Bolt Thrower - For Victory

Artist: Bolt Thrower
Release: For Victory

1. War


2. Remembrance

Nightmare world
Reflected as a dream
Vision blurred

This surely cannot be twisted now
Far from reality
Delving into depths
Mankind’s depravity

Violated planet
World bureaucracy
Graved with resentment
Global lunacy

Stricken thoughts
Terror overrides
Pierce the fragments
Of the mind

Deep regret now
Engraved upon the soul
Mortality now echoes
Throughout this world

Avarice leads to compulsion
Ruined world beyond recognition

When we understand
Will it be too late
To future generation
A legacy of hate

3. When Glory Beckons

When glory beckons with no regrets
On this day of sorrow, the course now set
End of life converges, a sweet release
Away from turmoil to find peace

Death now approaching
Where is victory?
At one with the earth
For all eternity
Pride now forgotten
Fighting for life
Strenght decreasing
Twisting the knife

Now to leave departure of the soul
With relief eternity unfolds

Do not be sad
The pulse now gone
The war of life continous
This battle now is won

Mourn no more
Reaching eternal rest
Remember with no sadness
The final request

Now to leave
Departure of the soul
With relief
Eternity unfolds

4. For Victory

As daylight returns
The fires of hope still burn
Crawl through darkened light
Sickened by the mournful sight
Tears fall from eyes
Not sure what has been done
Sorrow creeps throughout my soul
All is lost, none have won

The battle smoke remains
Begin to feel the pain
Alone now stagger on
Unsure how it begun
Through time war previals
Thoughts fears cast aside
Face the consequence alone
With honour, valour, pride

As fire fills the sky
We once believed in life
Now time to die
For victory

Now in death’s glory
Man’s final destiny
The final price to pay
For victory

They shall not grow old
As we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condem
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember them
We will remember them

5. Graven Image

Words cannot explain
Darkest thoughts within the mind
Centuries of hatred now subside
Commencing the birth of new life
Rise from the wreckage of the past

Words cannot explain the feeling of agony within
Anguish summoned, perception begins
All secrets now revealed, you cannot win
Searching in hope of a new age

All feelings put aside
Numbed by the vision
Nothing left alive
Facing devastation

Awakened in remorse
To rebuild from destruction
Recreate life’s evolution

No chance for redemption
All life now ceased
Pleading for forgiveness
There shall be no peace

6. Lest We Forget

War to end all wars
Hatred lost control
Casualties now mounting
Tales yet still untold
Life’s eradication of man now beyond all reason
Totally insane the human race becomes

Lest we forget
Thoughts will always haunt the mind
Lest we forget
The bitterness remains

Vast termination
Man made rationality
Complete elimination
Of life beyond brutality
Eternal resentment
Re-occurs time after time
Driven to despair
Extinction drawing near

Lest we forget
Thoughts will always haunt the mind
Lest we forget
The bitterness remains

Lest we forget
Thoughts will always haunt the mind
Lest we forget
The bitterness remains

Commence removal of all things valued in life
The persecution what was once believd right
Humanities objective now totally deranged
When ignorance transpires, this world becomes insane

7. Silent Demise

From darkness
Through mists of time
Centuries, aeons past
Requiem of mankind
Withdrawn in darkness
Prepared to die
Awaiting silence
Anticipation sublime

A silent demise

Indignant by nature
A tragedy profound
When put to the test
Determination found
Horror within
Dissipates away
Falling to your knees
The time has come to pray, to pray

To have no faith
Silent demise
Yet still believe
To have no faith
Silent demise
But not deceived

To have no faith, yet still believe
To have no faith, but not deceived
To have no faith, in all the lies
To have no faith, now as we die

8. Forever Fallen

Driven onwards past the point of no return
Into the unknown of lessons never learnt
Their names immortal, remembered evermore
In memory of glory
Forever fallen

Standing proud
Battles raging all around
Fading past
The revelation abound

Anger predominates the mind
Gathering all strength
Tenacity is found

Honour now forgotten
Fear lost inside
Despair no longer
At all wasted life

Their names immortal
Remembered evermore
In memory of glory
Forever fallen

Now forgotten
All thoughts of yours gone by
Fallen forever
Forever fallen
Life denied

9. Tank Mk I

As innocence dies
All tranquility subsides
Running trepidation
Isolated now
Separating all ideas
Must escape but how

With no loss of pride
Terror emerges from inside
Screaming from within
Taste the smell of fear
Feeling in the air
Damnation drawing near

No beauty in this death
Encased forever
Powerless to resist
As life slips away, away

No cries of pity
No reason to repent
We have condemned the future
Life cheaply spent

Technology arise
There shall be no compromise
The stunned arrival
Followed by the blind
Helplessly now falling
Leaving life behind

10. Armageddon Bound

On the edge, spirit begins to break
Chances unsure
Not much more you can take
Weakness grows, nerves start to crack
Far from safe, there is no turning back

A fine line between victory and defeat
At the midpoint, uncertainty complete
Confusion prevails, unsure which way to move
Holding no hope, there is nothing more
Nothing more to prove

Trying to discover what is right and what is wrong
Judged by false criteria, ideals strong
Misfortune predictable, lessons learnt before
Decisions now justified, perpetuate this war

This battlefield wide open, no territory gained
Within this wasteland, humanity constrained
Here in no man’s land, no mercy can be found
Delirious perspective, armageddon bound