Godflesh - Merciless

Artist: Godflesh
Release: Merciless

1. Merciless

Show no mercy
Kicked me to the ground
Felt no pain
You’re deaf to every sound

2. Blind

My eyes feel blind, can’t feel no more
My eyes feel blind, hopeless dead mind

My fear is my strength

Safe in my fear, can’t feel no more
I stand alone, weakness my strength

3. Unworthy

Where you go, I see gold
I am not worthy, who am I

4. Flowers


5. Crush My Soul

Swallow me whole
Make me learn
Don’t need me
Crush my soul, make me feel

How can I see hope
When I never see my light
I’m empty inside

6. Xynobis

I see so much
Burns my eyes
Lift your arms up
Touch the sky

I feel so much
Feel like no one
Lift your arms up
Touch the sky