Buckcherry - Hellbound

Artist: Buckcherry
Release: Hellbound

1. 5-4-3-2-1

Gettin’ cornered was a bad decision, finding trouble was my disease
I’m boarded up and it’s like a prison, cut me off if you want to breathe

I keep on waiting for another outcome, I keep on waiting for the chips to fall
All I wanted was to breakout and have fun, now I want it to dissolve

All these things have crossed the line, I must have told you a thousand times
I think I’m gonna have to cut you loose, you keep on talking ’bout my attitude
5,4,3,2,1 goes another one, now you’re on the run, are you having fun?
5,4,3,2,1, are you overrun, chaos left undone, it’s a megaton!

I get in trouble with imagination, I’m like a butterfly without any wings
I left a mark all across the nation, on my own I don’t need anything

I’m deeper in it and it’s lasting so long I hit the limit and I dropped the ball
I thought I left it in the past but I’m wrong, now I’m bouncing off the walls

I should leave this all behind and I ain’t ever gonna change my mind
I see these motherfuckers playin’ a fool, acting so tough ’cause they’re breaking the rules


5,4,3,2,1 goes another one, now you’re on the run, are you having fun?
Can’t keep up this pace if I wanted to, locked outside the gate, what should I do?
18 miles away from the conflict, burnin’ out like a flame, where’s the target?
I cleaned out my safe cause I’m rotten, I will do just fine at the bottom!


2. So Hott

Just a little crazy, from a little town
And you always did what your momma said till you left the house
Hit the ground runnin’, let the devil in
Let your body talk, and you got the walk breaking hearts again

Sometimes you keep your secrets to yourself
And I can’t tell if you’re grateful, but you ain’t hateful
And you don’t even know who’s callin’ on your phone

YOU’RE SO HOT, I think I need another shot
But you don’t care, you’re SO HOT
You got ’em circling your block
Don’t ever stop you’re SO HOT!

Like a butterfly, floating in the wind
Movin’ in and out and without a sound, where do I begin
Do what ‘cha want to, live how ya live
Ain’t no doubt, she gonna rock the house and let chaos in

I don’t think you’re an angel, I see no halo… Oh lord
The stories all gettin’ tangled, fillin’ your stable… Hold on
And everywhere you go they treat you like you’re gold


Girl you know, you’re SO HOT
Make ’em harder than a rock
Oh my god you’re SO HOT


3. Hellbound

I can’t believe this, it’s gettin’ wild in the city
There’s a feeling, you can see it and it’s gritty
Locomotion and it’s everything I wanted
What ‘cha holdin’ ’cause I’m with it
And I wanna get shocked tonight
And then I know I’m gonna feel all right

It’s never enough, blow the power out
Give it too much then it’s much too loud
Am I headed for a break in the wall, ’cause I tell you

We tore the place up, but we didn’t tear it down
Everybody got a cut and there was more to go around
Now we’re hellbound (2x)

I’m like a soldier, you got a target, I can hit it
Like I told ya it’s a habit and a livin’
Rollercoaster, have a look over your shoulder
Getting’ closer ’cause I’m with it
And I wanna get shocked tonight
And then I know I’m gonna feel all right

We ain’t gonna stop till we’re down for the count
Callin’ the cops won’t do nothin’ now
Are you ready, ’cause it’s gonna be a total destruction

(Chorus) 2x

Oh we’re gonna go down tonight
Yeah you know it’s gonna be all right
Yeah we’re going down tonight
Now we’re hellbound

(Chorus) 3x

4. Gun

Taking the freeway, taking a drive
If you want trouble, we can just take it outside
Maybe I’m angry, maybe I’m high, maybe I’m about to lose control of my mind
Left with the baggage and full of sin
Ain’t that a bitch ’cause nobody’s gonna win
Pull the pin, it’s blowing up again

I’m on the run and I got myself a gun
I got nothing to do so I’m coming for you hoo
Comin’ undone with a pocket full of fun
I got something to prove and I got my target set on you hoo

Comin’ on stronger, crossin’ that line, drag it out longer, taking you for a ride
What ‘cha gonna tell me, tell me your lies, takin’ out the warpaint
Seeing that fear in your eyes, born to win so where should I begin?


When the blood is cold and the talk is cheap
And it’s time to go but your body’s weak
Failed to mention I come from nothing, I’m just here to show you something


5. No More Lies

I can’t get you on the phone and I’m sitting home waiting for you
You think I do what I’m told, but baby you ain’t got a clue
I go out ridin’, glidin’, baby I ain’t no fool
I hit the ground runnin’, gunnin’ ’cause I got the right kinda tools

Looking out for you, looking out for me I know you’re lonely
Maybe I’m a fool, maybe I believe my one and only
Tell me what to do, tell me what you need, you need to know that…

Every time I see you and every time I tried
You don’t even say hello you don’t look me in the eyes
I know you don’t believe me, that’s what you’re telling me all of the time
All them years, and all them tears broke this heart of mine so don’t tell me no more lies

I hate to be all alone but you’re telling me I gotta choose
So let the truth be told, take your time you don’t gotta be rude
I keep on grindin’, findin’, when ya gonna tell me the truth
You got your fun in, comin’, guess it’s what you wanted to do

