Napalm Death - Mass Appeal Madness

Artist: Napalm Death
Release: Mass Appeal Madness

1. Mass Appeal Madness

Tell me, assure me, I really can’t believe your dishonesty
Dissention, seeking attention
Yet segregation from the ones that really cared

Tell me, assure me, I really can’t believe your dishonesty
Cash styled deadhead, no conscience or opinions
Material gain bar happiness means shit

It means shit

Mass appeal madness eats your brain
False influence like a leech
Sucking dry your veins

Public eyes see fit your second face
Freak show, fooling those who imitate

Clever marketing to dominate
Screwing those who gave you your big break

And when the bubble bursts, exposing your selfish crap
You’ll cry for sympathy, we’ll just sit back and laugh

2. Pride Assassin

Brought forth into an acceptance
Expected mass production
All cloned to obey without fail

To question means breaking the mould
To turn your back, that courage you lack
Or live in pretence

In youth, confused
Prime for manipulation
An open sore cursed with their social infections

Absorb to be seen as a failure
Not fit to breathe the air we take in

Pride assassin

True feelings call for deviation
But could you face mass condemnation?

Pride assassin

Backed into a corner
Why should you adhere to their illusions?
And their orders?

Willing to dictate yet for themselves exemption
Evaluate your brain, form your own opinions
To be an individual, compassionate and free

3. Unchallenged Hate

A chronic complaint of dimness
Prevails your profound ideology
A romantic vision of a ‘master race’
Attained through coercive forms of authority

Your observance is negligence
If you see the threat from different cultures
We’re all in this sinking ship
All of us together

Where does the white man stand?
Where does the black man stand?
Where do we all fucking stand?

Knee deep in shit!

Look into yourself and you’ll find the real oppressor
To a life of unchallenged hate
It’s you who’s the….!

4. Social Sterility

Time for my omittance
From a sterile existence
Where the weekend pays homage
To stereotypical perpetuation

Must inebriate my senses
Into a state of delirium
Before I turn to the meat-rack
For my pineal selection

Apathy spreads
In unison with social disease
A scourge that infests
The cattle markets of youth

Unconscious, just promiscuous
Deprived of self-respect
In the selling of their bodies
All emotions dead!

Thoughts absorbed
Lost in sense of direction
It’s time to sit down
And reassess my course of action