Mistress - II: The Chronovisor

Artist: Mistress
Release: II: The Chronovisor

1. Rat Piss

Lay down with stinking dogs fucking
In oiled shit, let sleeping gods fry
Lung butter and bad soul cancer
Rat piss and wipe out the sky

Rat piss

Pick the blister, she’s fucking pneumatic
Bathe in piss and lick yourself clean
To some people, Tom Traubert’s god
Piece of shit will soak up the sea

Rat piss

Ripping the shit, where’s the cunt to rule?
When years of boredom lead to God Reaver
No fucking point, it’s all been done before

Light the blue touch paper and retire
Listen to me kid, you’re just something to eat
Just drink the rat piss, eat rat shit and repeat

2. Psychic One Inch Punch

Don’t fucking say it, you piss-soaked maggot
Maintain your distance, don’t speak
Don’t explain, don’t engage, don’t justify
Just drink and forget

Don’t try to share, don’t want to hear it
Take a step back you cunt
Just drink your acid, keep your mouth shut
Stare at the mirror and cry

Don’t tell me you’re sorry, there’s no fucking point
Nobody cares what you’ve done

Eulogise pain
We don’t want to know
Nobody cares you’re alone

So cry your heart out, conceited shit
Bite the pillow and think of your home
Choke your tears back, you snivelling prick
Need someone to understand
Well you’re on your fucking own

3. Goatboy

We apologise that the lyrics for these tracks are currently unavailable…

4. Wanker Colony

Populate an island, just like Dr. Moreau
With fucking freaks and wankers
Shit, they’re all in the know
Cock sucking grin, can’t get no goddamned sleep
Dirty fucking sluts done dirt fucking cheap

No rhyme or reason
Fuck, you know you’re alive
Writhing in your stinking nest
And where the fuck was I?

Sharp as a razor
Soft as a prayer, it was fucking obscene

Come all ye fuckers, you can all take a turn
God knows it’s warm inside
And now’s your chance to fucking learn

Drunken and belligerent, still, water is just too deep
Come join the colony by dying in your sleep

5. The Chronovisor


6. Hit Bottom

Caffeine, burned skin, vinegar, bastard benzos
Malicious, wastrel politics, scabs for eyes
Usury, dislocation, self-abuse with pride

Mutual disrespect, hate thy neighbour as thyself
A floorboard investment, fraudulent use of credentials

I’ve always wondered how you’d look
In your wedding dress
All light, crowned with stars, all the best things are fragile
Guess I’ll never know

Anger mismanagement, a course of medication
So what if you’re borderline, be the best meat you can

Think this was a one way trip

7. No Memory

An animal distraction
Murdered children have more choice
While you’re skull fucking the eunuch
A world from hated sex divorced

And have no memory

Suck the cock of forced attrition
Swallow Satan’s burning chyme

And have no memory

So with burning, piss-teared eyes
Open wide, inhale the flames
Just drink away the regrets

Have no memory

Withered lunatic
In Jack Daniel’s halo
Confused and violent
Abuse once and throw away

And so now, you’re coming fucking back again
Just drain all you need and walk away
I won’t remember anyway

8. Piss For Blood, Shit For Brains

Give up, you fuckers!
Reek of fags, booze and deceit
Lies written all over your body
Cunt written all over your face

Piss for blood, shit for brains

Got fucking DTS, shaking hands, shattered pride
Remember you’ve always got yourself to blame

Piss for blood, shit for brains
You fucking cunts

Dead reference, dagger eyes
Brain tumour cross
From hero to zero in one easy fucking step

Piss for blood, shit for brains

Phenomenological psychology
A deaf mute cunt
Blood, brains and bollocks
Time of your fucking life

9. 38

Incapable, player in a cast of millions
Fuck it up, guts burning yet again
Live on adrenaline and fear of defeat
Fear the cunt who takes the prize

Sweet nausea, knowingly expectant
Fucking laugh you fucking joke

Disjointed and obscure

Don’t spill the beans, just fucking watch

Just imagine the shining wall
Can’t take it, just want to be sick
Take another drink and smile
In front of the face
And pray for 38

Lay yourself down, son, and watch the gathering crows

10. In The Shadow Of The Horns

[Darkthrone cover]

Face of the goat in the mirror
Eyes burn like October sunrise
As once they gazed upon the hillside
Searching for the memories

In the shadow of the horns
Only seen by the kings
Of the dawn of the first millennium
Upon the thrones

In the shadow of the horns
Cleansed like the air in the night
World without end

(We’ve become) a race of the cursed seeds
For five united forces
In the eternal dawn
The kings that held their heads high

The triumph of chaos has guided our path
We circle the holy Sinai, our swords gave wings
Invisible force of our abyssic hate
Our seeds boil as we gaze upon the new millennium

Weeping by the graves of the glorious ones
So the hardened frost melts away
Clouds gather across a freezing moon
I kiss the goat, witchcraft still breathes

11. Like Broken Glass

To the nines
Prepare myself for drowning
I made my own world
Losing it
I rob myself of everything
Destroying my body and my mind will fail

I drawn to the sound of broken glass
Drawn to the taste of broken glass
Stillborn again

I see my own reflection
Look at me
I made my own wounds
Live alone
Survive in isolation
Poison my body and my mind will fail