Wormrot - Dirge

Artist: Wormrot
Release: Dirge

1. No One Gives A Shit

No one gives a shit

2. Compulsive Disposition

Have you ever felt the need
To dispose your enemy?
Generate the pain
And get away with nothing

Erasing your worst enemy is easy
Disposition is the only answer
To peaceful humanity

3. All Go No Emo

No time to sob over broken hearts
All go, no emo

4. Public Display Of Infection

Surrounded by infestation of kids
Loitering mindlessly with no directions and beliefs
Trying really hard to impress publicly
With a half fucked mentality

This trend has been rising can’t you see?
No, there is nothing we can do about it
We don’t give a fuck anyway
Suffer from the public display of infection
Public display of infection

5. Overpowered Violence

Driven to a world of bullshits
Drench in blood domination
Overpowering, overtaking
Uncontrollable act
Rapid bashing into mindless barrage mission
Vehemence overloading

More than just violence
Catastrophically complex mass killing field
Global domination
Overpowered violence
Victorious over some stupid shit

6. Semiconscious Godsize Dumbass

Fucking retards
Taking over
What a treat
Blasting hatred
Aimless shooting
At the fucking freaks
What is there to be proud of?

Stupefied, mental response
Dull as fuck
Semiconscious god size dumbfuck
Now it’s time to die
Kill those fucking pigs
Now rot in dirt
You piece of shit

7. Spot A Pathetic

Spot on
What the fuck?
I thought you’re dead
Living in hell and rot for good?
Why the fuck
You’re still loitering then
Back to hell where you belong

Existence, not wanted
Pathetic pile of disgrace
Sick and tired, ego filled
New generation?
You don’t belong
An old timer

But pure assholes breed
Be gone, you fucking failure
Fuck you
Spot a pathetic

8. Evolved Into Nothing

Working hard all your life
Trying to achieve something
But in the end you ended up
With the same old bullshit or dead

Nobody is here to give a fuck about you
No goddamn way you blockhead fuck
There is no point bragging
Because you have evolved
Into nothing
Give up you foolish, hopeless
Useless cunt

9. Butt Krieg Is Showing

Get a fucking proper pant
Lurking shadow start to show
Caught up with these evil grim
Looking at your drooping pants
Darkness starts to fucking grow
Blasphemous endless glow
Goddamn it pull them up
I don’t need to see all of this

Why the fuck
Aren’t you pulling it up
Exposing more than enough
Is your ass fucking numb?
Leaving the whole humanity
To fucking barf

You self claimed
To be the most evil
Worshipping the Satan
And all the retarded beliefs
Well I got a fucking news for you
The only thing that is showing
Is your crack and
Pink boxer briefs

Sucked in and consume us all
Feeding until it’s fucking strong
Gorging on the human race
And in the end you pull it up
But with few seconds
The immortal butt krieg is showing
Again and again, oh not again!

10. Fucking Fierce So What

Fucking fierce so what!?

11. Ferocious Bombardment

The act of aggression
Drugged with senseless violence
Paralysed by the terror
Head first to the fucking ground
Numb with shock
Nothing but convulsions of laughter

In dreadful fucking fear
In agony he does it again
The act of aggression
Drugged with senseless violence
Paralysed by the terror
Head first to the fucking ground

12. Principle Of Puppet Warfare

What war?!
Freedoms of speech
Are just fucking words
Before you can voice it out
Gun points all around

Fucked up system
Forcing young ones
Lead to horrid suicide
Forcing humans on doing something
Ended up losing a fucking life

Principles of Puppet Warfare
Puppet warfare they control you
Every single fucking move
Clueless every single year
And there is nothing we can do

Live and losing lives day by day
Obey or get caught, freedom?
Don’t even think about it

13. Deceased Occupation

Working from night until day
Never once realise
You are under paid
You fucked your life
Your own willing
To stay in your shitty job

Feed on your own sweat and tears
All day long with nothing to say
Back home no one gives a shit
You have been deceased

It’s a matter of time
You have finished
Digging your own grave
All this while
You are actually dead

14. Waste Of Time

Waste of our time
Working our ass off
But no one really cares
Pouring down blood and sweat
They just stand with endless stares
No fucking clue, baffled all around
Get the fuck out

If you are annoyed
By so called noise pollution,
We have no clue
What are you still doing here?

Secluded in a pathetic spot
Covering your ears
Unwanted trash
Why are you still doing here?
Fuck off, what a waste of time

15. Stench Of Ignorance

Stench of ignorance
Fucking parasite
Exterminate your sorry ass
No mask can conceal
His ignorance and arrogance

Overbearing pride
Exaggerating opinions
Realised in the wrong
But like a stubborn infection

Get a new life you fucking bastard
Ungrateful piece of worthless shit
Stench of ignorance

16. Meteor To The Face

Meteor to the face
Die you fucking shit
Rotten humanity doesn’t exist
But you are still here
In front of my fucking face

Building anger overloaded
Get away from my face
Or I’ll show you fucking pain

Die now! Bastard!
Smash your brains
Impaling your eyes
Splatter head, massive ownage

17. Addicts of Misery

Live in isolation, sociopath needs
Stay the fuck away,
I’ll blow your goddamn brains
And I don’t need your existence

Solitude, psychopatic, gone insane
The fucking pleasure
Of self mental raped

Get away from me
It’s your fucking risk
Addicted to misery, just let me be

I am my own god, try to mess with me
And you’ll be buried
In your own fucking shit
So leave me alone

18. You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem

I don’t want to hear this again!
You suffer but why is it my problem?!

19. Erased Existence

Fucking erased
No way you are coming back
And start your bullshit again
Fuck off now
You don’t need to be here bastard

Forcing yourself to be
In the coolest generation
Forgetting the fact that everyone wants to watch you burn
Erasing your existence
You are nothing to us
But just a plain fucking wall

20. Back Stabber Mission Aborted

Consume by this circle of
Narrow minded fucking assholes
Antipathy strikes me to build up the rage
Obliteration at stake

Before you betary us
We have already stabbed you dead
Think before you fuck with us
We’ll blast you in your fucking head

Trust, disappearing
You are the occurrence
Of a change for the very worse

21. Destruct The Bastards

Exploding, vaporising
Face will be blown to bits
With splatter chunks of meat
No time to get away

You are now headless anyway
Exploded, vaporised, meteor to the face
Splatter chunks of meat

22. Plunged Into Illusions

Do you know that nobody can see you?
You are just an illusion
Do you know nobody gives a fuck about you?
Living in your own fucking world
Plunged into illusions

23. Manipulation

We don’t need you to tell us
What we should do
We are not your fucking scapegoat
To mess around with
Offensively, self-assuring
Sick intentions, dominating you

Harming people
Just to gain own advantage
Disobey, resort to violence
Do or die, mind corruption
Self exclusion

Go stab yourself in the face, manipulator
Stab yourself in the face
Ruptured minds are fucking disgrace

24. A Dead Issue

Back to hate
Killing starts now
Same old bullshit
Scum infested

Years gone by but still
Nothing is done
Contempt over a dead issue again

25. The Final Insult