This is who you are, this is what you need, I wanna know you
Took it way too far, now I’m on my knees, what should I do
Let’s don’t make it harder than it has to be, oh baby


No more lies no mo, no mo, no mo, no more lies (3x)


6. Here I Come

Struggling with a catastrophe, nothing makes sense and you wanna leave
Way too many lashes and you’re messin’ with a gun
I know this ain’t what you wanna be, now you gonna make history
Everything is crashing and you’re never having fun

Dead or alive, but not a suicide
Take it outside and look me in the eye
Like a shotgun, look out here I come
Takin’ my time we’re going for a ride
What will I find, who did ya undermine?
Take evasive action and go on the run

Point the finger at society, look at us now, an atrocity
Now we learn our lesson cause we’re messin’ with a bomb
It doesn’t matter how it makes you feel, ’cause the ones that like to kill, will kill
Watch out where you’re steppin’ or the lessons won’t take long


All these things take too damn long, the chaos now is coming on strong

(Chorus) 2x

Here I come!

7. Junk

All your timin’ is lightnin’, are your stories for real,
This shit is a tight fit, are we making a deal
Oh my God it’s such a long way down
We should probably take this shit out of town

Watch what ‘cha do, don’t get distorted
Assemble the crew and bring the house down
Spreadin’ the news, did you report it?
Don’t be a fool, ’cause your junk can get around

Got myself in a bad way, I just needed me some luck
Can’t be looking behind me, when there’s no one to trust
Went too far it’s coming back around
So I’m heading for the underground


There is chaos inside me, sometimes I don’t feel
When I think I got problems, sometimes it ain’t real
Gotta clear out the cobwebs, time to gain me some strength
Bring the fight to the jungle, let ’em see what I think
Let ’em fucking see what I think!

(Chorus) 2x

8. Wasting No More Time

We come from broken homes, coast to coast
It’s hard to accept when there’s debts unpaid
We all have lived, we all have sinned
We all get shattered when we’re feeling that pain

But just a little love gets me feeling like I figured it out
Rid of my doubt, so come in my house
Pain ain’t the killer when it’s making you strong, helps you along
And guess we learn from it all and-

I know things have changed
So I need something to kill the pain
I’m gettin’ older and I recognize
Gonna have to face it, I ain’t wasting no more time

When we set the stage, and look for change
It’s funny how the story kinda looks insane
The lines are crossed, the point is lost
And all you want to do is go and turn the page

And when I hit the road I can separate and be with my thoughts
Walking the walk, let go of my loss
Don’t blame the sinner, it’s a waste of your time
Look to the sky, it’s gonna open up your mind and-

I know things have changed, so I need something to kill the pain
I’m getting’ older and I recognize that everything’s better when I compromise
All the pain it goes away, and there will always be another day
I pick myself up and realize
Gonna have to face it, I ain’t wasting no more time

All my hope and all my dreams unlock the doors to everything
And I can see I ain’t wasting no more time (4x)

I know things have changed, so I need something to kill the pain
I’m getting’ older and I recognize that everything’s better when I compromise
All the pain it goes away, and there will always be another day
I pick myself up and realize
I ain’t wasting no more time

9. The Way

I have tried, and I have waited
It’s been a long time, and time was wasted
I know you’re scared, you used to trust me
It wasn’t fair and all this cuts me

When I sleep and when I wallow
I regret the past and fear tomorrow
But I know there’s one thing I can do is close my eyes
Dig deep inside and tell you

I like the way you love me
I like the way it makes me feel
You lift me up when times were tough and showed me what was real
You got this way about you
You are so calm when I’m a storm
The hills we climbed and tears we’ve cried, it’s you that I adore

I have lied and I was faithless
I made you cry and I wish I could change it
I see your pain, I know what caused it
I’m so ashamed and I feel so toxic

I don’t mean to make it harder, all your tears have left me hallow
Don’t care ’bout nothing else but you
And what you find may blow your mind and break through


I will take my time, we can make it through
Look me in the eyes, I got my eye on you
Never say goodbye, nothing left to lose
Let me make it right

You don’t ever have to think at all, ’cause I’m the way you found me
I’m sorry that I did you wrong, I’m sorry about all the fussing and fighting!
Didn’t know that it would be this hard but I’m feeling so empty
I’m sorry that it took so long, I’m sorry I should have done more but I’m trying!

10. Barricade

What is everybody looking for?
What’cha got for me behind closed doors?
Lost everything but ya still want some more
Feelin’ manic and been up for days
What’cha got for me to kill this pain
Turn up the heat ’cause my heart is so cold

Breaking right through the barricade
Breaking right through the walls and hear the calls of all the people who changed
Breaking right through the barricade, open your arms and drop your guard
I know it’s hard but we all look insane

Like an addict with a broken dream
You can’t always get your tricks for free
And I must confess I always get what I need
If you want it you can look inside
All the answers will corrupt your mind
It gets turbulent and there’s so much to find


Way down the line I’ll be waiting for you
Look in my eyes, don’t forget what I told you
You don’t have to cry, ’cause it all gets better when we die


And we all are to blame
Break the barricade