Oceano - Incisions

Artist: Oceano
Release: Incisions

1. Eternal Wasteland

I’ll raise a toast at the end of this world
When God doesn’t love you anymore
An aborted birth at the hands of the father

A fist full of insignificance
Intended to be spit out
Or flushed down
I’ll savour the end
Savour the end of you all

Humoured at the thought of lives lost
Renouncing existence you’re surely better off
Since conception humans quickly earned the crown
As bastards sons, the unwanted crown
At the end I will stand alone upon hallowed ground

Bodies beneath my feet
Watching earth transform
Into eternal wasteland
A massive unmarked grave of decomposing corpses
The aroma of death
Spread across the globe

Blackened skies blind the few whom survive
Covering the flaming landscape!
Depletion of human existence
We now share one common goal
I want you dead
Dead in this wasteland

I await the final breath of man
I want you dying where you stand
The soil becomes your eternal home
Once the world transforms to a wasteland
To a wasteland!

2. Slow Murder

I’ve got nothing
But this collection of knives
And decisions to make
I’ll take my time mapping out every incision made

I have nothing
So I’ll take my time

Breaking bones
Savouring your screams for mercy
Bathing in warm tubs of crimson
Welcome to the start of our intimate torture session

Why am I the only one who sees through the lifetime of lies?
Now each cut will signify the way
You forced me to suffer every day

As I hold your life in my hands
As I hold your life in my hands
As I hold your life in my hands
Now understand
I’m capable of murder
I’m capable of murder
I’m capable of murder

I’ve got nothing but time
And this collection of knives
To ensure you endure endless amounts of torture
Slow murder
To rectify the past
I lust for your blood on my hands

Now kneel before me
Embrace the blade as it penetrates deep

Skin splitting in segments
My mouth watering as it rips
The gurgling heard as you’re choking on blood is almost satisfaction enough

I’m further aroused at the sight of your naked mangled corpse
Spread wide open as if your innards to be fucked

As I hold your life in my hands
As I hold your life in my hands
As I hold your life in my hands
Now understand
I’m capable of murder
I’m capable of murder
I’m capable of murder

I’ve got nothing
So I’ll take my time
Ah, nothing

I’ll take my time with each incision
So you can feel the pain

I’ll take my time with each incision
I’ll take my time with each incision
Feel my pain

3. Slave Of Corporotocracy

You’re a slave!
Gaze in the mirror, take a look at yourself
Eyes glazed over, a lesser man
More like a walking corpse
Mindless and dilapidated
Executing a mentally embedded repetition of motions

Every waking day another moment enslaved
Conditioned to be numb and complacent
Vital signs are deceiving
Every breath you take is not yours to keep

The light shining at the end of the tunnel
Advertently deceiving
Since birth we were cursed
With the mark of the beast
A symbolic surrender of life and its meaning

Since birth we were cursed
With the mark of the beast
Vital signs are deceiving
Every breath you take is not yours to keep

The American Dream is a fallacy!
You’re already dead
In compliance with normalcy
Our captors wage war with worthless paper
To devalue our lives
Relinquishing mind, body and soul

Servants to the machine!
A slave of corporatocracy!
Once you exit this world
You won’t be remembered
Unless humanity transcends
This monetary monarchy

Open your eyes
Get off your knees
Slave of corporatocracy
Open your eyes
Get off your knees

4. Internal War

I never contemplated from adolescence to a man
Why I’m so quiet, with little friends
Could the reason be I’m whispering to spirits?
Apparitions inside my head

I tried fighting off the demons
Until they showed me what I needed
Conjuring emotions and violent solutions
I let them burrow deeper and possess a part of me

Now I am one with the damned!
They’re fucking tempting me!
The tension keeps rising!
Tell me it’s alright to make wreckless decisions
Assert my vengeance!
I want to force them to feel what it’s like to be
Still covered in the scars of past oppressors

Fortunately, I healed faster indulging in grief
Still, I’ll never forgive what was done to me!
My escape is empty highways
A simple pen serves well as my weapon
After being held captive
Slightly considering death
Once one thing I loved was robbed from me

Slicing a knife through the wrist
Was the first and final attempt
Leaving behind the mental abuse and emotional stress
I’m harmed, buf finally free

When I think about it, I don’t need help
I just inflicted scars to watch myself bleed
Maybe to realise how damaged I am internally
No longer suppressing memories
The past had to be released!

I’m not miserable now
Still you couldn’t handle what transpires within my dreams
Incessant rambling, horrific crime scenes
If there was a god, he’s punishing me
For years of defiance and blasphemy
Where was my calm before or after the storm?
Even when I reach R.E.M. my mind is still at war

5. Self Exploited Whore

Your purpose is to intake every load
Tarnish your name, admit you’re filthy
A disgrace upon your own self
A simple but useful whore

For in the world everyone plays a role
Dripping in anticipation to ingest ejaculates
All willing penetrate your tender orifice
Leaving you numb and gaping
Awaiting the next to fornicate flesh

Filling every hole
You fit this role so well
Unshamed, you’ve finally earned your worth
Why do you yearn for respect?
Dripping in anticipation to ingest ejaculates

You ignore all morals to be seen and fucked at will
You’re filthy!
You’re merely a wounded lamb amongst starven wolves
Forever cursed with the burden of escaping their hold
Simple, useful whore
You fit this role so well

Exploit yourself and sell your soul to me

6. New Age Apophis

You have no choice but to fear me
A demi-god amongst young mortal souls
Betrayed, slain, recycled
Through the depths of hell
Resurrected from traitors blood
I am born of sin

Origins pre-dating old testaments
Bringing forth onslaught and darkness
Bear witness as I drain this world!
Witness rebirth of animalistic urge

Driven by disgust
And this lust for degradation
I remain in unrest
‘Til deconstruction is attained
Oppose and endure my wrath!

