Napalm Death - Death By Manipulation

Artist: Napalm Death
Release: Death By Manipulation

1. Mass Appeal Madness

Tell me, assure me, I really can’t believe your dishonesty
Dissention, seeking attention
Yet segregation from the ones that really cared

Tell me, assure me, I really can’t believe your dishonesty
Cash styled deadhead, no conscience or opinions
Material gain bar happiness means shit

It means shit

Mass appeal madness eats your brain
False influence like a leech
Sucking dry your veins

Public eyes see fit your second face
Freak show, fooling those who imitate

Clever marketing to dominate
Screwing those who gave you your big break

And when the bubble bursts, exposing your selfish crap
You’ll cry for sympathy, we’ll just sit back and laugh

2. Pride Assassin

Brought forth into an acceptance
Expected mass production
All cloned to obey without fail

To question means breaking the mould
To turn your back, that courage you lack
Or live in pretence

In youth, confused
Prime for manipulation
An open sore cursed with their social infections

Absorb to be seen as a failure
Not fit to breathe the air we take in

Pride assassin

True feelings call for deviation
But could you face mass condemnation?

Pride assassin

Backed into a corner
Why should you adhere to their illusions?
And their orders?

Willing to dictate yet for themselves exemption
Evaluate your brain, form your own opinions
To be an individual, compassionate and free

3. Unchallenged Hate

A chronic complaint of dimness
Prevails your profound ideology
A romantic vision of a ‘master race’
Attained through coercive forms of authority

Your observance is negligence
If you see the threat from different cultures
We’re all in this sinking ship
All of us together

Where does the white man stand?
Where does the black man stand?
Where do we all fucking stand?

Knee deep in shit!

Look into yourself and you’ll find the real oppressor
To a life of unchallenged hate
It’s you who’s the….!

4. Social Sterility

Time for my omittance
From a sterile existence
Where the weekend pays homage
To stereotypical perpetuation

Must inebriate my senses
Into a state of delirium
Before I turn to the meat-rack
For my pineal selection

Apathy spreads
In unison with social disease
A scourge that infests
The cattle markets of youth

Unconscious, just promiscuous
Deprived of self-respect
In the selling of their bodies
All emotions dead!

Thoughts absorbed
Lost in sense of direction
It’s time to sit down
And reassess my course of action

5. Suffer The Children

Your unflappable conceptions
Moralistic views
Never open to criticism
Your overpowering ruse

Promises of sanctuary
In eternal bliss
With starry eyes and cash in hand
Pledge all to the master plan

Just face the truth or fund the farce

At one with your god
Your sole intent
Your treasured place assured
For a substantial rent

Global lunacy
Death threats for supposed blasphemy
No room for free thought
All non-believers pushed to the floor

Aggressive tyrants
Supposed saints for the cause
Judgement through force
Faith a fuel for pointless wars

When all is done
Who shall benefit? Who is the one?
Not those who pass on
But those dictators divine waving their deceitful wands

6. Siege Of Power

Siege of power in your land
Too many problems for you to understand
Siege of power inside your mind
Outward restrictions to keep you in line

Siege of power in your land
Too many problems for you to understand
A slave of their power, you never question why
You’re going to suffer, you’re going to die

Siege of power inside your mind
Outward restrictions to keep you in line
You’re a slave of their power, you never questioned why
You were made to suffer, you were born to die

Siege of power, they made you a tool
While others were ruling, you were being ruled

7. Harmony Corruption

A cortex-thin line over calm
One temptation, infinite penetration

8. Rise Above

At time of birth
Minds free from suspicion
Senses raped
Induced with superstition

A pre-set mode
To befit description
Language, colour
Race definition!

