Lunaris - Cyclic

Artist: Lunaris
Release: Cyclic

1. Mendacities Of A Corporate Messiah

Positively indefinable
Definably indifferent
Corporate messiah to the paying
Salvation for free but at a cost

Dismiss the rational
On grounds to subdue
Absurdities to feed the sheep
The desperate consume the lies

A Hubbard to feed off the masses
A Miscavige to sicken the absurd
Through the web of greed bred on lies
Shines the mendacities of a corporate messiah

The science of lies not of lives

Lies to defeat the lies
An audit of the soul to reveal the fear
A fear to cradle the implanted seed
A seed to shadow the truth with lies

A serpentine infiltration in the ranks of the weak
A relentless corporate wheel of

Categorical dismissal
Of free thought
An officious syndicate
Of greed personified

I know my life
I know my origins
I need no
Sci-fi revelation


I know my brothers
I know their origins
They need no corporate messiah

2. IAD

Reveal my identity in the sequence of time
Demultiplex the entwined layers
Make a sense of it all

I have sought the pleasures of visions
Visions so disturbing
So unnerving

The downward spiral in a vertical climb misguided
Assist my quest for lasting equilibrium

Now my path leads me nowhere
But my destination is set
Falling through the layers of me
My cosmic deconstruction

A subtle statement of defiance in the vastness of all
Not to be outdone
But severely constrained
In chains of physics

Stranded within the confines of my limitations as a sentient being
Perplexed by my intolerable need for answers
For truth

My event horizon
The unreachable goal in the time-distant
The open door before me
Alluring yet unsurpassable

Not using the options presented to me
The fear of uncertainty
How do I quantify my fear
How will I attain my prize

Opposing forces
Pulling me all but anywhere
Cyclic yet progressive with a devaluating tendency
Screams of unfulfillment
Radiating cosmically
On a journey to universal acceptance

3. Lessons In Futility

To defy the laws of magic
To extend the boundaries of the limitless
To scream in a vacuum of emptiness
To seek repentance where none is offered
To observe without cause and effect
To kill where there is no life
I gaze upon my world in which my ruler is I
From introspection derived I am my hive

A mass destruction broadcast
Televised human progress
Digitised sanguine lust
A process of global conquest

A corporate holocaust
A homicidal engine

The threats are now dissolved
Step forward what may

Negativity from futility
Passive notions to conquest
Illuminate the bastardised cause
Remove it with our presence

To believe in the deities
To seek hope in the heavens
To set angels above men
And not to descent

4. Cyclic

Stars born from stars
Matter in no finite form
No definition fits as all is one

The lines are drawn as it cannot falter
Matter dispersed and again collected
In cyclic swirls of improbability
Not guided yet with function and purpose

Destruction gaining knowledge of creation
But knowing beginning and end
Physical laws bent but never broken
Ravished by chaos but calmed by its consistency

On my knees at the alter of the universe
Surging with it’s power as it is I
My subjective unimportance
Dwarfed by the totality that I am a part of

Not eluded by pietistic conception
But utterly devoted to the physics of provenance
Finite matter in ageless fluidity
The creation of matter and man

Ashes to ashes
A cyclic manifestation
Ashes to ashes
How right they are

As form withers matter transforms
The continuity of material rebirth
The visible ageless dance of cosmic renewal

In the darkness, I pray not for my soul
I revel in the brotherhood of matter

It holds the endless possibilities within the ultimate simplicity

5. Slaves Of Opinion

Words throwing words in a spinning circle of chaos
Only the blind man can see
They with a flickering tongue
And no face in the mirror to see

If you will
Then you can
You are the one you should be searching for
If you will
Then you can
You are the one you should be searching for
You are the cross you should be kneeling to
The only god you see in in yourself
You are the cross you should be kneeling to
The only god you see is in yourself

I see them stare at me
I hear them talk to me
I feel the hate in me

If you will
Then you can
You are the one you should be searching for
If you will
Then you can
You are the one you should be searching for
You are the cross you should be kneeling to
The only god you see is in yourself
You are the cross you should be kneeling to
The only god you see is in yourself

It’s not what they see in the mirror
It’s what is revealed beneath
How blind they have been
For two thousand years

6. When It Ends

Indifferent thoughts for a redundant reality
Proclaiming nothing for no one will hear
Necessity yields for self-indulgence
Struggle not, resistance is futile

