Blood Red Throne - Come Death

Artist: Blood Red Throne
Release: Come Death

1. Slaying The Lamb

I reinforce the machinery playing with your mind
Manage to climb all the way to the leader
Environment of perfection will never drift by the reason to create the energy

Fuck the creations of the missile
Inscriptions speak your destiny
Man and its contents, never to rise again
Energy hovered over the earth no more
Machinery takes your pride, machinery takes your mind
Minority rules the earth
Feel the rage pounding
Calculated to inject the poison

Calculated to erase man
Modified to carry out murder
Selected to be the one slaying the lamb
The flames touch your face
Gun barrels making its way through your chest
Alive but no breathing

The clock ain’t ticking
The clock ain’t real

2. Deranged Assassin

An eerie cold takes hold of my soul
Perverting my will, will demanding a kill
Your blood shall be shed, my steel you will dread
Insanity reigns as I rip off your head
Into the abyss of death you will fall, forgotten by all
Squeal like a pig as you meet your dark fate
You cry out for help but your scream comes too late

Hungry axe eating flesh
Through madness my dreams are fulfilled
Twisted voices whispering in my head
Telling me not to stop until you are dead
Everybody will know my name
With my unspeakable doings I have entered the dark hall of fame

Chaos internal
Destruction infernal

My urge to murder has grown stronger, can’t wait no longer
Crazed aggression set free, true value of man I now see
I’m the deranged assassin, enslaved by misanthropy

My bloodthirst is endless

3. Rebirth In Blood

Weeping, those who strive
Mortal, you will die
We march, no more
Waiting for the dead to show

I will see them burn in their own flames
I will hunt them down with their own sword
I will spill their blood in their own house

Desultory, will of the world
Killed by their own god
Killed by their brothers
New world rising
An unseen dimension
Rebirth, through this new experience religion of nothing

And still I search for a meaning for my strings
To sound like the horn that kept me in this trance
The creator, they slay
They’ve taken his head
We’ve taken their eyes
Drinking their own blood to survive
I saw him and I’m still alive
Where’s your holy god?

Consider yourself dead as you walk through the city
Designed just for people like you
No one cares if you’re bleeding
Bait for others
Machines of the unknown
Starts ripping your eyes, your head
Showing of weakness in your life

In the dark hours you will see nothing but light
Pain will be reality itself

4. Guttural Screams

Guttural screams echoes in the dark
Silenced only by a murder of crows
Another victim made sacrifice
Blood spilt on the throne as before
Cult obscure, genitalia facemasks
Clad in blood crust and gore
The ground is alive with thousands of corpses
Ancient remains of murder and mayhem

Blind to see the cruelty
Fresh gall now pours from jagged wounds
Faint heartbeats cease to be
Ivory virgin bleed dry on cold stone
Sacrificed on the throne of blood
Offering to a long forgotten god

Pentacles of entrails marks the spot where the trees turn their back
Blind to see the cruelty
Drums beat like they have forever
No present like the past
No gift as thrilling
Pulsating crimson fountain yet short in life
Forever dead in memory as long as we remember
This gives life to thee from here and to eternity

5. Taste Of God

As I crawl through the mud, I felt this aim of blood
The old taste of blood screaming inside me
Longing to awake me, telling me to take it
To make them bleed, to rape their souls I take your flesh
I take your soul, I show you your god

My hatred grows, I feel what you feel
He is inside you, playing with you, eating from the inside
And I used my knife to cut my own flesh
I wanted to feel what they were about to feel

Eating from the inside
The more you fight, the more you deny
The rope is still there
Carry me all the way
Possessed by word
We have been slayed
Create in me belief

Do you want to taste God?

6. No New Beginning

This triangle, for what use?
Colours no longer exist
Sick minds erased them
Lack of respect for humanity
We walk away from this process that makes you

You can no longer decide when to sleep
You are no longer in control
So afraid, this hole was deeper
Nothing I can say will make you feel
‘Cause I can’t die in this place
You can’t live in this place
I can see it in your scared face

There will be no new beginning ’cause you are fake
Can’t you see?
Is this how you want it to be?
Show me his face and he will never be able to see ever again

Inhale the toxic
The great aim
Clones, the one brain
There will be no new beginning
Cause you are fake, an imitation of the falsification
Just like your ancestors

Clones, the one brain
In honour of an unknown relic
In anticipation of the malice
My like-minded creature

7. Come Death

Under the sea there’s clarity
Blood streaming out of the underground (as we pass)
Corpse of the weak, floating in pieces throughout the coast
Invincible hunters of death
Refill my vein!
Smell the air, rotten and grim
Salvation sees no end

Pulverization of the underdogs
Frozen, fried, bury their minds
Liquid hits your face
From the grave of the heritage
A stench of death spreads
Knife cuts deep, bloody organs
Future is on hold
Dark is upon you when you leave this world

Chambers of death you shall feel
I bring my plague upon thee

Feed your head with electricity
You bleed, you’re strangled
And you scream under my knife
Your eyes turn dark
Face the pain
The sculpture was unseen
The glorification of explicit life
Infinity lies beyond consideration
Submission has no end
The burning holy


What you call hell is here!

8. Disincarnated

Have you ever thought
Where your soul will be
When you’ll lie to rot
Die physically

Being so fascinated
By those mysteries
I’ve began some weird death
Out of my body

I saw a light
In front of me
It blinked my eyes
Invited me in

Forever will shine
This tremendous light that drives me blind
When I got behind
Control was no longer mine

Meeting those who died
Those who’ve been here before I arrived
I should have stayed behind
Only incarnation can now bring me back
To mankind

I’m where souls are lost
For eternity
I shall never come back
To reality

9. Another Kill

The master above all masters, they claimed
And then others claimed for their master
Death will come

The parade which describes the unearth
Forever it has been here
Some of us do understand
Longing for the invisible, tearing them apart
I reach out my hand, grab for the light
But it’s an illusion, just like all the times before

He is truly nothing
Made out of disturbed brains
The human phenomenon

Show me, lead me, use me, kill me

Make them suffer, empty their veins
This worthless fluid
You are Satan
Killing for him
Killing yourself for him
I lay your flesh to rot
Your empty skull shows it
No one shall ever correct me on this
Show me the way
Another day, another kill