Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

Artist: Cult Of Luna
Release: Eternal Kingdom

1. Owlwood

Fear roams throughout this land
Where no man dare tread
Dark shapes protect the one, not bound by laws or flesh

Days of isolation
Regret dominates
Unwilling to face what awaits outside
When lights are gone, woodland comes alive
Fire is born into their eyes

Ghost of this age
What the creek take
From a wretched state rose the willing

2. Eternal Kingdom

His throne is unthreatened
No man dare to challenge
Emperor in stone, ruler in disguise
Take on life form, pass through the fields

Let kingdom come
Eternal order done

Here they collect
The oath of servants
By the mountain side
Follow the pack

Caveman trapped inside
Trees and beings come to life
Emperor in fire, ruler in disguise
Take on life form, caught in the fields

Come alive you sovereign
Gather the herd and lead the way

3. Ghost Trail

Beyond time I travelled
No space has bound me
Follow the will I know
The eternal order revealed

Past my dreams, all doubt disappeared
My vision became clear
Treachery is the poison and the union is in our blood

The king, with beak and talons
The king, in the form of man
Nothing escapes those eyes
He sees everything

4. The Lure (Interlude)


5. Mire Deep

A wolf pack gathering around the holy fire
To serve shadow master centre bound
Mighty eagles soar one last time over minions that found their demise

Storm filled skies, feel death come crawling
Land of ice, black chief comes marching

The vibration of mammoth striding
Ground is cracking, trees are trembling
The sight of fearless creatures devastates
Empowered to the teeth

Almighty emperor
Guide me through mire deep
Almighty emperor
Show me their true belief

He, ursmen’s overlord

6. The Great Migration

Heed the capercaillies call
A premonition of an oncoming war
Leave behind all that you hold inside

The howls gets stronger, they are coming
Wicked is the atmosphere
Ungodly is the swell
Our bodies explode in true emotions

Let the beacon fires burn
The night is ours
A maternal light illuminates these last moments
Far above the truth, we find and we all return to hell

7. Osterbotten


8. Curse

Tonight I mourn the loss of heart and soul

The path is taken
The curse received
Dark and barren in the winter night
Shadows move along the tree line

A life is cleansed in blood
Cleansed by these guilt hands
Purged in a hollow soul
Scorched and punished

At the harbour I waited
Kept an eye on the Baltic Sea
Across these eastern waters a country of filth and dirt
He emerged from the forest, how did he know?
I damn this forsaken land
Still the moon is looming low

9. Ugin


10. Following Betulas

Awaken in the silent night

Alone, inland hysteria
I am a stranger in this land
Here I kneel before you

Oh, solemn glory

Standing together on the hill
Nothing is spoken, but understood
Below, a procession of wooden men
Swinging their tree trunks in the wind

The white birches are alive, they are marching