Diamond Plate - Generation Why?

Artist: Diamond Plate
Release: Generation Why?

1. Entertainment Today


2. Generation Why?

Witness the fall

I ask you why?
Life isn’t fair
Why should I pretend to even care?
I ask you why?
My only plan is to run away as fast as I can

Wake up, it’s that time
18 years late for a life
You always fantasise, but only criticise
Purpose in disguise
What you believe is never wrong, but never right
A future once so bright, shot down for an average life

Afraid of what might be
Don’t care what could have been
Went down the wrong road again
The path of least resistance
Leads you to the suburbs of existence

With eyes of gold and hearts of black
Living by a clock that can’t be turned back
The world cries because
We’ve left our future to die
With Generation Why

Why can’t I pretend that it will all work out in the end?
Not brought to lead, why can’t I follow?
I’ll seize the day tomorrow

I get my dose of reality from a talking box
I take a pill and my problems are all gone
I slam the door when opportunity knocks

I ask you
Why ask why?

3. Pull The Trigger

A deadly game of chance
Falsely trying to advance
Enhanced probability, maximum futility
Expressive killings without vigour
It’s time to pull the trigger
Pull the…

Falling down a path
A path that leads to nothing
The end all, be all of self destruction
Apex of stupidity
An honest piece of artistry
Is something you wouldn’t know
A gun to the head of the industry
Ready to unload

Free fall of integrity, constant meltdown
Renounce your sense of dignity
And spin the chamber around

Another round of cleansing
It might be your time to let go
Blacklist of six, you’ll cease to exist
An entity nobody knows
Just one squeeze and it’s over, no mistake
Death is something even you can’t fake

When all is said and done
All that’s left is none
Praised for victory
When the game is far from won

A practice in futility
Breakthrough in stupidity
Pull the trigger and see

Music filled with lead
Who has won when we’re all dead?

4. Tomb With A View

The time is nearing
Indecision searing
Remain on the path that is not veering
It only takes one to decide
The journey and the destination
The truth comes from the inside
From your own vision

Breaking free from the herd
Making fact of the absurd
Rise above the destiny that you’ve been fed
Heed the voice that’s in your head
Strive for the life from which they’ve fled
Don’t let their jealousy take its toll

Your tourniquet
Can’t keep the will from my soul
When there’s nothing left
My spirit digs a deeper whole
Eyes that see today in a different way
Burying within you, a tomb with a view

Shed a tear for the oppressed
Scoff at the addict
Cry for all the pain that you see
But not for me

Disregard what they say
Find your place another way
Keep pushing forward to your dream
Until it’s dead

This is your tomb, enjoy the view

5. Fool's Paradise

What would you do with a chance to take back the past?
If you could, would you stand to be a man at last
I see, you’re nothing more to me than a pathetic wretch of society
You spit in my face
Displacing the blame for your obvious disgrace
You tried to step on my name just to bring yours up
And get a taste of what you wasted

The past is obsolete
Events that won’t repeat
Let go, while hanging on to this
Wake up and feel this blood that you cannot bleed

I’m laughing as you spiral down
You’re a self proclaimed king who never had a crown
You’re just a fool playing on and on in your paradise
Echoing without a sound

A detriment that was left behind
You’re a cheated king only in your mind
Keep playing on
But you’re a fool to believe you’re not wrong
Farewell, your reign is gone

6. Relativity

A life in which time won’t carry on
Actions seen as neither right or wrong
No reason, confused
And lost morals are the cost
Unaware, can’t connect
A cause with its effect
Guilty of sequential neglect

World’s sense of time
Falsely inclined
Premonition denied
Life without sense
No consequence, deliverance
Reckless futility, confined

Ignorance, futureless
Apocalyptic repetition
Live every moment as if it were your last one
Reckless abandon
Chronological insanity
Sinners blind to the error of their ways
Global virtuistic haze

All that you see and that will ever be abandoned
Life gone astray
World in disarray
Price that you pay
Living without a reason

7. Waste Of Life

Obsession lies in
Counting down the days
Afraid to die
Cerebral maze
Life, self preservation
Decaying mind

Fear rises
The years go by
Protection complexion
Can’t outrun
Imminent outcome
Death prevention

Deathly afraid to die
Living a lie, waste of a life
Fear of the reaper’s scythe
Avoid inevitable doom
Terror destroys and consumes
Disillusions are resumed, consumed

Release me from premeditated pain
Hate consumes me
Waste of life, already died

Release from panic is the prize
Futile existence realised
Solution suicide

Conquer despair, terror
Meet death without a care

8. Casualty Of War

Victory is a long forgotten past
Memories never to outlast
Apparition of things I’ve seen before
My mind is a casualty of war

Enemies, vivid scenes
Violent screams
Nameless man, fallen land
For which it stands

Fight for god, for freedom
War without a reason
Kill just for the thrill

Lies that affected my mind
I just did what they told me was right
Was what I did justified?

Hope is gone, my final night
Sanity is a privilege not a right
Leave me, be gone, haunting no more
I am now a casualty of war

Fight their war
And kill your mind

9. More Than Words


10. At The Mountains Of Madness

Arctic terror, icy death
This frozen hell they found below
Prehistoric, mankind
Creatures from the dawn of time

At the mountains of madness

Forgotten city, ancient myth
Shallow declension of all life
Mutilation, insanity
Your supernatural existence

11. Empire Tomorrow

Paid to pretend
Means to oppressive ends
Say what you will
Plenty of truth to bend
Syndicate, simulate
Stay away from authentic words
Reinforce the fear of what was not seen and can’t be heard

Take the fear, make it real
Tell them what they all should feel
Oblivious to what is true
What you don’t know will hurt you
Influence in the wrong hands
Model a puppet call it a fan
Lead the way, the world will follow
Entertainment today
Empire tomorrow

Appeal to primal nature
Provide the image of truth
They all would live and die for
Intimidate, contaminate
Annihilate their sense of right and wrong
Panic is today’s hot new fashion

If it bleeds it leads, if it’s pure just lie
And if it’s innocent, then it fucking dies
Breaking news, this just in
We built the coffin you’ll be buried in

Breaking the silence, removing the thorn
Repaying the violence, complacent no more
No concept of mercy, you taught us to hate
A disaster too late