Lost Soul - Chaostream

Artist: Lost Soul
Release: Chaostream

1. The Word Of Sin

Dive into abyss with wide, open eyes
All is one, all is none
Remember to forget, no regret
Come and stand on the edge

Taste the fruits of forbidden art
Touch the darkshining side of light
A little word, glorious ”I”
Come and shout it loud!

I swallow this world
Pill after pill, step by step
From station to station
From man into god

The unveiling ecstasy
Magick is my key
So, listen now, let it be clear
Restriction is the word of sin

Some of pleasure and a bit of pain
Passion is my burning flame
Towards great nothing
As the beast I ride
Crossing threshold of your being

2. Godstate

I’m falling down, climbing up
Transmission undivine
Rotten smell, deadbeat sound
And rustle of dry blood

Here and now
Dignity is nothing but grey dust
Worthless prayers of the sheep
This is the blasphemy!

Inhale, exhale, inside out
Time shrinks, time distends
Diluted consciousness selects with care
The vilest verses which praise thy name

Throbbing chaosphere
Unholy union of mind and will
I’m still yearning, I’m waiting still
Soul hot varices lead me to bliss

3. Death Crowns All

Thy star so low, thy star so high
I am the first to know those paths
Among thousands, different sounds
Fragile heart I do recognise

Hear the mumble
Of the saints
Tortured, they’re bleeding in agony
The mind and flesh to celebrate
Is ready now, we are not dead

Behold within, and not above
Our royal rights, our royal blood
Feeble tired trembling earth
New theology must be written

Summon them all to wake
Summon them all to death
These words unspoken
And vision out of sight

My star is here
In bondage with the beast
Mighty shadow wherein I’ll kill your fear
It is not easy to be like me…

4. Shameful Race

Have you ever really seen
The one you kneel before
Like worms crawling at his feet
To be free


This shameful race
This formless mass of stench
Who’s sharing both their own ignorance and blindness

The price you have to pay
This is your promised land
Almost heaven

Welcome to our world
We need no golden throne
No great plan to lead the way
And angels flying above our heads

Cruelty is the language we use
Whimpering to the ear of god
In empty veins chaos speaks
Through the cracks of the soul
Wisdom bleeds

5. The Hidden law

Drunken is my universe
I’m everywhere the centre
Ruling in and outside of the sphere
Under my wings, fools
You won’t find a shelter
To know me is to know the death itself

The heart and tongue of the snake
The knowledge and delight of the brave
Slaves shall serve!

Who calls us the beast servants
Does not wrong at all
This is the morning
Of our law
It makes us so elite
Stamp down the wretched and the weak
This is the joy of the world

Rise up my chosen
Against all holiness
I’ve made a secret door
True lust suits you more…

Where I am they are not
They don’t see me through their lies
Coiled serpent in the deep
Away of light from above

Be strong my chosen
Tear out the flesh of every god
This is our time
Our time is now

Slaves shall serve!

6. Mortal Cage

Step out of this mortal cage
Sweet pain injection
Reason melts in toxic waves
Life, the great delusion

Velvet soft, the touch divine
The poison moves the blood
Train your senses and turn them off
Open doors to nameless naught

Little ways to paradise
Take on these wings and fall
Spectral presence
The body of light
Tell me who is going to deny?

Internal war consumes my boiling brain
This sacrifice must be done
A dangerous addiction
Secret transformation
Superior experience for the high self

7. Christian Meat

A soul broken, an empty shell
Rusty knife cuts your infantile dreams
From the bowels of the world depraved
Slow abortion that never ends

Disgusting rituals of spawning hope
Expected answer in musty words
His dead tongue is like an umbilical cord
Through which they sip sick visions

Suppressed are crippled thoughts
Torn into shreds, weak belief
Emanating in twisted images
Fearing to be divided

No cure for this disease
Devouring from the inside
Shining jewel, a thing of pride
Turns into ashes trampled down

A soul broken, an empty grave
And only blackness here so cold around
Torn into shreds, weak belief
There’s no place for eternal rest

8. Angels Cry

Licking my wounds
Yet raw and festering
This is how I bless my rebirth
I am dressed with flesh and bones
Another perfect incarnation

Here to read with trembling hands
The mystery hidden deep within
Writing in thy flames, I’ll rise again
The most forgotten one

To see…
What dwells beneath
To hear…

9. The Birth Of Babalon

What is the tumult among the stars
That have shone so still ’til now?
What are the furrows of pain and wrath
Upon the immortal brow?

What is the beauty that flames so bright
Athwart the awful dawn?
She has taken flesh, she is come to judge
The thrones ye rule upon

Quail ye kings for an end is come
In the birth of Babalon

O popes and kings and the little gods
Are sick and sad and wan
To see the crismon star that bursts
Like blood upon the dawn

The gates shall fall and the irons break
In the birth of Babalon

Her mouth is red and her breasts are fair
And her loins are full of fire
And her lust is strong as a man is strong
In the heat of her desire

And her whoredom is holy as virtue is foul
Beneath the holy sky
And her kisses will wanton the world away
In passion that shall not die