Oceano - Contagion

Artist: Oceano
Release: Contagion

1. Precursor To Enslavement

Replacing God, human hands conceive and contort a vile creation
A fatal form is about to be born
A curse that’s birthed with a purpose
Fear is an infallible distraction when populations confirm
Propaganda blinds them all while before their eyes
The blueprint to a deceptive design unfolds

An infectious catalyst has been utilised and deployed
To initiate and spread the installment of new order
The encroaching wave invades your home
Silence with no trace of its presence
This was created to destroy

Silent, with no trace of its presence and created to destroy

This is pain
This is real bloodshed
And you’re surrounded by suffering
No precaution can spare you from infection
This was created to destroy

This is pain
This is real bloodshed
And you’re surrounded by suffering

Sharing in these repulsive transformations
Your family watches in horror as the symptoms take hold
Vomit spews and internal acids burn your throat
Blood flows from every orifice, your body’s virulently overtaken

Conditions worsen as skin cracks and begins to peel
The fissures spread exposing flesh
Skin cracks and begins to peel
The fissures spread exposing flesh

You are the first to fall victim to instant contagiousness
Skin cracks and begins to peel
You are the first of many to suffer from this epidemic
The precursor to enslavement

2. Viral Re-Animation

The streets are overflown with the presence of stagnant corpses
The first victims of infection
Their stricken bodies omit a formidable stench of dermal decomposition

The vile scent of death has crept unto your doorstep
Intruded your sensory glands, stimulating a thirst for further investigation
An urge you should never have acted upon

Oblivious to the perils you’ve entered
Presumed to be dead, the infected are resurrected

Like a swarm they approach with malicious intent
And amongst them all you’re surrounded

The starving horde overtakes you
Teeth and nails desperately serrate through delicate flesh
Their abuse rips open fresh wounds, exposing your blood to their hazardous pathogens

You’re now one with the infected
Soon to be revitalised by an unholy resurrection

Let it spread

With each person infected, the contagion grows stronger

Virally re-animated through a continuous cycle
You have risen as a vessel of contaminants by which the contagion shall spread

3. Regulated Disposal Of Life

Increasingly civilians contract the infection at an alarming rate
Flooding nearest cities in a rampage to satisfy their now instinctive thirst
Depopulating the human race

A manhunt is upon us by a selective few appointed under governmental regulation
To track and exterminate the infected in an effort to resolve their disastrous situation

Possessing endless amounts of weaponry
Authorities unleash their personal army of hired mercenaries
Paid to wage war against an ongoing adversary

Upon first sight of the infected, they fall victimised to gunfire
In an emotionless disposal of life, this has become another inhumane display of execution

Remnants of exploded skulls and floating grey matter
Hundreds of bullet-filled bodies litter the streets
The pavement’s soaked red as a result of bloodshed
Another town’s left in ruin by the war against infection

4. Quarantine

You awake to the putrid stench of decomposing flesh
Welcome to oblivion
Do not pray, for salvation won’t come
Your saviour does not dwell in this place

So turn your back on your faith
It only further holds you captive
You are the bastard dying children of this race
Turn your back on all faith

A desensitised state of consciousness disables every attempt to recall your origin
The sight and pungence of scorched human remnants foreshadow the purpose of containment

Showing symptoms of the afflicted ones
You’re forcibly secluded from the general populous
Restrained, sedated, and internally tested
Archaic instruments have penetrated flesh

Painfully extracting blood in search of virulent, crimson spray stains the walls
Their draining torture device induces seizure
Vital signs are weakened
Sickness flows from every artery
And there is no hope of survival for the diseased

You are the bastard dying children of this race
Condemned and left in quarantine

There is no hope for survival
Sickness flows from every artery

Embrace oblivion
You are the bastard dying children of this race

5. The Contaminated

As migraines become overwhelming, perception is rendered contorted
Mentally you’ve grown unstable
Devoid of human emotion
Something has burrowed into your psyche
Forcing you to lose touch with your own self
A transformation is apparent
You’re becoming what was once unimaginable

Alive but deceased!
Revived so long as life is drained completely
Alive but deceased

What remains is a symbiotic co-existence interdependent upon the blood and the flesh

Recognising the illness which threatens your body
You attempt to repress a horrid envisionment
That of your ill-fate, and the torment you’ll face

For sustenance of what dwells within
You are beckoned to satisfy its internal urge to feed
Coerced to murder if necessary
Possessed to consume decaying organisms that lie beneath

Instantly vomiting upon devourment

This appalling display of demoralisation brings forth insight to your disease
Damned forever to scavenge this land
Further transforming into a monster that’s alive but deceased
Revived so long as life is drained completely

As one of the infected, accept the fact that you’re damned

6. Exist In Confinement

The apprehensive conditions of our nation
Is now expunged within human nature.
Surrender severely subliminal,
Upon the mercy of apparitions
Whom expressed little incentive deliberation.
In exchange for their beliefs do merely exist.
Below their pedestal of deceit,
Provided a mental solitude for extract from their design.
The outside is truly like a fine minute of this life.
Do you decide to fight in resistance?
Do you dare defy what subsequent exist in confinement?

