Beecher - Breaking The Fourth Wall

Artist: Beecher
Release: Breaking The Fourth Wall

1. Let Them Drown

Cut you out
My life support ran away from dishonour
Battle, battle now
This sense it puts you down
Battle, battle now
Next time it puts you…

Bad enough to see you cry
This is how I came to die
My blood runs free
The heart stone cold like me
Ironic, just in time to die
This summer cuts a hole in time
Coming through last season
Free to go where you like

Make no way, for all your sins leave no bane
Watch your eyes become mine
The courage was taken
Please give it up for all that’s between us
My life support

This summer cuts a hole in time
Breathe deep, don’t exhale
Fall once
I’d watched them slip, I’d let them drown
The battle takes its toll
Rewards are out of view
It’s a battle of wits

2. Dead For Weeks

Back in store for all
Like we never left one for you
Just see me when you close your eyes
Wasted all this time
Four years, self destruct
Look what that scheme set free
That stolen source will bring us back to more life for you
Like Trojan horse, our disguise can do more

Sticks like glue that stolen source
Nothing gets round the fact that you’re dead waste
All this time romance
A better cause
Wait for her stay for her bleeding heart
Callous cheat, lonely mind
Slowly beat, broken home
Shattered throne

Dead for weeks, before they found your corpse reject
Demand the wealth you were promised before
The end, through sickness and sadness
Wanted the pain to be on my back
Well bad luck promise me, this shit will be over by sunrise

3. Burning Surface

Faultless life, pockets worn free
Well I’ll take unpaid
All debts I hide
Split sparks in her eyes
With hopes in my mind

Watch your back, I’ll take left
She’ll never take right
Forget your potion
Well I’ll take left

Flounder while you can in sorrow
What’s wasted I’ll borrow
Then I watch to see it
Tears flood our perception
Friendships fade like contracts
And don’t forget the…
Hey, I said, what’s up
Forget your potion

Well I’ll take left
She’ll never take right
Forget your potion
Well I’ll take left
You’ll never take right this time

And for what it’s worth
There’s no way I’m down
But I’ll take unpaid, all debts I hide
Don’t lose your way now
There’s no way
You’ve got some bottle
Traipsing hate through my mind

4. Arrow Flies

What’s it like to feel to be wanted
What’s it like in your opinion to know my name
In this there’s no satisfaction wanted
What’s it like in your opinion to know my name

The sore, it bleeds like rotten flesh
The scar, it marks a time
All we need is bread and water to keep alight
Intact, your alibi is dead and buried five streets away

Protect her born to make it without a heart
Gone to market without a fund
Born to make it, not without a heart

Your sad songs sing more
The arrow it soars in flight
So sick of sitting back to wait for light

So one last try motherfucker
Killing time now
Take back what’s ours
Seal our fates in wax

5. Mercury Switch

Tried so hard to stop
When everything around wants to
And everyone seems to be so injected with pride and false will
Self righteous hypocrisy show
So tell me it’s madness

That’s a motto, a devil fuck
The antichrist disguised as God
Your soul is trapped
Captured by a number badge

That’s a motto, stupid point, loudmouth
That’s a motto
Back here again

And I think that all that I want is to stop
And all that I know is we’re not born out the back
In a bin with your back to me

6. Floating Point


7. The Only One I Know

Says it all that I fucked up
I never knew it was a test
Let’s see if I can find the truth
A bad case, a sorry sight
It’s high time I thanked you
Wait for green lights, see sense now or…

Like broken records you cast aside
Torn away from all I knew
A change of tide
So answer one question, my love
When I say I’m sorry is that enough?
Harsh words did more good than bad for me
I won’t be late this time, you’ll see

The only one I know knows how it’s meant to be
Things change, times are good
I owe this all to you waiting
Green lights, show what will be
How I noticed your way of thinking changed completely when I compromised

8. Red Diesel

Why do you seem to be so sure you’re right?
Think about it, just one complaint
I can’t foresee a change in your thoughts
Someone once said to me that I was blind
Can’t they see that I don’t agree

But you couldn’t care
For you to conform is to be
But no, we don’t get a choice
They answer our questions, but badly
And then say they’re free

Bones, bury them, lie more
Well if we look good then, whats the point?
Give it back

9. Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

One head at war
Space isn’t policed
One head at war
Can’t choose to bend or break the motion

Your blood, it’s in me now
The black sails, the sultan’s right
There’s no listening
Like old waiting for something to show

Never wanted your sympathy
Dashed to reach for mine
Brain full of bullshit put there by dreams
Questioned the answers wanted nothing more right?
Probably wrong
When I think of everyone I ever knew, I wonder why we met

10. An Important Letter

This is why it’s soaked in blood
Please believe me officer, I’m not so bad
Why here? Not now

This is why it’s soaked in blood
Fuck you, bastard
Well, in my defence, just sometimes things go badly
That’s hindsight see, there’s things I’d change

Look around, weed out, dumb grudge
Forgive, tell me the best lie you know
Only the truth, holds my…

Because this anger is bigger than me
But my heart is solid gold

11. Ladder Theory

Take this rung by rung
It’s complicated but I’m getting it
And through tasting wine
All points the same way
The only reason you gave to me in my eyes

You’re just a friend
Stand back you look so good
This hurts me for what it’s worth

In my eyes you’re just a friend
Way home for sure
Dance in fours, leave me reeling
Right on, it’s not a glitch
Sometimes they never quit

Oh how I’m feeling rushed
Say this once moreI
Don’t know how you’re feeling
But for me things aren’t right
Wanting the best for us both
You know, follow your heart

12. Crack Fiend