Merciless Death - Evil In The Night

Artist: Merciless Death
Release: Evil In The Night

1. Slaughter Lord

Devil’s servant under necromancer’s spell
Kill the victim before the chime of the bell
Venom-like steel, soon to slice flesh
The blade of death and destruction
Beheaded bodies lie in the path
Spelling misfortune from an unfinished task
A haunting from the deepest unknown
Life’s last rights killed in cold moonlight
Under the executioner’s command

Severing the head from the spine
Maggots will feast on the corpse in time
Evil priests condemn the soul
Life in hell, into the fiery hole
Masses chant an evil spell
Raising souls from which they fell
Sadistic force of unholy rule
More souls into deadly hell
Under the executioners command

2. Deadly Assault

Hot air tears your skin to shreds
Hell on earth has arrived
The scrolls of time foretold this tragedy
Man made weapons seal our fate
Cannibalistic deeds of the dead
Driven by the need for human flesh

Nuclear terror, genocide, warfare
Spread across the planet
Annihilate the population
Desecrate god’s creation
Rid the world of disease
Go to hell Satan awaits

3. Command Death

Betrayer in the
Eyes of everyone
Punishment of treason
Last price ’til death
Executioner waits
Ready to kill
Torture and pain
His sadistic will

Brought before
The judge and jury
A punishment of death is given
Life ends in slaughter tonight
Not the first, not the last
As shown in the past
Dragged to the altar of death

The noose goes around the neck
Strangled and gasping for air
Eyes are watching
For the flesh to tear
Before death can take the soul
The line is cut to torture more

Chanting masses offer more
Command death
Screaming victim dying in pain
Under the executioners command
Limbs ripped apart
Head decapitated

Surely dying now
Life forever faded
The punishment was death
For all to see
Paid with life eternally
Placed upon the cross
For others to see
Left to hang for display

4. Burn In Hell

Crucified upon the cross
Your sins condemn your soul
To them it’s a brutal loss
As Lucifer takes control
You’ll burn in hell for eternity
Your soul trapped in obscurity
Evil grips on your hand
As your ashes fall on scorched land
Burn in hell

See the horrors of our hell
As it traps you in its spell
You will not survive
Evil possesses your mind
As you burn upon the cross
To hell, you’re no fucking loss
Witness painstaking misery
Another life expendable

Demons rape the whore that burnt
Satan laughs and takes another turn
Torture, rape, and misery
This is all your eyes can see
Death will never truly end
Pain is your only friend

All around
Your skull cracks
Gut-wrenching sound
Peering into your soul
Satan laughs, takes control

You vomit in disgust
Watch the souls turn to dust
As your body starts to die
The pain will subside
Satan will desecrate your soul
Bound up to the abyss you’ll go
Crucified upon the cross
Your sins condemn your soul
To them it’s a brutal loss
As Lucifer takes control
Burn in hell

5. Exumer

Murderer, torturer
Call him what they will
Exumer will return again
To make another kill
Tortured corpses left
In a watery grave
Never to rise from the sea
Merciless killings and raping and pain
Torturing them ’til their final plea
Once they die for the last time
Their lives will be taken away
They will not remain the next day

Crush, kill, destroy
He’ll smash and thrash the dead
Attitude of aggression
A violent slice to the neck
Crush, kill, destroy
He’ll smash and thrash the dead
Attitude of aggression
Blood runs from your head

The hour of the dead is upon us
As their screams echo from the crypt
His menacing eyes causes fear in their face
They will die in this slaughter
Tortured skull, dying skull
They all suffer tonight
Left bloody and dying
On an altar of sacrifice
Evil in the night
Victims try to fight
There’s nowhere to run
Killing all ’til he’s done

6. Act Of Violence

Axe and sword
The jaws of death
Blood runs from your head

Burning flesh
Lays in hand
Deteriorates the mind

Without life I feel no contempt
Your weak skull, I’ll crush in my hand
Your pierced flesh

In dying terror
You bones lay everywhere
Ride the wings of death
To the realm of terror
Your life will continue in Hell

7. The Final Slaughter

Napalm destruction
Fills the skies
Horror and torment
In their eyes
One by one
The bodies fall
Taking their lives
They hear the call

Slaves to death’s door
Infinite tribulation of fire
Flash melts away
Falling into hell
Bound and chained with pain
Bones crushing heat
The meaning of sin

Souls on the brink of hell
Wait to meet Satan’s might
Terror never ending
In the unholy light
Eternity draws

Holding pain
Gripping fear
To the place where
Blood runs free
Eyes grasp
The hell that is seen

Now in death in hell
Churches cannot save you
Wanting their
Souls destroyed
Suffer and wait for
The toll of the bell

8. Ready To Kill

The future comes an unstoppable force
The end of the world is at hand
They come to kill and rape what they can
Their seed is all they care for

Armies die in the blink of an eye
Their power surpasses our own
Technology and numbers are at their side
How will we ever survive?

Their weakness, known to only one man
The one who tears their flesh
The weapons, the ammo, the arsenal, the gear
He’s ready to save mankind

Ready to kill
Ready to kill
Ready to kill
Ready to kill

Now, death rings in his ears
Bullets – the sound of pain
Shotguns, lasers – the way that you die
He acts as though it’s all a game

He’ll bash your brains all over the floor
He’ll blow your body to bits
No one messes with Earth and lives
Mankind’s saviour is here

Standing above you he smirks as you rot
They never thought that he would win
He did it not for honour or glory
But only for tits and ass

Ready to kill
Ready to kill
Ready to kill
Ready to kill