Wormrot - Hiss

Artist: Wormrot
Release: Hiss

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1. The Darkest Burden

Banish the emotions
Desperate thoughts collide
Dull eyes writhing to explode
Collapsed in a blaze, a horrified reality unfolds
Caressing chaos, you can’t destroy yourself
As the burning sound of your loved ones in an endless void fade away

Promising everything
Delivers fucking nothing

Voids in which you live
Consumed by darkness you feel bliss
Forever lifting the darkest burdens
Striving to uphold one’s sanity

Caressing chaos, you can’t destroy yourself
As the burning sound of your loved ones in an endless void

2. Broken Maze

Abusing through an image that you always hide behind
Wandering around familiar paths sets deep in your fucking mind
Barricaded in a broken maze as dark clouds begins to rise
Slowly drowning nervous calm accepting your demise

This is the end
Consuming your lies
Drown in despair
You chose this life

Anxiety is coming, surrounding your pathetic fucking death

Wandering around the broken maze
Desperate cries with no escaping
Drown in sorrow so goddamn afraid
Your broken maze

Surrounds me!
My fucking depressing death!
My broken maze

Surrounding me!
My self-inflicted horrid fucking death
The broken maze

3. Behind Closed Doors

You came for us at birth with pills in hand
Lying through your teeth, you don’t have to pretend
No remorse, no repent, you don’t care what it meant
A system shark, hard to circumvent

Your earnest conviction just speaks to me
Brainwashed with illusions
Drones spreading misinformation

Void of a single ounce of sympathy
Programming empty fucking dreams
Moulding births into nullity
Set to fail, with superficial streams

Validity? Or sanity?
What’s wrong with me?

Hostage of my own mind, I try to break
Only to fall and fail, threatened by the blade

4. When Talking Fails, It's Time For Violence!

Kepala buto diam ah kau! Masih tak paham pe sial?!

Aku had enough! Tak serik lagi?!
Persistent as fuck! annoying little shit!

No one fucking cares lah sial!
Perangai macam lahanat!
Mati tak nak, menyusahkan orang, sila meninggal!

When talking fails, it’s time for violence!

Kan dah masuk hospital
Next time kalau kau repeat lagi masuk kubur
Degil nak mampos, mulut masih lagi jalan terus

Dasar perangai haram jadah lahanat musibat

5. Your Dystopian Hell

Disorientated by the waves of human rights
Permanent daze of empowerment

Bulldozing through for entitlement
Wounded truths are left behind

Unprecedented catastrophes
Overpowering the entire society

Mind control
Your dystopian hell

6. Unrecognizable

Meteor to the face
Pounded into dust
Evaporate in the abyss
Gone forever

You piece of shit!

7. Hatred Transcending

Loss of vitality
Collapse of health, you did everything
Somehow it remains deteriorating
Anguish sets in your darkest void
Trying to understand
Woke up imploding with fucking hate

Destroying everything, transcending hate
In your eyes the world is painted red

Bulldozing through
Feeling stronger after every calamity
Distrusting everything you see
Vague visions empowered by greed

Transcending hate
Loss of vitality,
Collapse of health, you did everything
Somehow it remains deteriorating
Anguish sets in your darkest void

8. Doomsayer

Your guardian demon
Refrain your retaliation
This is my obliteration
You mind-polluting worthless fuck
Untimely end to earth’s parasites

Pierced upon the tragedy, their fucking eyes no longer see
Pierced upon the tragedy, their eyes will never ever fucking see


9. Pale Moonlight

Shrouded in ocean mist
With scars on shoulders, hands fused to the mast
They cried
Then they smiled
When they see themselves under the pale moonlight

10. Seizures

This fascination
A flawed condition
Rejoice in madness
I’ve become endless

Longing for the axis to swallow me whole

Descending into realms of suffering
Sway in the endless waves of pain
Surrender to the ruthless seizures machine

A monstrous void obliterating all
It’s me whom you should fear
It’s me whom you should fear!

I’ve died over and over again
Conductor of electric misery
These rhapsodies I can hardly contain

Imploding sensations
Of ultraviolence

I am the seizures machine

If you see the ecstasy
Straight through my eyes
You’d keep them shut and stay the fuck away from me
There’s nothing you can say
That’ll make me stop
This energy boils inside of me, sparks heinous blasphemy
A system shock

11. Voiceless Choir

Why can’t I feel anymore?