A funeral pyre for society
Suffer the fate of our natural progression
Enjoy the end while it lasts
The sweet sensation of evolution

He wondered when it would come
He thought he wouldn’t be ready – he was
The last images of the age of humanity
Rejoice now for the future holds nothing

He sacrificed nothing consuming all
The path to nothing leaves him complete
The sights and sounds delivered
The lights go down with the curtains

When all is reckoned
All is naught
When all is reckoned
All is fought

7. Casualties Of Peace

Alone was I in craving control
Of my solitary existence
Denied my plights
Denied my life
Denied my right to die

All his life donated to a sense of liberty
Gaining nothing more than self-conceit
Hordes in blindness
Shrinking minds
Devaluating words
A final scene is set to be revealed

”The resistance against war is about taking a stand against fundamental path
We, the people of this great nation, demand an immediate stop to all hostilities
From all sides in all conflicts, and expect the world to back our words up with… more words?”

Victory at hand
Battles won
Our curse overcome
Pacifist pleasures
Non-violent treasures
Finally undone
Uprisings fallen
Society expelled
A future at hand
Misanthropic measures
Flesh burnt to ashes
Paradise in our land

More words
Stains of mind
No reaction
Logically blind
War in our time
War in no time

Alone was I in craving control
Of my solitary existence
Denied my plights
Denied my life
Denied my right to die

8. Existence Unveiled

What is and what is not
What is won and how it is done
What will never be undone

What has been and never was
Truth inferred from struggles lost
What will be and might be done

I started as a coincidence
A failure condemned to torment
A mere consequence of my predecessors choices

I am the meaning of myself
I am the meaning of existence

In the prediction put before me
The path paved with life
Obsolete conclusions of lives prelived
This path no longer holds my destiny

I am the meaning of myself
I am the meaning of existence

9. Altruismens Gravol

Vi er
Født av våre tilfeldigheter
Pint av våre tilbøyeligheter
Korsfestet av våre egne tanker
Reist opp av våre egne gjerninger
Dømt til å herske av vår uslitelige vilje til evig liv

I vårt nettverk av løgner
Er du i front for hetsen
Som en foreldet sviker
Står du frem mot resten

Du har skrevet om på
Vår tradisjon av svik
En verden full av konflikter
Er formet i vårt bilde

Jeg har min sti på den brede vei
Pinsler og plager de kommer fra deg
Gjør deg selv til din neste opphøy meg

Hevnen og hatet i ett mot strømmen
Klar til å drepe den fredelige drømmen

Æres meg som æres bør
Ingen er der når jeg dør
Hersker i mitt eget rike
Over alt vil fromhet vike

Jeg er
Min helt
Mitt motstykke
Min nemesis
Min grud

[Rough English translation:

We are
Born by our coincidences
Pint of our inclinations
Crucified by our own thoughts
Risen up of our own deeds
Doomed to rule out our unimaginable will for eternal life

In our network of liars
Are you in front of the hat?
As an outdated fool
Looking forward to the rest

You have rewritten
Our tradition of fraud
A world full of conflicts
Is shaped in our image

I have my path on the wide road
The pains and bother they come from you
Do yourself next, exalt me

The revenge and hatred in one against the flow
Ready to kill the peaceful dream

Honour me as the honour of honour
Nobody is there when I die
Resolve in my own kingdom
Above all, piety will fail

I am
My hero
My counterpart
My nemesis
My anger]

10. In Nothing

Refined clouds of disobedience
Infectious violence fuels the fire
A futile struggle for a futile race
Positioned on the brink of nothing never

An expired sentiment of justice
Spiralling downward, ever forward
The acceptance of mediocrity
Walk the path to the beginning

The search for existence
Shadowed by the ravish of all
Persist in your quest insect
I greet my merger with time

An ingenuity of coherence
Ignited by an error so small
Resist in your beliefs my friend
Lay your fears behind

Destined for a regulated reality
A digitised mass ritual life
The incontestable fact of persistence
And you question your purpose

I take solace in being
Matter in the cosmos
A nondenominational speck
In nothing

I bring chaos to order
Extolled in perfect disharmony
An irrelevant leap of faith to nothing

Blinded by my own experience
The force of habit revealed
A light that shines so dark
From nothing

Sequence in disorder
Specialised in quantum unity
A historic part of all of nothing

11. Mot Natt

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