Dillinger Escape Plan - Dillinger Escape Plan

Artist: Dillinger Escape Plan
Release: Dillinger Escape Plan

1. Proceed With Caution


2. I Love Secret Agents

I’m paranoid
Watching over you
Are you looking this way
Talking this way
So paranoid
I hide from you
So just stop breathing
Life has no meaning
When it’s not justified
So paranoid

3. Monticello

Watered down letters of hate
Creep in on me
I’ve watched that water drip into mud
As charred fingers stab at my eyes
No regrets can touch this soul
‘Cause I’m a devil in a three-piece suit
That good old green paint on paper

For now four walls closing
Stabbing at my fate
Soon dirt starts staring down that barrel
Turning water into wine
It never seemed so sweet
Turning faith into blind
It never was so easy

4. Cleopatra's Sling

I’ve masked myself so long
So why have you nursed these tears
And now it seems so clear
The life you gave is broken
Ugly humans round up razor blades
Taste that steel
Cold to the touch
Warm to your tongue
Cut it out to speak evil
God how will I defend to mother
Her hands will wrap around your neck
She’ll kiss you and call you ugly
It’s OK
We’ll just kill her too

5. Caffeine

Ravaged skies
Did you forget?
Have you forgotten?
Did you forget?
‘Cause it’s not over yet

The digital reads twenty to two
And the radio is screaming static
Rather burn you than love you
But I won’t be fooled into dreaming of parks that breathe
Instead I’ll have sweet nightmares of you
These days are over
I’ve turned the page and burned the book
Charcoal circles around your eyes
No regrets

6. Three For Flinching (Revenge Of The Porno Clowns)

You laugh
Stop laughing
I lack in self-esteem
Too little, too late
No one will find us here
Pointed fingers at painted faces
Don’t think twice
Just point and shriek
I bleed under makeup
While entertaining the fool
You laugh
Stop laughing
You stop, stop laughing

I sleep in you
Now death hunts
I’m the monster in your closet
When there is no front door
Oh, how that sounds so sweet
The bat to dumb cranium
Angry shadows caress corners
Come out to play
We’ll kiss the floor
So soft to the touch, it makes the world frantic
Come out to play
Stop laughing
Stop laughing, stop laughing, stop laughing