Even if you scream my name
Your useless life will cease to exist
A knife in the fucking back
The look in your eyes, you are already dead
Tightening the grip around her neck

Your innocent pupils, dilating as your life fades away
In the harsh light of reality
Your voiceless choir began weeping

Swaying along to the bloody murderous screams
Smiling down while staring into her mesmerizing eyes
She grasps for air as I fixed her blackened hair
Cradling her lifeless body with no remorse nor despair

Hopeless, devoted, forced fed fantasies

Your body burns like effigy
For all to see
Just unsuspected
You’re seeing what you wish to see
Bitter memories
Throw your mind in complete
Look at it this way
Won’t have a chance to fuck things up
If you even try
Your time is up
Let me see you off
Now to your extended holiday

12. Grieve


13. Sea Of Disease

Caught in a shadow of doubt and paranoia

Darker days ahead
Rabid panic spreads like a plague
Remnants of minds once thoughtful
Remnants of lives, abused

A creeping death hits the peaceful shore
Striking fear in the hearts of all you adore
This is the end which you prophesied

Remnants of hope once realized

14. Noxious Cloud

Poverty, depression, powered despair
Numbing your senses, the final fucking breath

Darkness, Red clouds begins to rise, your eyes started fuming with despise
Distortion, corrosion starts taking place
Slow withered from the downpour dissolving into the fucking ground

Flooding on orchestration of immaculate torture
Delivered from sin, all has lost its meaning
Making remnants and memory forgotten forever

Barbaric acts obtained from the blood of others

Noxious cloud

15. Shattered Faith

Deluding state
The stagnant illusion of change
From your birth into your fucking grave
Time will take its course shattering your faith

16. Desolate Landscapes

I have nowhere to run, I’m in disbelief
Trapped in self-oblivion
Encaged, crumbling
Catastrophic hate

Humanity will never change entrapped in endless degenerate

Fuck your generation
Deserving condemnation
Empty prayers all around
It’s time to die, you ungrateful piece of shit

Fading reminder, the world will never seem to fucking get it
Humanity will never change, entrapped in endless degenerate

Fuck your generation
Deserving condemnation
Empty prayers all around
It’s time to die, you ungrateful piece of shit

Blind me
Silence me
I’ll find a place to rest
And pull you down into a place of darkness

You can’t fight this
The more you try to resist
The harder the black insists
And persists
And persists
And persists

17. Spiral Eyes

Please look at me
Please follow me around
I beg of you
Stop ignoring me
Don’t leave me be
Feed me, I’ll form the decipher
No hesitation

Control! my emotions!
I am! nothing!
Deadening cries of lost conformity

18. Vicious Circle

Can’t face the prospect of rejection resorting to
Channelling into one dimension

Surrounded by the ones you loved
Reaching out in desperation

Oblivious to everything
Diminishing of minuscule faith
Organise your grotesque fucking slow death

Escaping death regaining conscious rage for genocide
Retaliating through the pain, eradication? You decide
Shattered and battered, weakness starts to form
Broken, defeated, they wipe your fucking face in disgust

19. Weeping Willow

The day when I leave this world is when you shall seek
After all that I’ve done for you, please forgive my sins
All the precious bonding between a father and a son
Nothing but a mere glimpse of embedded memories
I’ve left you, I’ve found you, I’ve abandoned you again

I am nailed to the roots of mortality
Shading you from the spiral clouds of life’s endless misery

Withered, drowned in regret
I’ll watch over you, after the amber sun’s set
And dream of times… we’ve never had

20. All Will Wither

The sound of the slow-paced harmony
I ache and fear
The discomfort speech drilling my spine
The master instructs me to follow my instincts
Down over my head

Nothing unpleasant has yet been said
Awaits the manipulating self
Easier to deal with anger and shame

Come the shadows
Drown the whispers
All will wither
So I leave this place that makes you ilI

21. Glass Shards

Endless voices
Whisper in my mind
Strangers’ faces
Fishes of red entwined

It’s hard to feel and hard to say
If this is real

I think the air’s not safe to breathe anymore
Look in the mirror, spit on my image
As the very sight of myself burns me straight to the core
Loathing replaces negative spaces from before
Glass shards glitter on the bathroom floor

A parasite in human disguise
An abomination never been reprised

I breathe filth every fucking day
You will never see things my way

I pray for death every night
Everything that touches me I infect
I wish all the mirrors stop staring back

I won’t make it through another night
I don’t belong here
I never wanted to be here
God of Sorrow
Bring me death
Bring me death so I can close my eyes in eternal bliss
And never reminisce