Green Druid - Ashen Blood

Artist: Green Druid
Release: Ashen Blood
Release Date: 16/03/2018

1. Pale Blood Sky

Colossal footsteps upon the ground
May this night finally end
Hide in brick and hear the sounds of their wreaking breath

Sinking fast in this pit of despair, their claws scratching at my door
Get out, get out, this can’t be real
I only want to ignore

Pray to gods that hate the living, tell the children good night
The dark ones come when they get hungry
Spread your wings and feel the bite

The fog sets in, creeps under my skin
The night turns cold
The blood begins

2. Agoraphobia

There’s eyes everywhere
They’re lookin’ at me
Hungry with malice
Mouths filled with disease

I’m not of this earth
I’m not of your breed
Open your mouth and devour me

Why live another day on earth
Why take what you will from me

Sleep forever against the waves
Way down where the mind decays
Where the sun don’t shine, and the trees don’t grow
Come with me, far below

The sky opens above me
The light pours out
Bones quiver and shake

3. Dead Tree

I creep up the path
Feet heavy with guilt
I know it can’t last
This temple I’ve built
She calls to me
In the shadow of the dead tree

The moon shudders
Shakes away silver embers
My fingers are twisted by time
I feel terror creeping through my veins, and weeping
The insects are in my mind

Burn away
‘Til so grey

I feel it now, that evil grove
I see its face, it stands alone
The night is long, the bark is black
Those days are gone, no turning back

4. Cursed Blood

The night is dying
Our work done
The thread’s unwinding
And I fear no one

The people shudder in fear
Those with blinded eyes
They speak of the druids that spread terrible lies

Something stirs inside of me
Black magic and sorcery
Fire burns, I feel the heat
Smoke unfurls, the spell’s complete

Something stirs inside of me
Black magic and sorcery
I cannot run, I cannot see
They cut my eyes out and now they bleed

5. Rebirth

Born again of smoke and fire
A potent smell reaches my nose
The dope burns and takes me higher
Above death I go

See the druids
Smoke spilling from their eyes
Hear the music and hope you can arise

My head feels heavy
But my body’s light
The door has opened
It’s a hazy sit
The walls are lined with ancient tomes of old
Tales forgotten but not untold

6. Ritual Sacrifice

Figures cloaked in black and green
Circled around me
Their faces unseen

They’ve got me tied down to the stone
Their knives cut to the bone

Flesh undone, overcome
Ungodly son

They say my mind has been infected by demons
They stole my name
And replaced it with heathen

But there’s no light in their cold black eyes
I taste blood
And they ask me to die die die

Flesh undone, overcome
Ungodly son

7. Nightfall