Green Druid - At The Maw Of Ruin

Artist: Green Druid
Release: At The Maw Of Ruin

1. The Forest Dark

Among the concrete walls
And the dark city streets
I left my bed in a dream
And found myself in the trees

And there I felt a sinking feeling
Something was watching me

And then came the beasts
With piercing deadly eyes
I held my breath,
Waiting to die

A black leopard, dark as the night
A lion of gold, wise and old
A silver she wolf, swift as the wind

Their fangs were ready
To tear me apart
Their claws were sharp
As a perfect knife
I braced myself
To feel their bite
But instead
They spoke to me

This should be your final breath
But there’s been too much death

We are the mothers, of kings long dead
We see the future, where no man will tread
Our Gaia is dying, she’s crying in pain
But no one will listen, it’s all been in vain

We’ve come here to warn you, it’s the end of our time
If nothing is done, no one will survive
The trees used to sing, but now they lie silent
Our kind is deaf, from the screams of your tyrants

This earth becomes the tomb for all that you know

The moon will come crashing into the sea
The fires of Sol will burn everything
The stars will shatter like shards of glass
And all that you are will all come to pass

2. The End Of Men

Who will you be
You’re nothing at all
When you crawl on your knees
And your bones begin to rot
How could you not think
It would all end in misery

Do you really think
You’re the light
Do you really think
You’re something divine

Your anger will be swallowed
Into the endless void

Your death creeps
Around the corner
Your corpse stinks
Of gluttony

I see it all
The rise and fall
In your eyes
The crying child inside
The one that died
A long time ago

We do not belong here
We are the scum of the earth
The fragile egos of men
Will come
Will come to an end

3. Haunted Memories

There’s something in the dark
I see it when I close my eyes
A memory of the past

The haunting
The haunting lies
Calling to me
In the back of my mind
And always
Breaking the silence

The more I try (to forget)

Terrible, desperate voices
Faces I’ve seen before
Have tried to forget
God how I wish I could forget

The phantom it howls
In an ungodly voice
My ears rattle, burst and bleed

Feeling there’s no escape
The cruelty of my dreams
Dissolving in the quiet decay

I can’t escape myself
This horror grows from within
I see everything
I feel everything
Writhing under the skin

4. A Throne Abandoned

The bodies are rotting in the ground
The worms made homes of their skulls
The trees are swaying to their own song now
The day of judgement has come

An empty throne stands still and alone
Resting in the golden grove
Rusted red and twisted with vines
Forgotten relic of those malign

The beasts drank the blood
Of all that died
And then came the flood
Till none survived

And nature took what was rightfully hers
The kings cried out for their souls
As they were strung up still alive
Impaled and shamed for all of time

The beasts drank the blood
Of all that died
And then came the flood
Till none survived

A verdant terror
Tore them apart
The branches bursting from their mouths

The seeds were planted
In their hearts
They didn’t know
Till it started to grow

The earth is not dead yet
Her wrath cannot be undone
You tried to claim her as your own
Now she devours your bones

5. Desert Fury/Ocean Of Despair

See the dunes rise high
To the furious sun
The blazing sand
Scorches this dead land

Can you hear the screams
Sounding from beneath

They taste the salt from your sweat
As it drips into the sand
A thousand years since they’ve wept
The skin flakes off their searing hands

They rise in agony from below
Grasping blades forged from their hatred
The blood inside them has gone cold
The wrath of their forgotten souls

They stab and slice into their veins
And rub the blood on their skin
The only relief from the heat
Goes hand in hand with their pain

Should you make it through the dunes
You will know only of sorrow
Atop the cliff, overlooking the sea
The faces of the forlorn and empty

Will you go to the city under the waves
Where the sinners never sleep
Those who decided it wasn’t worth it
And flung themselves to their graves

The weight of the ocean will crush you
And choke the air from your lungs
You’ll die without a scream to be heard
Swallowed in the blue oblivion

I have no throat (from which to sing)
I have no lungs (from which to breathe)
I have no stomach (nothing to feed)
I have no blood (I cannot bleed)

6. Threads (Portishead Cover)

Better if I could find the words to say
Whenever I take a choice it turns away
I’m worn, tired of my mind
I’m worn out thinking of why
I’m always so unsure

I battle my thoughts I find I can’t explain
I’ve traveled so far, yet somehow feel the same
I’m worn, tired of my mind
I’m worn out thinking of why
I’m always so unsure

I’m alive when I sleep
Why am I not, in all that I’ve got
I can’t find no one to blame
Stand down, damned one

Damned one