Disgust - Brutality Of War

Artist: Disgust
Release: Brutality Of War

1. Intro


2. Mother Earth

Where once the air was filled
With songs of life

As Mother Earth cries and weeps

Where once stood forests
When the air was filled with birds

3. As Millions Suffer

As famine sweeps the third world
Again the victims are the innocent

As millions suffer and die

No water to drink
No food to eat
As children and mothers die in the sun

4. An Horrific End

The visions of war become reality
As children’s limbs are torn apart

An horrific end to my life

The visions of the destruction
Of slaughter and violence

5. Thrown Into Oblivion

As bombs shatter city streets
Where once walked people

Thrown into the wilderness
Blown into oblivion

As death rains down
Down onto humanity

6. Civilisation Decays

Pollution poisons our seas
And skies

As all our civilisation decays
The human race destroys yet another world

7. Relentless Slaughter

Bayonets and bullets tear children’s flesh
The relentless slaughter of war

Decaying and limbless corpses litter the streets
A blood soaked landscape
A living hell

8. And Still

The anguish of war is again repeated

And still the suffering

Our mother of creation
Tossed aside

9. The Light Of Death

As bombs fall from the sky
The shining blinding heat

The light of death glows again
The light of death burns

People burn
Disfigured by heat

10. What Kind Of Mind

Destruction of our Mother Earth

Corrupted, sadistic murdering scum
What kind of mind conceives such thoughts?

In thought for others
Insanity reigns

11. You Have No Right

Another picture of a wounded child
You have no right to take life

Another horrific vision of war

Women and children
The innocent victims of war

12. Sea Of Tears

As young men are sent to die
To feed the dogs of war

As mothers drown in a sea of tears
Young men return in plastic shrouds

13. The Anguished Cry

An horrific
Disgusting vision of war

The anguished cry of a wounded child
The slaughtered limbless bodies of the young

Children lay screaming
Screaming in agony

14. Life Erased

The bombing of civilians
An horrific air raid

Piles of rubble
Heaps of flesh

The city is pounded
All life erased

15. Outro