Capharnaum - Fractured

Artist: Capharnaum
Release: Fractured

1. Ingrained

Christened as the abomination
Held down in his godly pose
Stitch me in conformity’s slab
Embroider my flesh in mechanical mode
I’m crucified for my existence
Nailed in obscurity
Coerced compliance

Why is this the way I must exist
So let it be known
That all conviction
Will bring the end
Of heathen flesh

Pull me to the stake
Dragged kicking and screaming
Pull me to the stake
Crucify my and my ignorance

As the flames torch me clean
My end becomes so clear
As the flames purify
Free to finally burn

I feel the light burning in my head
Self lamentation for shattered existence
A consecration for the clairvoyant
Now I bask in my carnal ash

2. Fractured

What of this world
A thing in which I can’t be
To taste for first time
Grim destruction bitter end
My skeletal self is melting
In separation of my mind and body
I realize that my cries jeopardise mortality

Amputation from the system
Lobotomise the soul
To destroy
The structural integrity

As a crust forms on the implants
A rotting up of the soil
Of all your inner abortions
Insanity takes its control

Dragging through the abyss
Deserted in amiss
Separation from life
Fractured me in the strife
In the separation of my body
A silent scream prevails me
Takes me

3. Perpetuate Catatonia

Insanity will be my captor
Taking its toll on my comprehension

It will be everlasting
A cage tormented catatonic
I feel lunacy in me
Its psychosis taking me over

Autopsy is my only birth-rite
Still beating necropsy for me
Dissection is my savior
I only hope that the blood loss kills me

Torch my body set me free
To roam the land of the dead

4. Machines

To bring us power, intelligence
Machines are running in our mind
When we dissect the natural elements
We see what’s left behind

Calibrate to attack
Empower me as they kill
In my dreams, I see the end
My fear prevails, I see machines

We will pay with our lives, back to the beginning
We are machines, breeding

5. Icon Of Malice

I am what you crave
When others turn their back
In your darkest moment of shame
With the hate you seem to lack
The hate that you lack

I’ll take your to a world where hate
And contempt dwell
I’m conjuring the spells that
Pours my hate into your heart

Come to me for your salvation
I will feed on your resentment
Making you a willing slave to this hatred
Icon of malice

You’ll see my way or shed your blood
Either way my hate has won
Pull back the veil to see my face
To your surprise, it’s your own

6. Reins Of Humanity

In resurrection it may be the time
To grab humanity by the reins
In times of ruling it’s the pyre
That bring the enslaved to their knees

It’s me, the chaos sphere that rules this land
It’s me, the chaos sphere heed my command
Through fire, I will bring this land
Through war a blazing inferno

Hatred feeds me, quenches the thirst
To see war amongst humans
I taste rage in the bodies to murder
No mercy, no sympathy, just torment
In resurrection it may be the time

To grab humanity by the reins
In times of ruling it’s the pyre
That bring the enslaved to their knees

7. The Scourge Trial

It bleeds, it feeds, it kills on the scourge of your life
It bleeds, it feeds, it kills, aftermath of the knife
I feel it will be this time, that life’s no longer mine
Feasting on the blood of self
Perpetual beast, unveiled self

Freedom from the self
Freedom from the beast

8. Refusal

Leeching off the blood of old
Lasting gaze turned heart of tone
Tear the heart out beating cold
Skinned pulled apart then drip the bone
Conceived in blood
Is the untruth

Occultist ritualistic birth of a new god
Abhor the pure who lay in light
Clawing at night
Behold masterful unload
Tear me from this life I once knew
Carnivorous perversion
Spiral down into dementia
I refuse the possessed

Carnivorous perversion
I refuse the possessed