Napalm Death - Fear, Emptiness, Despair

Artist: Napalm Death
Release: Fear, Emptiness, Despair

1. Twist The Knife (Slowly)

Gut level, below it all
Out of duty – just here

Feeling like a knife’s being twisted in the hole of how it is

False hope
An inch of pride that died when I left to hide
From non-stop battering of conditioned opinion

Rest assured but not assured, all is well
But I think we’ve dealt with the fear for far too long

Unborn suffer the norm
Born to this – I think not!
I stand against ’til the shit drops

We see all but do nothing, in the hole of how it is

2. Hung

Downwards, downwards
Life’s spiralling descent
All love is lost
Premature and unreasoning
Perversely chained without any values
Wretched, degraded
Take it all on the chin
To forever hold my piece…

The reins turned, noose pull, taunt as I fall
The figment is more painful than the fact
And I’m the one to hang, just for being me!
The murky clouds wash, solace comforts me not
And I’m the one to hang, just for being me!
Black numbing blanket smothers attrition once and for all

3. Remain Nameless

No place
My number’s up
Still not good enough

Sequestered, should I bow my head?
Not to be a part

Accept the ordeal, bar-coded
Cut the deals, downloaded
Succession strains

Denied, your words shattered

I’ll breathe the free air, and remain nameless

4. Plague Rages

Scale the inferno, take it all in
Am I right or wrong, or just confused?
Glamorised, dare I say it?
Fantasised, but through whose eyes?
Not theirs, that’s for sure!

Rebuff beliefs that we’ve lost
A plague rages in all our hearts
Am I the last in line?
To stop and turn, and pretend that we’re really changing
I’d sooner die!

5. More Than Meets The Eye

The clever box o’tricks tells me I’m paranoid
But as I uncover the sourness and decay
Echoes my suspicions

Civilised nations?
A contradictory farce
The species supreme speaks with acid tongue
There’s more than meets the eye

Thought process is geared to caution to the wind
We shuffle along discriminately, the danger signs ignored

Man goads woman, child strikes infant
Turned against each other of those who think it righteous
To liberate the wiser or those who punch hardest
For the land of competition
There’s more than meets the eye

Head swims, heart cries
Because hopelessness resides
When man last falls
Who’ll be left to fight?
There’s more than meets the eye

6. Primed Time

I’ve walked to the ends of the earth
And glanced into the eyes of those who were going the opposite way
They failed to bridge the gap
First contact was a threat and you could taste the surging unrest

Who wrote the law that opposites attract?
Who could be so naive?
Everyone trusts no-one

Looking out for number one
Ours is a primed time

The finite thrill of the loathing
A streak in our life bearing dreams

It strengthens to soothe the open wound, but ours is a primed time
It strengthens to soothe the open wound, but ours is a primed time

Do you think I want the upper hand?
Broken contracts
We sow infertile seeds and reparation pales

7. State Of Mind

To transgress out, out of a savage state of mind

A deep rooted, continuous outcry

Territory under rule
But from whom?
Do we choose the right to not choose to be fools?

To grasp greedily, a freedom from pride
A binding force, a source of strength

Territory under rule
But from whom?
Do we choose the right to not choose to be fools?

To be content to lose
An act of saving, of deliverance for a while
For the knowing smile of I told you so

Fear and its penalties, to utter such cries
I think the choice is there to under-rule

8. Armageddon X 7

Lest we forget scorched earth policies of megaton and hydrogen
And taut muscle of an armory that flexes
To show the world we mean business!

It’s all smiles and handshakes
But who moves to disarm?

We’ve cheapened time and evolution
To be violently erased is non-fiction
Those summits and peace treaties are just worthless words

It’s all smiles and handshakes
But who moves to disarm?

Radium, uranium – one more isotope to add the collection
The age of outrage has been reasoned into submission
And cries for peace are no longer in fashion
I wonder if we’ll see the point through cataracted eyes
Or draw breath from irradiated lungs
And sigh as we exit and die

9. Retching On The Dirt

I’m retching on the dirt, it’s earthiness coating my throat
I’m wincing on the bitterest pill
I refuse to swallow
I’m offered the warmth of a velvet glove, an iron fist to some

I’m hounded by white right might that wants the country pure
I’m incensed by those in awe of living amongst their own

Selective perfection will cut their own throats!

I’m constantly forcing the point
But we’re all retching on dirt
And we’ll choke if we don’t spit it out!

10. Fasting On Deception

So long we shared friendship, I thought but misguided

Finally you came then
What I knew you were all along

Spineless, you pretend to be what you’re not to me
And all around me

Two-faced and so self-centred

It works both ways
But you can’t feel you obsessions blinding you

You abuse, and for what do we get in return?

My last chance to repent
It’s your last chance
We’ll fast on you deception

After all, you’ve proved yourself
So many things maliciously absurd

I cannot trust you and I never will
Still a disillusioned friend

11. Throwaway

I’ve slipped the noose, the shackles are off
My maturity fixation outshines

It’s go for broke and fuck it all
With head held higher than thou

I am the man that used to care
Who was I then?

So quizzical with foresight
Now I’ve favoured to savour the flavour of nine-to-five intuition

Out with the old, in with the new regime
I sold my soul to the rebotised dream

I’m just an empty shell with integrity scooped out
A painted smile, a glass eye high on two that can’t cry

Touch me, I’m cold to the merits of real love
I stepped back from the edge when another slipped off

And all because society told me to