Inner strength must detect
The love we each possess
Before we may reach
Appreciating it in anyone else

External distinctions
Used as scapegoats to problems
Channelling our aggression
In the wrong direction

Break down the barriers
That enforce superstition
Learn to trust
Overcome suspicion

Acceptance, the weapon
Active against our freedom
Our love and compassion
Held at treason

Rise above induced superstition

9. The Missing Link

An integral sense
Comes with belonging to a scene
Supposedly absent of barriers
When sexism is only one of many

Earnest words
Calling for unity of the sexes
When she’s still the chick, or stupid bitch
Ridiculed for showing an interest

Hidden indifference
Strikes an emotion reaction
When you see an animal being abused

Yet unnoticed when a woman
Is abused in the same way

The links in oppression
Stem from the same degradation
But to one our eyes remain closed

Actively abusing the rights of one
Whilst fighting for those of another

The scene may hold a different name
But the role play’s just the same
Equal rights are fine
As long as she’s in her place

Outrightly denouncing fascism
Whilst oblivious to it taking place
Is condemnation of standards
All an act to save face

Unity a stark ambition
When our abuse surpasses recognition

10. Mentally Murdered

our aspirations, unable to stretch
Beyond the barriers of what’s expected
As the free thought you were born with
Becomes externally polluted

Lose sight of your ideals
In their brainwashing institutions
Predetermine your values
To befit your substandard existence
Discouraging creativity
To aim for empty ambitions

Living up to others’ expectations
Takes hold of your assiduity

Mentally murdered!

Always up to the mark
Set the wheels in motion
A fake sense of security
From your invariable position

Sinking in the crowd
A face minus expression
A mouth that echoes words
Recycled from tradition

Your only contentness
Is in living a lie

Mentally murdered!

Do you possess the strength
To re-create your own life?

11. Walls Of Confinement

Before my eyes I see a wall
12,000 miles high
And the same amount wide

Within that wall are faces of people
To whom I once could relate

Now communicating seems hard
When there’s an ego barrier to break through

Opinions of self-opinion
Cloud a new horizon
The vision a mere illusion

Biased in conclusion
Trapped in seclusion
To the outside – exclusion

When an attitude is so biased
What can you expect to change?

Banging your head
But the wall’s not moving
It’s enclosing

Burning so much energy
Enthusiasm burning
Is change the ‘real’ obsession?

Or with a sense of pretension
Do you merely strive for attention?

12. Cause And Effect

What are your motives for your abuse
What can they be?
Accused of things I’ve never done
This seems strange

Your motivation, for my humiliation

I’m pressurised
So many times
By your presence
Your very existence has become my obsession

My infatuation with you damnation

I experience
Dangerous thoughts
That are all too real
How can one man inflict in me so much hate?

My obsession with your destruction

13. No Mental Effort

So we’re still in our teething stages
As far as politics are concerned
That’s fine coming from someone
To whom sensationalism be their only wisdom in words.

A self-proclaimed spokesman
On something to which prior knowledge exceeds
Championing no more censorship
Then ridiculing our beliefs

To appeal to your better nature
Are we to keep our mouths shut?

Easy to discard
Constructive power
At your disposal
When egos and sales
Outbalance opinions
On the scales

Using bands
As pawns in your hands
Building up
Knocking down
To suit cheap public demand

Merging with the gutter press
You claim to detest

It’s opened its lid
For you to crawl in and infest

14. Multinational Corporations

Multinational corporations
Genocide of the starving nations
Multinational corporations
Genocide of the starving nations
Multinational corporations
Genocide of the starving nations
Multinational corporations
Genocide of the starving nations

15. Re-Address The Problem

Drawing attention to yourself
At another’s expense
Your puritan stance
Carries a certain pretence

When an ego is at stake
There’s always a point to make
Bigotted and self-opinionated
There is no give and take

Obsessed with changing the world
Not in changing yourself!

16. Changing Colours

Adapting to different surroundings
Changing your views day by day
Too critical of others when you too are at fault

Several sets of opinions
Like colours to camouflage yourself
Like a fox sly in your manoeuvres
Too soon you’ll get caught unawares

Sometimes I feel pity
Sometimes I feel hatred
Sometimes you’re my friend
Sometimes you’re my enemy

I’ll never give you the satisfaction of knowing how I feel

17. From The Ashes

So much bitterness
In this so-called scene
Self righteous leaders
With their own little dream

Walls of confinement
Don’t stray too far
Evicted for maturing
Whilst they stagnate

18. Understanding

Is anger always a positive reaction?
Is understanding often subdued by emotion?

19. Stalemate

On the path to individual freedom
I’m met with countless obstructions
An external vacuum distorts my observance
Sucking me to the rat race

A weakness makes me gullible
Constantly lured to their traps
Dismantling my motivation
Taking my destination to another step back