Godflesh - Godflesh

Artist: Godflesh
Release: Godflesh

1. Avalanche Master Song

You’re proud of being poor
Nothing changes nothing
You eat your skin
Your soul never existed

Screw you and your world
Perpetually cut with lies
I could stand the pain
For long enough
But the taste is just too bitter

2. Veins

Reduced to this, vulnerable and cold
Pushed myself too far, such waste

Grit my teeth, with tears in my eyes
On my knees for you, truth is always pain

Bloodsucker, small in your shadow
Suck me dry, dry cold waste

3. Godhead

Gave you flowers
To seal the shit off my face
I’m losing
What’s always been lost

Although I’ve said there’s nothing
And I’m dead
So contagious
Tears of god

There’s no right
Too many thoughts
Tried for me and you and all my love

4. Spinebender

Bonebreaker, I think you’ve been graced
A halo of flies, you can almost taste the flesh

Call me the crawler
It’s just a skill of mine
This is not the hard part
Now leave me alone

5. Weak Flesh

Strong man stands, I won’t stand abused
Be off the streets, watch everyone

Don’t be fooled by false security
You’re weak
Hands are tightening
Around your throat

6. Ice Nerveshatter

Ascend, faceless
Naked, I am yours
See me naked, I’m dying
I needed you, my fate is far

Ice nerveshatter
Dead and dreaming
Bow to me
Bow to me

I am defeated
I gotta walk away
I won’t walk away
Let me see

And I needed this
You watch me
I’ll bleed to death
Watch me

Do you feel it?
When you’re gone you’re gone
Do you feel it?
Why did you leave?

Feel it
Feel it

7. Wounds

Survival in buildings
Stand still, shut-in
Streets are empty
The miserable trails

You move with such grace
You must be silent
The prayer ruse
I’m dying from the wound

8. Streetcleaner 2

Vision, escape
Vision, this feels right

Hell is where I lie
Now take the power
When we all die

We all die