7. Persuasive Oppression

Infiltrating defenses and evolving with every strand, the contagion shall continue to spread

Stranded in a devastated wasteland of contaminants
The population is slowly depleting in distress
What remains of a helpless civilization is depleted by an invisible threat

So government drastically exerts its power
Through the provision of new laws
And enforcement of home invasions to search and extract those infected

Containment camps are erected for protection under the ”anti-contagion act”
A document that holds no truth within its pages and provides no real solutions

This is a persuasive attempt to further oppress you
This is corruptive

Witness a greater vision
To purify the nation of its ailments, human rights are compromised
Marshal law is put in effect to suppress public action and freedom of speech
Politics swiftly evolve into a fascist tyranny

Witness a greater vision

Infiltrating defenses and evolving with every strand, the contagion shall continue to spread
This is a greater vision, a long awaited master plan
Which will begin and end in your oppression

8. Weaponized

With retinas exposed towards an empty sky, the majority relies on religion
Citing God as a scapegoat for this unrelenting plight
Such devastation is not divine
The corruptive hands of our leaders orchestrated their own nations decline

Deceivers, transposing fear into a mechanism to delude their fraud
Such devastation is not divine
Don’t believe their lies
This plague was weaponized!

Such devastation is not divine
These are lies

You have been betrayed
Overruled by an isolated state of secrecy
That shall stimulate new birth into an age of suffering

The population has contracted a viral infliction of life
And now questions arise

What shall be done with the damned?
So what shall be done with the damned?

This plague was weaponized with no source of antidote
The only cure is genocide

This plague was weaponised
Extermination is the only cure
So fall to your knees, they have you defeated
Fall to your knees, they have you defeated
Fall to your knees and die

9. Sadistic Experiments

Government has influenced and orchestrated abduction of civilians
For use as subject in secretive experiments
Forcibly exposing them to deadly pathogens

Survival was never the outcome expected

Survival was never expected
Tests are conducted to observe a fatality of their infection
Created with only harmful intent of slowly killing its host
And increasing the potential to spread

You are chosen, the first casualty to demonstrate its bodily affliction

Suspended from appendages, your spinal cord is punctured
The virulent’s injected in an agonizing procedure

Monitored at distance, initial ailments run its course

Veins protrude and begin to rupture
Flesh separates, hanging from weakened limbs
Boils inflate with plasma, spontaneously bursting through the skin

Your body is disfigured

This experience continues to worsen as infection fully takes over

Subjective to their sadistic experiments, you are transformed into a sight of abomination

10. Remnants Aflame

Every contagious strand must be wiped away
Located and declared completely absent
A national vaccination is underway to eliminate the presence of infestation

The presence of infestation must be eliminated at any price

Purging a curse which they created
To coercively transform the populous into slaves
The final goal is to depopulate, and a murderous cleansation process begins

Immersed in filth, single file and blind-folded
The infected are imprisoned in awaitance of death
Instantaneous as contamination, they are viciously slain by a barrage of ammunition

Casualties quickly accumulate
Casualties quickly accumulating

Each blood-soaked corpse is gutted
Innards disgorged, scraped barren for experimentation
Empty and left for a massive stockpile to form, the rotted corpses are torched
Bodies carefully cast aflame
Until the soil is littered with the steaming white ash of their remains

11. Ending Intellect

Were your plans to overthrow?
I’ll let you experience struggle
Ignoring suggestive influence, your intellect has merely lead you to martyrdom
Which shall serve as a deterrent for those who chose to follow

Corrupting public thought, influencing paranoia
Breeding a new infectious plight based off mental terrorism
For such defection, find punishment in execution
(Your execution)
For such defection, find punishment in execution

Now face the repercussions of these acts

Tortured, nearly beaten to death
Your tongue is severed from your mouth
A reminder that there’s no freedom of speech anymore
As your soul bleeds out, your body shall be left to rot
And the rodents to feed upon your corpse

Silence is simply that easy

You have failed to deconstruct a flawless design
Bow to a real oppressor

Your voice and mind are the true contagion
So you must be exterminated