Filthy Christians - Mean

Artist: Filthy Christians
Release: Mean

1. Introitus


2. Go Your Own Way

Are you strong or are you weak?
Can you take the pressure
Or do you just follow other people
Because you’re afraid to be kept outside?

Just try to open your eyes
And try to see reality
People are different, can’t you see?
Why don’t you just fuck off

What are you afraid of?
Be yourself and be proud
Don’t follow others’ stupid trends
You’re just a fucking fraud

3. The Scene

You are at every fucking gig
But I don’t know if you can think

You think you’re hardcore
But you’re a fucking bore

You don’t care about the bands
Or what they want to say
You don’t care about anything
As long as you get drunk

It’s people like you
That we don’t want in the scene
But you only make it worse

4. Drunk Driver

It doesn’t seem to bother you
That what you’re going to do
Can cost other people lives
You’re too drunk, you can’t drive

If you wanna die
Why not suicide
Do what you want
With your own life
But other lives are not yours to end

Should people run in fear
Just because of too much beer?
If you can’t even walk, how can you drive?
And what will you do if someone dies?

Drunk last night, don’t remember a shit
A man in the gutter covered with blood
Maybe it was you, maybe someone else
The day after it’s too late for regrets

5. Zombie Holocaust

We apologise that the lyrics for this track are currently unavailable…

6. Extremely Bad Breath

What happened to you?
All these things you do
You used to be my friend
But friendship is about to end

People change, that is true
But not as much as you
Your new ideas, I don’t get it
Extremely bad breath!

You simply talk too much
For your own good
I’d try to make you understand
If I only could

It’s so easy to hate you
For what you did to me
One of my best friends
Wasn’t what he seemed to be

7. Who Cares

Your macho attitude really makes me fuckin’ sick
All you care about is some flesh for your dick!

Who cares if someone is hurt?

8. Party And Fight For Your Right

Well I’m really sorry guys
But it just makes no sense
No revolution in sight for many years
If you solve problems with beers

Let’s drink and be merry guys
The revolution is finally here
But before I pass out completely
Please bring me another beer

9. The Disease

She lies there covered with blood
In the gutter
The people around stand in a circle
No one dares to touch her

It’s bleeding a lot now
The girl’s in agony
The people stare
She needs help
Or she will die
But no one seems to care

The girl’s dead now
She lost too much blood
A sad way to die
How can it be
People stand and just watch the end of a life?

Was it because of all the blood
She didn’t get any aid?
No, the people fear
Fear a disease
A disease called AIDS

10. Burn (Let Those Bastards)

You will pay for your crime
For what you did to mankind
You’re really invited to a barbecue
You old Nazi slime

Let those bastards burn
Never to return
Let those bastards burn
Now you will learn

We’ve tracked you down now
There’s nowhere you can turn
We’ve got lots of petrol
And we will let you burn!

You will pay for your crime
For what you did to mankind
We’ve got lots of petrol
And we will let you burn!

11. Your Goals

Are you really satisfied
Of what you’ve accomplished in life
The goals you set up for yourself
Did you put them all on the shelf?

Lying on your deathbed
Waitin’ for your last breath
Will you be satisfied?

The goals you strived for
Isn’t there anymore
You’ve left all your hopes
On the factory floor

12. Herring Attack

When you’re out swimming
You better watch out
Because in the dark water
The big herrings are swimming

Herring attack
They’re after you
The herrings are back
They bite you in two

You look into the blood red sea
You can’t belive the things you see
Limbs floating in the red water
There’s no escape from the herrings

The slayers are coming
You better swim on
The devastation is complete
They chopped your feet

You’re now swimming in panic
But the herrings just come closer
You can feel their sharp teeth
Your body is now a mutilated corpse

13. Just Another Metal Band

So you started off as a hardcore band
Now you do expensive tours across the land
You started to write stupid lyrics
And now you’re just another metal band

Just another metal band
Your attitudes are so fucking bad

So your music shreds
But your attitude stinks
Just how low can a hardcore band stink?

You go on with your Satan and bullshit
You guys are so cool, you’re really it
But when your metal fans says goodbye
Don’t turn HC, ’cause I’ll fucking die

14. If You're Hardcore... I'm Not!

I’m a money making imbecile of my own free will
I’ll give you shitty music and you pay the bill

You had a song called Capitalists Suck
Do you still play that live?
You should learn from your words
Maybe we’ll let you survive

15. Old But Not So Wise

You tell me I’m out of line
Get a real job and you’ll do fine!
Vote for someone else to speak for you
Just do the things you’re supposed to do

Are you telling me I’m out of line?
You are old but not so wise

In most aspects you’re wiser than me
But I simply need to be free
But your society leaves me no choice
If you’re too different, you’ll end in jail
And no one is going to pay your bail

16. Dom Ljuger

I hate all politicians
They never tell the truth
Promise this, promise that
And what happens, not a shit!

They lie
They lie
They lie
Those cunts tell lies!

17. A Case For Teddy


18. Lev Som Du Lar

We apologise that the lyrics for this track are currently unavailable…