Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick

Artist: Morbid Angel
Release: Blessed Are The Sick

1. Intro


2. Fall From Grace

Hot wind burns me
Burning as I fall
Cast away
Speechless in the holy way
I survive the scourge and banishing to scorching land
I am lord, I take command

Forgive me not
This knowledge makes me strong
To resurrect the cities of the damned
All the treasures of Sodom now belong to me
Fallen angels take my hand

Fall from grace

Whores long for my flesh
And my desire
Lust anointing me now
Consume my soul

3. Brainstorm

Gods transform me
This storm will cleanse me
Civilised I shall not be
By this holy strain of laws

I fall below the earth
I smell the ancients’ breath
The fiends encircle me
They speak my name in tongues

For I’m no human now
I burn the ways conform
The gods are pleased with me
They speak my name in tongues

I’m the seer
I know the texts divine
Thunder words
Demons race into my eyes

Azazel, lend to me your wings of twelve
I shall fly into the storm
I, son of fire, in anger
Become the lightning bolts that strike the earth

I’m the seer
I know the texts divine
Thunder words
Demons race into my eyes

4. Rebel Lands

Kills on the land

This hallowed ground
To which my fathers fell
Rebel souls
Buried deep beneath
This hallowed ground
Land of my ancestry
Drink the blood
Rebel lands rise again

War, death lingering
Blood rivers flow
In sacrifice

Unholy war
Implored from below
No peace as rebel lands rise

Quaking below my feet
Mortals shall suffer defeat
Forgotten evils below
Rejoice as the blood flows

5. Doomsday Celebration


6. Day Of Suffering

A call to take your hand
For I’m one with the dark
How dare you come for me
And again you must die

So ancient curse known to me
Behold the powers I unleash
Upon your throne
Know my words, feel my hate descend

Lord of light
I will swarm against you now
God’s perverse
Wicked’s at my side
Thorns to lance your every word
Now I crown you king in pain


7. Blessed Are The Sick - Leading The Rats

Havohej, another me born to serve
To plague and moan
So many years my seed condemned
Now free to soar!

Will is yours?
So creator
No intent could shadow
My disease…
Ever-lusting pain

World of sickness
Blessed are we to taste
This life of sin

My touch is inhumane
Nocturnal beast inside
Is void of light
And empty shall remain

8. Thy Kingdom Come

Restless minds beneath the ground
Through ghostly winds I hear the sound
Crying forth in ancient tongues
Eternal quest of vengeance
From tombs of scorn cadavers rise
Angered fury in their eyes
Solemn rage, a need to kill
Feasting on holy hordes

Evil curse is carried forth, zombies rage
Burning holy images
In life they were forced to hail
Eternal flames have purified their souls
Born again in blasphemy, thy kingdom come

Twisted oath nodebliwith
Preying on those who seek the cross
Let none be pardoned for their crimes
Feeble race will die
Scripture burns in infamy
Tortured souls have been set free
Taunting he who sits on high
Pray thy kingdom come

Banished from the living
Bodies long decayed
Mass of resurrection

Sepulchers abandoned
Insurgent souls arise
Disseminating evil

Curse of devastation
Implored by Hell’s command
Darkness rips the land

Morbid priests serenity
Sing praise
Thy kingdom is at hand

9. Unholy Blasphemies

Rise through the gate, Iak Sakkath
From depths beyond the sky
The realm of evil gods
They eat your mind

Evil undisguised
Breathe in pain
Blackened souls remain

Ghouls who pray the death of god
Destroy Jehovah’s church
Vomit upon the cross
And burn the book of lies

Yog-Sothoth, evil one
Come forth and taste the blood
Infant entrails
Are hung upon the twisted cross

10. Abominations

Churning sea of Absu
Place of weeping death
Tiamat, dark serpent
Lord of the morbid priests
Enraged with hate for god
The priests of chaos chant
From the book of the worm
They burn the symbols of Christ

We spit on the virgin lamb
And mock the words he spoke
His ways not worthy of me
We choose to burn in the pits of hell

Wreakers of death and havoc
Inflicting never-ending pain
Sing the words of emptiness
Formulas of death
Call the queens of hell
And the god of the dead
The sea of Absu rolls
Rising spirit of Nar-Marratuk!

Bow down before the master
And pray the defeat of God Dog
Prayer of the ensnarers
Blind fiends of chaos rule

Rise up o’ powers of the sea
In the name of Absu I call
Come and carry my curse
To the ones whom disgust
May they burn in my cauldron
For they are as molten wax
So made it be

Liars in wait, priests of the night
Make images to burn by the moon
Robbing the spirit, raping God’s law
Send up our hate to burn heavens gate

11. Desolate Ways


12. The Ancient Ones

Locked deep beyond the gate
Lost within the stars
Realm of the Ancient Ones
Malignant ones
Against the light
Power of the blackened sky
Hateful spawn
We are the chasm depths

Come forth Ancient Ones
Tiamat, Kutulu, rise
Greet the cursed with your wrath
My enemies are yours
Twist their minds with your spells
Crush their souls
With your infernal grasp

A scorn from the Absu
Kutulu snaps his jaws
Cauldron burns and receives
Crushing the voice of the tyrants
Raise the horns in blasphemy

13. In Remembrance