Hate Eternal - Conquering The Throne

Artist: Hate Eternal
Release: Conquering The Throne

1. Praise Of The Almighty

Praise this massive force of hate
Praise the strength of thee
Worship all they have become
I am one with thee

I await the powerful entities
To enact my destiny
I anticipate to obliviate
I must summon thee

Praise the almighty ones
Praise the strength of thee
Worship all they have become
Become one with thee
Praise the old darkest ones
Thy mighty force of thee
Worship all they have become
Succumb all to thee!
Succumb all to thee!

In awe I gaze
At absolution
Staring through the haze
Of the blackened skies

Praise of the almighty
Praise of the almighty

In awe I gaze
At pure perfection
Wandering through the haze of
The blackened skies

Praise of the almighty
Praise of the almighty

2. Dogma Condemned

Scriptures written for faith
By the power it exists
Pages formulated by faith

In these pages exists the dogma condemned
Dogma condemned

Encaptured the souls of many
Mindless minions
Praising lies
Enraptured the hearts of many
Stricken with pitiful lies
Engulfed in pathetic preaching
Taught by the blind
The weak, the foul
Trapped in so-called pure beliefs

In these pages exists the dogma condemned
Dogma condemned
Dogma condemned
Dogma condemned

Have you been forsaken
By your so-called deity
Exiled from the land of purity

Have you been forsaken
By your so-called deity
Exiled from the land of sanctity
I deify no one
I deify no one

3. Catacombs

O ye of eternal fire
O ye of the endless rain
O lord, reveal thyself to me

O ye of eternal fire
Reveal thy sun to me
O, I beckon thee
Bring upon the dawn
Reveal thyself to me

Rise up from the ancient tombs
Grant us all your infinite wisdom
As you arise from the catacombs

Lord of Mictlan
Land of the dead
Deity of death and darkness
That which lies upon the graves

They the ancestors said, that it is through
The sacred spirits, that all live!

He who makes the day
Recreate the sun
He who makes the night
Recreate the moon
He who makes the storms
Supplicate us with rain
He who makes the wind
Supplicate us with force

I cast myself unto flames
Reveal thy sun to me
In order that the dawn may break

4. Nailed To Obscurity

Pretenders to the throne of I
Confined and diseased
In a life so habitual
Epitome of my creation
Weak attempts in a world
You could never grasp

I demand the blood
Drained from the bodies of the ones
Who deceived me
I demand the flesh
Stripped off the bones
And burned of its sanctity
I demand the soul
Cast into fires
Of an everlasting hell
I demand the memory
Erased from my mind
And never to return

Chaos in the form of order
Stygian visions
With the ability to crush
Heresy denies the threshold
Lost are the ones
Who fall short of my ordinance
Sinful in the ways so ageless
Born to the shrine
Of unearthly creation
Prophecy of the shadow
Impaled on the bones
Of the failed and forgotten

5. By His Own Decree

I proclaim thee
To hear my demands
I invoke thee
Grant my commands
Self indulgence
Self fulfillment
The very essence

By his own decree
He grants thy wisdom and thy strength
By his own decree
Denounce the self-righteous hypocrites
By his own decree
We defy your sanctimonious beliefs
By his own decree
We indulge ourselves in glorious freedom

I proclaim thee
Reveal thy master
I invoke thee
Reveal thy eternal flame
Bearer of fire
Bearer of truth
The very essence

He shall arise
And gratify thee
He shall devise
A scheme of enlightenment
He shall retain
His strength beside him
He shall sustain
His power of the earth

6. The Creed Of Chaotic Divinity

By this ancient creed
The ancestry of thee
For centuries of times
All their kind
The inheriting of the earth
Of this predestined rebirth
The rising from below
Fear all mortals for what they shall

The creed of chaotic divinity
Command thee
To wreak havoc upon the earth
The creed of chaotic divinity
The creed of chaotic divinity
Rise and defeat
The flock of this feeble kind
The creed of chaotic divinity

Conjure all
So they may sustain
Their race
Of what they must retain
Spew forth
Incantations in vain
All that they try to negate
Enchant all of their wonderful splendour
All of the texts that are sacred
All that has been begotten
All that has been forgotten

7. Dethroned

Wiped away, my dismay
Misery beckons me
I besiege
Hate I preach
I am the one who will conquer and master all

Tear away
Kneel before he who has killed
And will kill again

I despise
Crucify all those who refuse my monarchy

Enthrone thee
Let me reign in lunacy
Plague befall all
Cleanse baptise thee
Grant me strength through blasphemy
Plague befall all

God, exalt me
Your world bathes in misery
It has begun

8. Sacrilege Of Hate

My rage intensifies
The weak purifies
The meek crucifies
My total hate

Struggling with conflict
Over my deep seeded hate
Striving with constant angst
Breed all of my pain
Bleed all of my pain

Fighting with anger
Overcoming all that is sane
Writhing to be ordained

Feeding on grief
Needing pain
Ever so deep
Reasoning through rational
Breed all of my pain
Bleed all of my pain

Seeking my vengeance
Feeding on pity and empathy
Searching for infamy
Blessed with blasphemy

I live off all of the meek
Your feebleness so weak
With greed I solidify your fate
I’ll bleed you of your hate

9. Spiritual Holocaust

Born aware
Yet destined not to be
To an entity of pain you serve
Taken from the light
Nourishment through spite
Depleting human decree
Chronic infliction through a sickened will
The many that stain this earth
It doesn’t matter who must suffer
When your sickness claims rebirth

Upheaving desire
Heinous in its wake
Abandonment of life
This baneful mistake
Sickness now unfolds in you
To death you

Spiritual holocaust

Pagan messiah, the almighty fiend
Abode of damned

Spiritual holocaust

Plead for forgiveness
You can’t resist its temptation

Spiralling permanence
Merciless decadence
Unethical banishment
Fall before that which summons you

Imminent dormancy
Heinous atrocities
Demons that beckon me
That which to escape is to die

Spiritual holocaust
Spiritual holocaust

10. Darkness By Oath

Welcome to my realm of hate
So pure
Revel in my disgust so obscure
Writhe in my rage
This relentless stage
Of my existence in this state

I swore by oath of darkness
Of legion
Of one
I swore by the truth

I swore my alliance to darkness
Of legion

Of many
I swore by my faith
By my strength
I await the ever-present overboding entities
Initiate my path of deceit
Initiate my reign of disdain

Bring forth decades of misery
Return thyself to the throne
Emancipate thee from binding

Bring forth centuries of pain
Return thyself to the eternal
Emancipate thee from binding

11. Saturated In Dejection

A passion for my rage
With my sights of darkness
The atrocities at hand I must bare
Entangled in a state
So cold
So dormant
My sickened rageful state
My hateful lair

Saturated in dejection
Saturated in dejection

Hardened by this reality
Sights of vengeance
Ever so clear
Compelled to rejuvenate
This world of hate
Into a mass of chaos and fear

Saturated in dejection
Saturated in dejection

The sickening things that I witness
I derive distinct visions from
The sickening thoughts
That they confess
Hatred at its purest form

I now become my saving grace
Viciously repelling my disgrace
My reasoning is out of control
Constituting reformed laws

So compelled to what I’ve witnessed
Mesmerising, so enticing
I revel in their grief
I confess
My vision is my religion

I now become my saving grace
Exiling all this human waste
I deny your emotions
You perjurers
Deny your falsifications
You perjurers
You perjurers
You perjurers