All whom oppose shall be disgorged, hung, and bled out
Upon your own trusted cross
Carcass abandoned to rot
Beneath the sun and before your God
I’m not benevolent
I’m not the beast within your revelation
I am the first wave of your devastation!

I shall feast upon the brave!
Like insects, crawl and beg
Beg for release
Accept the inherent evil
I’m slaughtering every saint sent to destroy me
For all eyes to see you can resist no more

Simply bow at my feet
I am the new age apophis!
I am the new age apophis!

7. Embrace Nothingness

Ridges inbed in skin
Would you miss me if I were dead?
Hurt mutually if I bled?
Reminisce of times shared
Would my memorial be remissable upon decay?
I’m forgettable anyway…

I’m not a prophet nor a poet
Struggled but lived life to its fullest
In hopes that someday someone might notice
I’m not afraid to live and don’t fear death!

I’m not scared of being alone
Long since grown numb to the world
My only fear’s not being remembered
Or mourned for beyond the grave
Because I’m already fading away
Falling further into nothingness’ embrace

There is nothing beyond the grave
The afterlife’s not what they say
Stone walls of black and grey

Embrace nothingness


8. Incisions

Plagued with morbid visions of pain to inflict upon you
I’m resurrected to hate
Holding true to the nature of a killer
Tasting weakness, exposing blood, digging deeper into your neck
Exposing blood and digging deeper!

Manifested in me
Forcing veins to cold
Embracing malicious thoughts
Contemplated murdering her
Your hate’s manifested in me!

Empowering the advantage of lacking sympathy
Shown through further exposing my wounds
Let’s start carving incisions where it counts
First, you must be strangled, trampled upon
Fuck compassion I’m coming straight for your throat!

Filled with morbid visions of pain to inflict upon you
I’m resurrected to hate!
Spewing wasted words
Will they remain so plentiful once life flows away?
I’ve lost sense of humanity
Now there can only be violence, violence, violence!

Manifested in me
Your hate’s manifested in me

9. Blasphemous Mask

Bearing 666, you entice the serpent
So were lies your devotion?
What’s your purpose?
You have no business bearing 666

Witness unprivileged mortals
Incapable of true evils
Demons know your face
And know your faith is trivial

Endure tribulation!
Impure within your blasphemy
Residing behind a mask of novelty
The demons sense weakness behind your eyes
Do you possess blackness in your hearts?

Denouncers of God and the heavens
Bearing inverted crosses and the number of Satan
How deep do your symbolic convictions run?
Are you willing to sacrifice to revel in sin?
To sustain this image, blood must stain your skin
Through dark ritual you must kill

Prove your worth in embrace of the Anti-Christ
One with his minions, they beckon you to kill!
Bearing 666, you must kill!
Surely none shall stand in acceptance
Just as soon none shall bow
Bearing 666, Imposers!
You are revoked of your blasphemous mask!

10. Severed Appendages

You don’t know where you are
Taken to some place sacred
Bound by the neck, near strangulation
A dark undisclosed location

Before you lie instruments of destruction
A repertoire of punishment
Smothered in entrails of past infliction
Each tool accustomed to mutilating flesh

Deep breaths with lungs punctured
Leave you in a panic for air
Jaw dislocated, it’s painful to speak
Your body frail and weakening
Barely standing

A result of repeated battery at my hands!
I am the artist of this morbid masterpiece
These tools of beauty and you as my canvas
You are my canvas!

The masochistic acts soon executed, however cruel
Are intricate, the blood splatter that of artistry
Prepair yourself
Embrace only agony
Take one look at me
Anticipate your suffering!

Keep your eyes on me
First the frame is deconstructed
Blunt force snaps through bone
Each limb dislocated and left dangling limp
You’ve collapsed upon your own legs

The suffering has not reached its peak
It only intensifies as I commence severing appendages
The suffering has not reached its peak!
Removing every limb
Slowly succumb to death

My face sprayed in crimson mist
From exposed arteries
Before you fade away
Witness the walls change from white to red
The final liters of life pulse through your veins
You’ve been abandoned
Left to bleed out
Now die alone!

11. Disseverance


12. The Reclaimation

We are the uprising
Revivers of a dying scene
We are the uprising of a dying scene
The architects to rebuild
What once was standing
We must purge the filth of our generation

Infiltrate, reclaim and rebuild!
Reigning holocaust upon antagonists
And the elite immersed
In dissatisfaction and negativity

Failing to surrender you won’t succeed
Your weaponized words are not so threatening
Attacking from safe distance
Only cowards throw shit and run

We retaliate stronger!
We retaliate stronger
Face to face stabbing straight to the front!

Predictable the routine has become
Why are you trying to act tough?
Reveal your face from the flickering screen
You’re the next target

No more arguments
Let’s cut straight to the chase
We’re calling you out to slit your throat!
A beheading of hypocrisy

Choke on every final word you speak
We are eternal
And you’re the last of a dying breed
We are eternal