wounds, cascading and crimson as I explore
Master at my bloody art, I like to carve sculpture and maim
Mounted on the freezer’s geurney, you’re exhibited until you enter into decay


Welcome to my theatre, the stage upon which I act
Turning into a sumptuous perfomance, heiniously I hew and gash
Churning out a deep gulch, the incision a major nick
A quick toke of nitrous oxide is how I get my kicks

Expurgating healthy tissue, opulent flesh I slit
Costate cuts expunged as the patient I now fillet
Malpractising and mussing, carnage hyperventilates
Self placebonic, the only is operate

The recumbent are my prey under my genital blade,
Your precordium I brutally plunder whilst you’re put under

You’re totally parched
Removing body parts
Wholly abraded
Surgically maimed
Medically slain

Contaminating, infacting, how I love to cough and sneeze
On the carneous culture, to cause bacteria to breed
Anaesthetised, paralysed, a clinical stupor is induced
With callous dexterity your bodily mass is reduced

I extract the gullet to end up in my bucket
A quick flick of my wrist and I’ll be struck off the list

Straight from the heart
With my lancet so sharp
My surgery maims
By the clinically deranged

Gross misconduct, I make the choicest cuts
Text book stabs, written on your tag

Wheeled away after a medical mishap
In a polythene bag your body is now wrapped
The acute wound now sealed up
The picture of ill-health, you’re a bit cut up