Napalm Death - Inside The Torn Apart

Artist: Napalm Death
Release: Inside The Torn Apart

1. Breed To Breathe

Divorced humanity
Science strays
Walk the path of servitude
Grown unknown malignant code
Misconceived the passion whole

Misconceived the passion whole

Born against the innocent
Amongst us issues preset
Determined goals which are set
Love – a crime of severance

Are we free to feel?
Do we hurt to heal?
Whose life to steal?
Whose pain is real?

Breed to breathe!

Are we free to feel?
Do we hurt to heal?
Whose life to steal?
Whose pain is real?

Breed to breathe!

Awareness fails the public eye
Primate morals sell the lie
2.2 – symbolic bait
A process – bound genetic fate

Are we free to feel?
Do we hurt to heal?
Whose life to steal?
Whose pain is real?

Breed to breathe!

The selfish feed – breed to breathe!

2. Birth In Regress

Feast your eyes on
It reflects on
Can’t pertain to
Can’t belong to
Vicious cycle
Faultless conflict
Birth in regress

In the midst of confusion
The warm sound of shelter
Shelve the plans of expansion
The warm sound of shelter

Promising all
Deliver nothing
Dependently reassuring
Come to terms with
Serves no purpose
Birth in regress

Set in motion
Visual concepts
Sabotage the birth in regress

To subdue the caim before the storm
In its stillness, in its stillness
To subdue the caim before the storm
In its stillness
Desperate measures

To feel so unworthy
To see the apathy
To turn the cold shoulder and stop
To desperate measures

Reversing in circles
A thought unappealing
How long can you maintain enthusiastic faces?
Any way, shape or form

3. Section

Spit out the poison
That plastic motive
The soothing pain that feeds the hole
A carnage path of one-time friends
A stepping stone to personal ends

A line that piles high
An art of trend
Champagne delusions
Contorts and bends
The seething mass which consumes deceit
The frozen glance
Burn obsolete

All we are is section
Struggling bindly through deception

4. Reflect On Conflict

Something to prove, something to say
Feeling secure, a false portrait
Forging alone the facts unknown
Hiding the truth to drag us on

Trapping the standpoint
Local disjoint
More to protect than to reject
Reflect the conflict inside

Punish the core, the more unsure
Testing the strength of us once more
Peeling away the scar to bleed
Peeling again a growing seed

Accept the consequence
Unlike our differences

Shameless and painless
Reflect on conflict

5. Down In The Zero

Burning – feel the pain sear
Pathless – animation nears
Download delinquent fears
Sit back – enjoy the rot!

Down in the zero
Dilemma trebles
To balance, erratic stance
Behind eyes hide a fascist prance

Down in the zero
Now we perish as we bury
Down in the zero

Beyond the point of breaking
Down on level zero
Vexed – the reasons
Unheard like a muted scream

Forced into an action
Trauma-faked perception
Blindly-placed affection
Strange-faced deception
There’s nothing for no-one

6. Inside The Torn Apart

Inside the torn apart
Feeding on the lies
Lair of sedition
Perverse incubation

Live through this
Love through this…
Hate this!
Learn from this
Break through this…
Hate this!

Crisis spawning decadence
Trial or tribulation
Grotesque imitations
Bleed the rumours dry

7. If Symptoms Persist

Fate has brought us here
Picture getting clear
See right through you
I see right through you
I feel for no one
Where have my feelings gone?

All too powerful
Witness this as I stand the rest of time
In eternal sleep
You gave me your word
More than life itself

I breathe new life

Help save me from life-taking actions
Which will destroy myself
I can’t destroy myself

There is no defence like this confidence
Ideas dawn upon seeking relevance
There’s no turning back
There’s no turning back

8. Prelude

Last chance to escape
Shall I forsake all that I can take to carry on

Insanity slips away
Greeting the new day

Believing is kneeling
Ignore what I’m feeling
The pressure of living is taking its toll

Regrets that I’m thinking
The hope that we’re sharing is a lost cause

Thought I’d lost
Caressing chaos drops

Prelude to a drowning, burning vision
Pointless, selfish
Half the time I can’t remember any
Of the childish lies

Suppressing unwanted thoughts
Expressing my only choice

9. Indispose

Do you think you can trust your mind
Made up of the things that cause you to live your life


Give in
You’ve got the best of me
Wear thin
Resisting qualities

I had no choice
You’ve got the best of me
Force me to voice
Resisting qualities

They blame you
Beat you
Drain you of remaining morsels
As you tremble

Scattered now before you
They wipe your face in disgust


Despite the fact
Accept the fact
You gave your best
Famous last words

10. Purist Realist

Purist realist manipulates
Purist realist segregates
Purist realist on their own terms
Purist realist, you never learn

Inner loathing, the mounting hate
Hundred fights, a thousand regrets

You wear me like a second skin

Dwelling on a scene of bitter love
Harping on some forgotten war

The shadow former self

Two-faced preacher
Denied yourself
Purist realist
A rotting state of grace

Cannot be me

Cannot see the once-treasured
Depleting life it shows in you weakness, impotence
Inability to have spoken
Summarising that teasing
That non-restricted feelings set in a moment
In dealing
Return to the source of regret

11. Lowpoint

Banish the emotion
Severing the ties
Mutual agressions
Multiply inwind

Reason lost is reason gained
Reluctance seeping through the rage
Acceptance changing on all fronts
Phase me out
I’ve reached my lowpoint

Tarnished with the motion
Voids in which we hide
Excuse pales from pressure
Desperate thoughts collide

Confessions, protection, the facts distort
Frenetic eccentric acts are caught

Phase me out

Relentless, contagion
A single choice
Dissecting, mutating
The single voice

12. The Lifeless Alarm

Tearing me down
Bringing me around
When do we stop?
Nobody knows

13. Time Will Come

Pushed aside the feelings
Jeopardising all
Caught the chain reaction
Rolling with the fall

Forget the friendship
The points made loud and clear
Where was the kinship for which we endear?

Soulless execution
Mixing guilt with blame
Breaking point in contact
No more vain demands

Time will come

Pleasing all to punish
Stepping up the race
Pulling all resources
Pushing up the stakes

Time will come

Growing from the sadness
Living day by day
Learning from the madness
Paying all the way

Time will come

14. Bled Dry

Sucked up eyesore
Bleeding you dry
Dragged down deep
Gut fuck breakdown

Bled dry

Take you and use you
Lose you, I forget you

Side on swallow
Licked but I can’t taste
Spat out still whole
It’s nothing but waste

Bled dry

Take you and use you
Lose you, I forget you

Sweat, shake, die, now I want it all
Pore deep blowout, burst, bite, haul

Take you and use you
Lose you, I forget you