Violator - Chemical Assault

Artist: Violator
Release: Chemical Assault

1. Atomic Nightmare

In a world built by greed
Politicians rule with fear
Bombs terrorise human kind
Imminent annihilation
Brings our dreams to devastation
Victims of a science of death

And see, nature slaughtered
The whole world destroyed
The fate
Of all living things
Will be
Lead to extinction

Atomic nightmare!

Lunatics with the power
To erase all inhabitants
Desolation preserves an empire
Widespread vast destruction
Can’t escape the toxic corrosion
Killing radiation overdose

Atomic nightmare!

Darkness in the burning sky
The world comes to demise
Human race is terminated
Welcome to nuclear holocaust

Poison spreads everywhere
Hopes are reduced to ashes
Toxic waste infects our veins
Welcome to nuclear holocaust, now die!

Marching over blood!
Atomic nightmare!

Chemical attack
Atomic nightmare!

Nuclear disaster
Atomic nightmare!

Radioactive dust
Atomic nightmare!

2. UxFxTx

Waking day by day
You see your life passing away
Nothing seems worth to fight
Nothing to lose
‘Cause you’re already lost
But there’s a way to be free
In the stage dive!

Breathe the underground
United for thrash!
Breakout the impositions
United for thrash!

You’re born with a role
All decisions have been chosen
But who the fuck chooses for you?

They can call us maniacs
But we don’t live for the greed
Thrash back all lies
In their fuckin’ faces

Breathe the underground
United for thrash!
Breakout the impositions
United for thrash!

It doesn’t matter if you bang or slam
We’re all the same in the circle pit
Hunting rip-offs, Nazis and Christians
Bonded by blood we’ll stand until the end!
Until the end!

United For thrash!


3. Destined To Die

Misery scatters in the cities
Fascists wishes, blood spills
Hired to exterminate
Feeling like a justice angel
Washing the streets with agony
Seeking ways to eliminate
The price for security
Only God could be so evil!

In service of death
Body count
Killing squad
There’s nowhere to hide
You are destined to die

Punishment for those
Who live in the gutter
Minority shattered with force
Blind for suffering
He’s a cold-blooded murderer
Only God could be so evil!

In service of death
Body count
Killing squad
There’s nowhere to hide
You are destined to die

Waiting in the shadows
He’s coming to crush you
With no mercy he will obey
And all the poor slay
State power has given him
A license to oppress
Insanity has taken control
He’ll take us all to hell

Ready to kill!

4. Addicted To Mosh

Thrashers return to this city
To bring back all the insanity
That has been lost through the time
But now is time to remember

Raise your fist and destroy your neck against the stage
A feeling inside drives you fuckin’ mad
Dive in the crowd and slam all around
Adrenaline explodes, take your life back
In the pit

We thrash to live
Addicted to mosh
We bang ’til death
With no remorse
If mania boils in your blood
Then you know it’s for real!

Tight pants, denims with patches
Our way, the underground!
We are in league, and we won’t admit
Anyone set it as a trend

No breakdowns and no pretensions
All we want is the thrashbanger beat
Unstoppable head banging
We’re obsessed by old school spirit

Addicted to mosh!

5. Brainwash Possession

In the long time
You have walked these streets with pride
Claiming to be the one
But it was always a matter of pose

Boundless condemnation
To show how much you thought you command
Finally you find your truth
Just another follower in the crowd

Delivered to sacrifice
Brainwash possession
The power to drain all your will
Brainwash possession

And now this time is gone
You are turned into a new servant
Let your god slay you
While you deny all your past

Its hard to realise
How the truth becomes the weak
But it would come to sight
You’ve always been a preacher

Living under the cross of misery
All defiance turns into apathy
Inquisitions smash the differences
But I shall not surrender to slavery

6. Ordered To Thrash


7. Toxic Death

Wake up!
Missiles are crossing the sky
You never thought this day would really come
Better seek shelter in hell
Than try escape from insanity

No future
Annihilation is a profit
Apocalypse is not a prophecy

Prepare for toxic death!
Prepare for toxic death!

The eyes are burning in pain
When the air becomes your enemy
Acid runs in your veins
Infected by a lethal plague

Slow death
While militaries are laughing
Human waste
Bullets can’t feed the survivors of the war

A force no one controls
A way to total end – chemical
A power to splinter the world
A desert whose blood’s sand – chemical assault!

8. Lethal Injection

Justice must be blind
Closed eyes to the massacre
Death and sorrow everyday
Judge hammer is in your face
They will take your life
A life with pain, a death with pain

Waiting the hour
The end is so near
Waking in horror
There’s no salvation from terror and fear
Constant madness
No self-protection
Lethal injection

Do I have to pay?
For those who live to betray
Trapped in the death row chains
Lethal injection in your brain!
A sentence of death
On each one of us
Since the day we were born
Nothing is gonna change
Feeling dead when alive
A living hell, a living hell

Convicted by a tainted court!

Trial by money: corruption
Judged by colour: injustice

You never win in a system built for you to lose
No chance for your side, unless it’s their side

No way to be free: prejudice
Hard to resist: tyranny

There are no crimes for those who made the law
Walk in the line, but it will lead to suicide
Now pay the price!

9. The Plague Returns

Crushed and hit by
An unexpected force
A vital part of the pestilence
Was ripped off

Pleasure to kill
Survive the eternal nightmare
A sick mind is possessed by fire
Legacy of socialised hate
Rise now with aggression
The plague returns
The plague returns
The plague returns
The plague returns

Resistance to attacks
Mayhem won’t stop
Feelings will never change
The thrashing rage!

Is back for a strike
Obliteration has just begun
Returns for one more assault
Get infect or die!

10. After Nuclear Devastation

In a time of chaos
Ruined dreams, a wasted land
Cities of pipe and steel, gone now
Swept away

Thundering machines have stopped
Nothing could stem the avalanche

The whole world crumbled, cities exploded
A firestorm of fear
Men feeding on men
Fear is an ally
Living to survive

Thundering machines have stopped
Nothing could stem the avalanche

Dawn of the decadence
The dead shall take the Earth
Hear the screams of this grave new world
After nuclear devastation!

Horizon is a big explosion
No flash of light can pass eternal darkness
Unleashed dogs of war
Living off the corpse of the old world

On the roads it is a white line nightmare
A maelstrom of decay
Only those brutal enough to pillage will survive
The gangs took over the highways
Ready to wage war
Ordinary men are battered and smashed with no mercy